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  • 79 Power Words to Create Striking Content For Your Blog

    Our physical and emotional state of mind directly depends on words. While positive words can block out anxiety and fears, negative words, on the other hand, exert the opposite effect. What does it mean? It means: A single word matters! The words you use in the title of your post and in the body of the article will determine the reaction of your readers.

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  • How to Double Your Pageviews with a Simple Title Tag

    When I first started blogging, I had very naive ideas. I thought that as long as you wrote a great and interesting post, people would just show up and read it. SEO? Never heard it. Title tag? Well, of course, I try to give it a good title. Then I wondered why no one ever read my blog. It turns out that there is a definite strategy to creating a blog post or webpage that p ...

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