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  • 7 Reasons Why You Should Use Pinterest To Drive Conversions

    Pinterest has become an important conversion driving marketing platform for businesses. And you are here to know how to drive conversion through Pinterest, right? B2C Marketers say that Pinterest is a gold mine for them. Do you agree with them? While some may not agree now, I’m hoping you would change your mind after reading this post.

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  • 5 Content Marketing Mistakes That Hurt Your Business

    Content marketing has become a crucial strategy for many businesses to boost their organic traffic and generate leads for their business. Today, it still remains as one of the best ways to increase inbound traffic and generate conversions. However, you will not get the desired results until you have a proper content marketing strategy.

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  • 7 Ways to Better Your Video Marketing Strategy

    Content marketing has changed significantly over the years. Although blog posts and other types of content continue to be important strategies for businesses, today, video marketing is on the rise. According to Cisco, video makes up 64% of all internet traffic already. The popularity of video lies in their ability to engage and share an idea with the viewers.

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  • How to Remove Google’s “This Site May Be Hacked” Message

    Google recently published a post about the #NoHacked campaign on July 27th on its official Google webmaster blog. In their blog, Google stated that they noticed an 180% increase in the number of websites getting hacked over the past year. Many websites have reported that they received a message from Google stating that their website has been hacked.

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