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  • How data and technology will affect your marketing in 2017

    If you have read the annual prediction articles in the last few years, one of the prominent projections you’ve likely seen is, “This is the year data-driven marketing campaigns take hold.” But really, data-driven marketing has always been critical — and in 2017, it’s going to continue to be at the forefront of marketers’ strategies.

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  • Quiz: Are you ready to adopt Account-Based Marketing?

    While Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is not a new concept, it’s regained popularity among B2B marketing and sales professionals. They have found much success with an account-based approach – from increased revenue and more cross- and up-sell success within enterprise accounts, to close alignment between marketing and sales, to a great handle on their data.

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  • Why marketers must be data-driven

    In today’s highly competitive digital economy, the result that counts is revenue, and the only way to ensure your marketing team delivers that result is through data-driven marketing. This may seem simple, but many B2B marketers face a data dilemma: either they lack the data they need to make effective business decisions or they lack confidence in the data they do have.

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