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  • Increasing Conversion Rates On Online Advertising

    Image via pixabay With each and every online ad that goes live, there lives a single purpose: increase conversion rates . However, not every ad can boast with success. In fact online ads enjoys a tiny 0.09 percent click through rate. This is the main reason that online ads are said not to work anymore, but that’s hardly the case.

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  • The Difference between Text Ads vs. Banner Ads

    The Difference between Text Ads vs. Banner Ads In the world of online advertising, pay-per-click is currently king for businesses on a budget. And in the world of PPC advertising, as in many others, Google is currently king. For anyone looking at starting a new campaign with AdSense, there’s a basic choice to make: do you want to run a text ad? Or a banner ad? Choosing betwe ...

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