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  • How to Create Blog Posts That Never Die

    Recently, we started noticing traffic to some of our old offers. We don’t want traffic to go to “old stuff” when it has been replaced or updated. So, how did the traffic get there? From older relevant blog posts which had an outdated CTA (Call To Action). We could just update the CTA on the blog post, but it is also a good opportunity to optimize these “oldies but goodies”.

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  • 59 Eye Popping Marketing Statistics to End 2016 and Start 2017

    It is hard to keep up with the daily changes in marketing. From new channels to techniques and technology the industry is constantly changing. Perhaps, the most important item is the use of data and testing to guide where effort should be placed to improve results. With that in mind, current statistics provides insight to emerging trends and the rapid rate of change.

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  • Email Marketing Best Practices for 2017

    According to a study by The Radicati Group, Inc., they reported that over 100 billion emails are sent and received per day. The popularity of email is expected to continue, and business email will account for over 132 billion emails sent and received per day by the end of 2017. If you are not convinced you need to up your email game, consider the following statistics: For ...

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  • What Can Google Optimize Teach You About Your Website

    As a marketer, we are always looking for new tools to make our job easier and our insights greater. Sometimes, however, the tool may be right under our noses with the familiar old standby. Google has announced the beta for Google optimize. It is already available as part of Googles Analytics 360 suite. You can sign up for it for free here.

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  • 2017 Marketing Plan – Trends for Home Builders to Consider

    It is easy to be distracted by holiday cheer at this time of year but don’t let it prevent you from laying a strong foundation for success in 2017. Put together a strong marketing plan that allows you to begin the New Year with a strong footing. Making a plan is not hard, if you follow our 4 steps outlined here.

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  • 2017 Marketing Plans: What Are You Going to Do Different?

    Marketing is both an art and a science. The art is the creative and thinking “outside the box”. The science is evaluating what we have done to find what works and what doesn’t. So, before you start your 2017 Marketing Plan take the time to determine what you need to do different this year versus last year.

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  • Are You Prepared for How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact SEO in 2017?

    Anyone in marketing is aware of Google algorithms and the impact it has on your sites search ranking. We take the time to meticulously use our key words and make sure the Meta data is there for all our content and site to be found, among other things. Consider thinking about it the opposite way; as a customer searching for something.

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  • How To Re-Design Your Website to Save Time, Dollars and Drive Results!

    Is your website tired? Your company’s website is your clients’ first impression. We all know how important first impressions are. Does your website convey the image that you want for your brand? Website styles, like fashions, change over time. What was cutting edge a few years ago, now looks tired and dated. More important than the fickle nature of fashion and trends, is the Google SERP.

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  • 3 Home Building Industry Influencers to Follow on Social Media

    The home building industry is heating up in many locations around the country. In some places it is getting difficult to find labor. While this is good news for the economy and good news for the industry; it is more important than ever to stay on top of the trends and news. Below we have highlighted 3 home building influencers to follow on social media.

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  • How to Align Marketing & Sales in Real Estate

    Traditionally, there is some friction between marketing departments and sales departments. Typically, there is also finger pointing and blame to the other department when results are disappointing. Aligning the goals of both departments is key in creating synergy to make both areas function at the top of their game.

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  • Website Content Ideas for Successful Home Builder Marketing

    It is not enough to paste pictures of houses on your website and expect people to buy. First, you have to have other helpful content to attract people to your website. The content you include on your website should answer a need for your customers depending on where they are in their buying journey. Attract visitors: The first stage of the buying process is browsing.

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  • How to Compete with Airbnb and HomeAway (VRBO)

    VRBO has garnered some negative press ever since Expedia acquired the company late last year. The company has instituted a guest fee, changed the subscription model and the sort methodology which determine what order listings appear on the site. But, the biggest misstep made by the company, is the lack of communication to owners and property managers before the changes were made.

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