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  • Friday Fails: Website Redesign Fails

    It's the year 2014 and many companies are finally taking the time and energy to update and redesign their website. Yet they are still making these common fails when it comes to redesigning their websites. Here's how you can learn from these mistakes and avoid these fails yourself. Transcript: Jennifer: Happy Friday everyone and welcome back to a very special edition of Friday Fails.

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  • You Don’t Know Where Those Domains Have Been!

    I see it time and time again. A company comes to me for a website redesign or to get some SEO work done. Somewhere in the discussion about 301ing some of the old pages to new areas of the site, a list of 20+ domains is sent to me. They are asking to forward all these domains to “help their SEO”. I’m unsure where the rumor started that buying a bunch of domains and pointing them ...

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  • It's Your Website, Dummy!

    Over the last 15 years I've seen how companies market themselves online change dramatically. Websites have evolved from a few pages with an occasional online store, to dynamic sites that are the center of their company’s social and media presence. These sites are even pushing and pulling data from various integration points.

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  • SEO and the "Promise" of #1 Rankings on Google

    I never thought I would be writing a blog about the promise of #1 Google rankings in 2014. It's kind of like Vanilla Ice discussing his best rap techniques in 2014. One would think the past few years of regular Google algorithm updates (and the associated penalties on companies trying to cheat the system) would have educated folks.

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