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  • Annielytics Live 8/10 – Hangout Recap [VIDEO]

    Thank you for everyone who attended the forth Annielytics Live Hangout! The Hangout This month was full of great questions! Some of which are below: event tracking campaign tagging filters bounce rate exit/entrance pages importing GA data to Google Sheet We always cover the Google Analytics questions that were submitted beforehand via our question form.

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  • Annielytics Live 6/15 – Hangout Recap [VIDEO]

    Thank you for everyone who attended the third Annielytics Live hangout! Always a pleasure to hangout with you all. The Hangout This week was full of great questions about events, advanced segments, social reporting, GA debuggers and more! We always cover the Google Analytics questions that were submitted beforehand via our handy-dandy question form.

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  • Annielytics Live 4/20 – Hangout Recap [VIDEO]

    Thank you to everyone who attended our first Annielytics Live hangout! This was such a fun project to research and run. I love that Annie is always finding new ways to provide clarification to marketer’s Google Analytics questions. I, for one, am just proud that I didn’t blow anything up … or accidentally delete the recording. SUCCESS.

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  • Learn Excel with These Top 4 Resources

    Learning Excel can be an intimidating and overwhelming process for marketers. I started learning Excel at the age of 15 in my Mom’s office and didn’t think it was very exciting at the time. Now Excel and I are entangled in a complicated love/hate relationship that would challenge the 50 Shades of Grey plot line. On second thought, that isn’t saying much. Enough about my Excel love affair.

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  • Site Audit: Indexing Tips & Tricks with Screaming Frog [VIDEO]

    Knowing how to do a site audit is an extremely useful tool for any marketer. But if you’re like me, intimidation can creep in big time while starting these audits. I’m here to help with that! I pulled several key points from Annielytics’ Site Audit Checklist and from Jeremy Rivera’s Simple DIY Site Audit post.

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  • Analyzing Page Titles with Screaming Frog [VIDEO]

    I’m sure many of you have read Brian LaFrance’s latest post on how Google looks at your page titles. If you haven’t checked it out yet. Do ett! In this tutorial, I will show you how to take your page titles and give them a make-over! Screaming Frog is an incredible tool to do that with. I’ve released two other tutorials on how to use Screaming Frog, and how to pair Screaming F ...

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  • Google Analytics & Screaming Frog – How to Series – Part 2

    At the end of this tuTORIal you will know how to export Screaming Frog data, Google Analytics data, and then bring them together based on whichever value you choose. I will be covering: VLOOKUPs Basic Formatting Conditional Formatting Find and Replace tool Navigating in Google Analytics Navigating in Screaming Frog Many Internet Marketers have heard of Annie Cus ...

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  • How to Use Screaming Frog with Excel

    If you haven’t used Screaming Frog, you are missing out. Screaming Frog is a tool that scrapes your site and identifies common SEO issues. It then presents them in a way that is easy to export and edit in Excel. I know, my dream tool. You can get started with Screaming Frog for free! Or you buy the tool for $99 a year and get these cool features: The 500 URI crawl limit is ...

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