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  • Correlation, Causation, and Their Impact on AB Testing

    Correlation and causation are two very different things. Often correlation is at work while the causation is not. By understanding how to identify them, we can master correlation, causation and the decisions they drive. In 2008, Hurricane Ike stormed his way through the Gulf of Mexico, striking the coasts of Texas and Louisiana.

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  • How an A/A Test Gives You Confidence

    Nothing gives you confidence and swagger like AB testing. And nothing will end your swagger faster than bad data. In order to do testing right, there are some things you need to know about AB testing statistics. Otherwise, you’ll spend a lot of time trying to get answers, but instead of getting answers, you’ll end up either confusing yourself more or thinking you have an ans ...

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  • 3 Very Different Meanings of the Word “Redesign”

    Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a conversation or argument and it suddenly hits you that the two of you aren’t talking about the same thing? Then you have that brilliant “aha” moment where you can actually start making some progress. One workplace conversation that can be particularly tricky is whether your company should redesign its website.

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  • Your Ecommerce Return Policy, Farting Hippos, Poor Web Design

    The Conversion Scientists are reading some good stuff at the moment. Do you have any to add? “I don’t know about you, but anytime I see or hear mention of a story about a dog or a cute panda sneezing or a hippo farting, I get excited and immediately need to read or see more.” The kind of traffic that comes to a “Clickbait” headline is often not well qualified.

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  • 6 Persuasion Tactics to Increase Conversions

    Sales and marketing have changed dramatically over the last few decades. Gone are the days when you need to go door to door to sell your products or services. Most startups these days don’t even have a phone sales team. With the Internet, it has all moved online. However, just because the methods have changed, it doesn’t mean the underlying principles have.

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  • Why We Need CRO and Personality Traits of CRO Experts

    What are the Conversion Scientists reading these days? Forbes doesn’t mince words when talking about CRO. Author Niel Patel has built several online businesses, including CrazyEgg and KISSMetrics. He would know. The article starts off with a great insignt: “Conversion optimizaiton works.” So, how did you do this year? Read more. 23.

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  • Turn a 10 Second Ecommerce Transaction into 10 Minutes

    If you’ve ever read the book The Design of Everyday Things you may recall one of the stories. It tells of a typist asked to evaluate the design of a new keyboard. She reported back to the keyboard designer that she liked the new design and didn’t find any faults with it. The designer asked if they could watch her use it.

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  • How to Drive eCommerce Sales Without Discounting [INFOGRAPHIC]

    During the holiday shopping season, everyone seems to turn into Santa Clause. An infographic from Slant states that “nearly 2/3 of the top 1,000 e-retailers offered discounts” last year. Frankly, I’m more than a little surprised that it was only two thirds. Offering discounts during the holidays kind of seems like a given.

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  • Mobile Best Practices can be Huge Mistakes

    What is a best practice? Commercial or professional procedures that are accepted or prescribed as being the most effective. It’s something that works much of the time in similar situations. What is a conversion insight? Conversion optimization is finding the unique things on your unique site that drive your unique visitors to do more of what you want them to do.

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  • Build a Landing Page with a 50% Conversion Rate [Webinar]

    Talking about landing pages that convert is one of a Conversion Scientist’s favorite conversation topics. It’s even something that plays a huge part in their dating lives, and one of Conversion Scientist Brian Massey’s most popular presentations is still the Chemistry of the Landing Page. Your Conversion Rate Will Make or Break Your Campaigns Conversion Sciences doesn’t just ta ...

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  • Dear America, Don’t Worry About Mobile Commerce [INFOGRAPHIC]

    “We’ve got mCommerce covered. Sincerely, the rest of the world.” What if I told you that there was an under-served segment of your marketplace, a segment that is growing three times faster than your current visitors? What if I told you this segment was using mobile apps at an alarming rate? Would you be interested in knowing more about this segment? Worldwide venture capital fi ...

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  • How to Create a Hypothesis List: Making a Dating Profile Rock

    As a Conversion Scientist, I used my background in Conversion Rate Optimization and Landing Pages to create the first draft of my OkCupid profile, the landing page of me. I utilized the chemistry of a successful landing page formula to make sure I hit all the known conversion points. OkCupid’s setup will limit me in the type of test I do.

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  • The Conference Where it’s OK to Get Emotional

    Does it pay to criticize Google? Probably not. But Brian Massey thinks that Google is doing website owners a disservice by almost forcing them to move to responsive web design (RWD) to support a “mobile friendly” website. Here, Brian says “It’s an irresponsible policy for many reasons.” In private, he says Google is scaring businesses into potentially wrecking their websites.

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  • Why You Can’t Ignore Mobile Web Traffic

    Mobile Web 2.0: Judgment Day was recorded on July 23, 2015. Our Mobile 2.0 Judgment Day webinar with Joel Harvey & Brian Massey tossed best practices out the window so that you can finally get some solid information about how to optimize your specific mobile websites instead of doing exactly what everyone else is doing (and what they’re doing is killing their mobile conversion rates).

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  • Exclusive Mobile Design Insights from Dozens of Split Tests [Webinar]

    The Mobile Web is still in its infancy. Today, alleged “mobile best-practices” are nothing more than successful desktop strategies scaled to a smaller screen. But people behave differently on small-screen devices than they do when they are sitting at a computer. Conversion Sciences has begun to see what Mobile Web 2.0 will look like.

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  • UX vs. CRO: Where Should You Spend Your Redesign Dollars? [WEBINAR]

    You’ve decided it’s time to undertake a website redesign. Should you focus on improving UX (user experience), or should CRO (conversion rate optimization) be your priority? Are they mutually exclusive? Is there a time when one is more important than the other? On June 17th Sarah Jabeen and Najm Ahmed from Ennovision will be tackling this issue with Brian the Conversion Scienti ...

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  • What 80% of Ecommerce Shoppers Want From Your Site [INFOGRAPHIC]

    What are online shoppers looking for? No matter what you’re selling, knowing the answer to this question is the first step to figuring out how to give them what they want. The Conversion Scientists here spend their time testing ecommerce sites, and they know that the recommendations in this infographic can work for your online store. But not always.

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