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  • GateHouse’s Newton: ‘We Want to Own More Local Newspapers’

    GateHouse Media is a sprawling giant among local and community news publications. It owns 125 daily newspapers and 316 weeklies with a combined 3.3 million subscribers in over 415 markets nationwide and its 530 websites reach 35 million people. But it is determined to keep growing as the centerpiece of its holding company, the expansion-minded New Media Investment Group, in a ...

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  • TAPinto Grows to 57 News Franchises, Eyes National Reach

    In 2008, suburban New Jerseyans Mike and Lauryn Shapiro saw their 1-year-old son come through risky open-heart surgery successfully. Filled with gratitude, Mike scrapped his career as a litigation attorney in Manhattan and he and and wife decided to instead pursue a future built around social good.

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  • Jim Friedlich: Champion of ‘New Class’ of Metro-Sized News Sites

    There is a “new class” of entrepreneurial local news startups as well as aggressive new digital investment at “heritage” newspapers, according to longtime news publishing executive Jim Friedlich. The startups mark their boundaries not by neighborhood but metro area. They also emphasize, in product design, content selection and presentation, mobile-first user-friendliness.

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  • Burbio Creates Smarter Community Calendars for Local Events

    Calendar and event sites in surburban towns have a “massive pain point” for consumers, according to hyperlocal entrepreneurs Dennis and Julie Roche of Pelham, N.Y. Consumers are often stuck sifting through irrelevant listings in local publications to find what they need, and they don’t have a means to directly integrate the events they do want to know about into their personal calendars.

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  • Two Nashville Independents Merge to Go ‘BIGR’ in Gannett’s Shadow

    Is the merger between two independent news operations in metro Nashville just possibly a template for how community news plays now in a digital world where even big chains of local newspapers seem dwarfed — and perhaps threatened — by search, distribution and social-media giants like Google and Facebook? In this boundary-less competitive climate, there are no certain long-term winners among new.

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  • As 10-Year Mark Approaches, West Seattle Blog Sticks to Profitable Basics

    In December 2005, West Seattle Blog was just what the name suggested — a new blog, a “personal project,” in the words of co-founder Tracy Record, with no news or advertising. A major windstorm that struck West Seattle and King County in December 2006 changed all that, and in the nearly 10 years since, WSB has become a highly regarded inspiration for independent digital community sites.

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  • A Promising New Start on News Collaboration, but There’s Another Non-Starter as Well

    After fits and starts going back to the previous decade, are local and community news sites ready to get serious about collaboration to meet the demands of increasingly picky readers? There have been several partnerships going back to the previous decade, like the seven-year-old, still-healthy alliance between the nonprofit Charlottesville Tomorrow and the older print-digital The Daily Progres.

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  • Leader of Reuters Institute’s Bleak News Report: ‘We Can Do It’

    I was slammed by five words in the recent “Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2016”: “Local journalism continues to decline.” But then, in a later section of the report, I discovered that both men and women in the U.S. and internationally rank local as their number one category of news. So which is it — should the publishers of community news despair or at least see the pro ...

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  • LMC Chief: Local News Pessimists Are Missing the Big Innovations

    Is the outlook for local digital news as gloomy as a spate of recent reports indicates? Or are the forecasters looking in the rear-view mirror? I took this issue recently to Rusty Coats, who is executive director of the digitally focused Local Media Consortium. The LMC’s 75 local media companies include newspapers, broadcasters and “pureplays.

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  • Two Views of Community News — From 30,000 Feet and at Ground Level

    The outlook for community news is grim – if your view is from the equivalent of 30,000 feet. Take this chart on newspaper ad revenue going to the year 2020. It shows, accurately, that newspapers have a long way to go to close the revenue gap from the continuing decline on their print side. Newspapers’ digital revenue is rising, but not living up to early expectations.

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  • How Community News Can Win Respect — And Bring in Revenue

    According to the new Reuters Institute Digital News Report, women and men have their own favorite categories of news. Women, for example, rank health and education very high and politics further down. For men, it’s the reverse in those categories, the report says. But the two sexes agree on their number one favorite – local news. It was the same story in a 2015 Pew Report.

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