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  • The ultimate guide to choosing keywords for ROI

    Let me say this first – keyword research is hard! Every SEO has done it, but few will ever master it completely. This is not supposed to be just another keyword research post. This post is about going beyond raw search volume data, using metrics which will help you choose keywords which deliver the best ROI for you right now.

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  • 8 technical issues holding your content back

    Technical SEO has certainly fallen out of fashion somewhat with the rise of content marketing, and rightly so. Content marketing engages and delivers real value to the users, and can put you on the map, putting your brand in front of far more eyeballs than fixing a canonical tag ever could. While content is at the heart of everything we do, there is a danger that ignoring a s ...

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  • Does your website suffer from one of these five content gaps?

    In 2016, Google rolled Panda into its core algorithm. What this means for webmasters is that a website can be hit by (and recover from) a content penalty at any time. But, more problematically, it also means it’s becoming impossible to diagnose why a website has dropped in rankings. Google ultimately does not want us to understand how its ranking algorithm works, because there ...

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  • How to use data to justify SEO fixes

    SEO fixes tend to get pushed further down the development queue as their benefit is harder to put a number on. While you can usually put a definitive number on CRO or UX fixes, SEOs tend to fall into the trap of parroting back Google guidelines, or best practice recommendations, which quite frankly do not stand up to the scrutiny of hard and fast projections.

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  • Nine quick fixes to improve your stagnant SEO

    You’re no SEO beginner. You’ve sorted your technical SEO. Your site is being crawled regularly and Google is quick to index new pages on your site. You’ve got a solid keyword strategy and you’ve implemented all your main terms across site. You’re in your site’s Search Console daily, and you catch Rand’s Whiteboard Fridays every week. But yet… you haven’t seen much organic growth in months.

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  • Why your brand needs a style guide

    Brands need content. It’s at the heart of the ‘brand as publisher’ concept. They need to use the power of words to reach out to their audience and deliver the product or service they need. As Zazzle’s MD Simon Penson put it in a post for Moz, the idea here is: “that you’re able to build an engaged, loyal audience of value for your brand… an audience you can then monetize later.

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