• Build Your Own PHP Affiliate Tracker – The Redirect Link

    I’m going to continue down the road of sharing some of the coding knowledge I’ve been slowly picking up with my next Affiliate Hack – setting up your first tracking link. The tracking link is perhaps the most fundamental piece of building your own tracker, as it’s the first tangible piece of your campaign as well as the last (you send a user to your page using a tracking link ...

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  • Things I’ve Learned From Baller Affiliate Marketers

    While many key principles to running my businesses have come through testing, trial/error and self-realization, there are a lot of things I’ve learned from the most successful people in the space (many who have gone on to bigger things). I’d like to share a few of those principles I’ve picked up over the past 7 years.

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  • Affiliate Hacks #2 – Writing a PHP Cloaker

    In the next little coding tutorial, I’m going to show you how to set up a basic PHP cloaker for your landing pages/offers. What Is An Affiliate Cloaker? Say that there’s somebody you don’t want seeing your landing pages. A cloaker will find that person and redirect them to your “cloaked” page. This cloaked page can be a different landing page (one you don’t actually use), a dif ...

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  • Pre-Live Checklist – What To Do Before Launching a Campaign

    To me, there’s almost nothing worse than getting pumped about a campaign, launching it, and checking stats after an hour to see you’ve burned $100 and gotten 0 leads. You freak out and login to your accounts and find out you’ve made a stupid mistake with your traffic source or landing page. I’m going to map out some of those most common stupid mistakes in campaign setup, and it ...

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  • An Argument for Insourcing

    A common philosophy thrown around the affiliate space goes something like: You can outsource most of the leg work in your affiliate campaigns, giving you more time to focus on overall strategy & traffic sources. Things like landing page design, landing page coding, API integrations, and other “busy work” can all be done by a virtual team of Indians on oDesk for $20/hr total.

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