• Creating An Infographic From Start To Finish

    Creating an infographic can be a daunting task if you’ve never built one before. There is a long list of things that need to be done, and it takes a varied skill set to accomplish all of them. Visually teamed up with BlockSpring and Enigma to provide an example of what the process is like. Pick a Topic The first step in creating an infographic is to decide on a story you want to tell. 7 readers -
  • Death By Religion

    Religion and capital punishment are two of the most controversial topics you could pick, so when we had the idea to build an infographic focused on both of them, we knew we were in for a challenge in impartiality. We started the project by carefully selecting a journalist who could source the information impartially and responsibly. 7 readers -
  • Visually Announces Campaigns: Content Marketing From Ideation to Analytics

    As brands recognize the power of content marketing – and the important role visual content plays in it – they also realize that a one-and-done approach to content production doesn’t cut it. A single blog post or infographic does not a campaign make. To ensure the success of their campaigns, marketers should approach content production strategically: from ideation, through crea ...

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