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  • 4 Things You Need to Stop If You Want To Be Productive on Social Media

    You want to build your online profile, right? Because you KNOW that you need to be present on social media in order to do so. The only problem is that whenever you log on to your social media accounts… you BLACKOUT. When you wake up a lot of time has passed, but you CAN`T remember WHAT you spent the time on. Does that sound familiar? No worries, I got your back.

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  • The Number One Skill You Need To Blog Better

    People have been fascinated by secrets since the dawn of time. Why? Because secrets are knowledge that other people don`t have. In some cases, secrets can give you some kind of advantage compared to the rest of the crowd. As with most things worth achieving, people are looking for a secret formula on how to achieve the results quicker than the average Joe or Jane.

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