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  • DNAinfo and Gothamist Shuttered Suddenly by Ricketts Following Vote to Unionize

    The delete button has hit two well-known and established local news sites. Gone at 5 p.m. Thursday were nine-year-old DNAinfo, with its expert and rooted coverage of all five boroughs of New York City, plus a newer site in Chicago, and a sister operation, 15-year-old Gothamist, which produced a city-that-never-sleeps narrative of New York under Brooklyn-born co-founder and pu ...

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  • Borrell Sizes Up What’s Behind Local Ad Media Choices

    We know from the numbers that local advertisers are increasingly choosing social media to place their messages. But they’re also turning out to be cautious businesspeople who like to maintain a balance in their placements among multiple media, as the new Borrell Associates survey of local advertisers shows. Digital banners are supposed to be so “Web 1.

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  • JustPremium CEO Details Industry Campaign Against Ads That Users Hate

    We know what kind of ads Internet users hate. Among the most hated by both desktop and mobile users are pop-ups, auto-play videos with sound and large sticky ads. The Coalition for Better Ads, which includes many members of the ad industry, trade associations and a few news publishers, is developing new standards to give users a better experience when they encounter an ad message.

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  • Patch’s Leader Says the Network Today Is Proof That Local Can Scale

    “Local doesn’t scale.” That truism was coined at the turn of the century, in the Stone Age of digital, when content management systems were Rube Goldberg contraptions — before newsrooms could plug into scores of public and private community information sources, when reporters had to keep scribbling away at meeting after meeting that might turn out to be a waste of time.

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  • Can the New Scroll Subscription Service Help Embattled Local Publishers?

    The revenue-needy local news industry is getting into digital subscriptions with a furious, sometimes desperate, energy. But there’s still the big, unanswered question: How do you convert enough readers who are used to free content and can keep getting it from competing sources? Tony Haile, until recently the longtime CEO of the highly regarded online-analytics site Chartbea ...

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  • Will Local News Providers Make Virtual Reality an Actual Strategy?

    As “chief instigator” of the new “Media-Nxt” report, entrepreneur and academic Sean Branagan is brimming with enthusiasm about what new technologies can do to inject life into local news that’s so often missing. Yet before completing his over-the-horizon peek in this space last week, Branagan flashed a surprising yellow caution light, saying: “I still have reservations with a ...

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  • ‘Media-Nxt’: How Local News Can Finally Enter Its Digital 21st Century

    The 21st century is almost 18 years old, but in crucial ways most of those years have passed right by the local news industry. It’s not that the industry remains that stuck in its print past. It knows it must innovate for its paramount goal — to build richer relationships with its readers. It knows doing so will help readers enjoy better lives and become better citizens.

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  • Facebook Has a New Mission That Just May Benefit Local Publishers

    Facebook doesn’t call itself a technology company anymore. “It’s a “new kind of platform,” says founder Mark Zuckerberg. But I think the world – in particular local news publishers — should forget the semantics and focus instead on what Facebook is actually doing. I suggest Facebook watchers and its news partners begin by understanding the significance of the new Facebook mis ...

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  • Facebook Talks About Its ‘Shared Future’ With Local News Publishers

    Column inch by column inch, news publishers are being devoured by Facebook and Google. At least that’s the way it looks in the headlines. The predicament was summed up in the recent BuzzFeed article, “The Campaign Against Facebook and Google’s ‘Duopoly’ Is Going Nowhere.” But underneath the grim headlines, many news publishers, big and small, for-profit and nonprofit, are mak ...

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  • New CEO at Daily Voice Says Full-Bore Expansion Is His Mission

    Daily Voice, which is published in 76 mostly affluent suburban communities in the tri-state area of New York, Connecticut and North New Jersey, has a new CEO who comes with strong experience in digital news publishing, especially advertising. He is Randy Kilgore, who has been senior adviser at Empirical Media, which counsels news publishers on how to meet the often thorny cha ...

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  • How Local News Publishers Can Score With Proximity Marketing

    Equipped with their smartphones, today’s consumers do their research, compare products and prices and make their buying decisions on their way to or inside a store. For competing retailers, this is the moment for “proximity marketing” — sending those consumers a “buy” message that lights up the device in their hand or pocket or purse.

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