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  • Broken Link Building Tutorial for Beginners

    With links as one of the top search engine ranking factors, many businesses and bloggers invest their time and effort in acquiring links from blogs and websites relevant to their industry. No wonder it is still mostly discussed in different digital marketing publications, forums and community websites – people are always asking the question, what is the best link building str ...

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  • 4 Ways to Create Content for Retail Websites

    Your retail website only has a matter of seconds for it to capture interest. Consider the articles you have read, the books you’ve started as well as the speeches you have heard. Initial exposure is what helps people in determining if they’re going to spend the time listening, reading, viewing or watching.

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  • 5 Untapped Content Ideation Tips

    Content ideation is the process of finding relevant topics for content creation and deciding which ones would really resonate with your brand’s target audience. There are many ways to look for ideas for content pieces. Some of the common ones are: Doing a Google search for head terms and identify what topic is most commonly discussed.

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  • SEO 101: Why Design Matters in Link Acquisition

    Brands invest in link acquisition campaigns because they see the value aside from backlinks – including targeted traffic, potential conversion, increase in customer lifetime value, etc. But, many businesses are also looking for ways to make their link development campaign more effective. While there are many factors to consider during link acquisition improvement, there is o ...

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  • 5 Profitable Ways to Build Links to E-Commerce Websites

    There had been much discussion on whether or not link building should be given importance in the coming years. Repetitive questions have been asked on forums and Q&A sites if SEOs should stop building links for their websites. My answer for those questions is complex. Yes and no. Yes, because links are still valuable in the eyes of Google.

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  • A Simple Guide to Retaining Your Customers

    Customer retention is the ability of the organization/brand to attach its existing customers to a specific goal/action. This could increase the time of the customers staying in touch with the company and be satisfied with the other offerings the brand is willing to provide. There are several ways to actually retain your existing customers/clients but one that is under-utilize ...

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  • Importance of Keyword Research in Link Building

    The power of keywords in link building is still evident in today’s search marketing. Keywords are often used in different ways and for different activities/phases in the link building process. With the right discovery of keywords, one will be able to understand the behavior of his target audience, tap into their interests through existing content assets, and finally, convert ...

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  • Content Marketing Tips for E-commerce Sites

    Several tactics had evolved in the past few years that enhance every phase in a content marketing process. They make every task much easier and quicker but still yielding the same or even better results. And the most effective content marketing tactics for e-commerce sites are the overlooked techniques which, if properly utilized, can greatly affect the conversion goals targeted by the campaign.

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