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  • Opinion: Advertisers must adapt for a ‘frictionless’ age

    Tom Goodwin is svp, innovation and strategy at Havas. Thanks to Seamless, the entire market for food delivery has mushroomed. It seems that picking up the phone was all too much for many people. Thanks to Uber, I go out even when hailing a cab felt far from guaranteed. I buy totally unnecessary stuff from Amazon on a whim; the app YPlan prompted me go to events I never would have considered.

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  • The 5 biggest myths of modern advertising

    Tom Goodwin is director of digital marketing consultancy Tomorrow Innovation Industry sage Jeremy Bullmore’s recent takedown of big data, the latest craze to sweep the ad industry, provides exactly the sort of sensible commentary the industry has been lacking of late. As the industry adapts to digital, the scale of the hyperbole too often outweighs the profoundness of the chan ...

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