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  • 5 Freelancer Specialists to Help Grow Your Blog

    When I first started a blog, the only thing I thought about was the content. I was going to take on the world with my prose, because I would definitely have something worth hearing and my audience would be interested. That bubble burst the first month I began and I started to understand there was a little more to blogging than I realized.

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  • 3 Psychology Principles That Boost Social Media Engagement

    Are your social media posts getting enough engagement? Do you want tips for connecting with your audience? Social media engagement is largely determined by how well your social posts trigger action from your target audience. In this article you’ll discover how to boost social media engagement by incorporating psychological triggers in your posts.

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  • 5 Psychology Tips to Improve Your Social Media Posts

    Are you struggling to create social media engagement? Do you want tips to improve your posts? To get more social media engagement, you need to tailor your content to appeal to your audience on an emotional level. In this article you’ll discover five psychology tips to improve engagement on your social media posts. Discover five psychology tips to improve your social media posts.

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  • How to Create a Promoted Pin Campaign on a Budget

    Do you want to add Promoted Pins to your marketing mix? Are you wondering how to budget for a Promoted Pin campaign? You don’t have to spend a lot of money on Promoted Pins for them to be effective. Because they have long-term visibility, they’re a sound addition to your Pinterest marketing. In this article, I’ll share how to build an effective, affordable promoted-pin ca ...

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  • 3 Persuasion Strategies for Your Content

    You’ve thrown your pen again. Take a breath, but don’t be worried. You’re wondering why everyone else is seeing success by gaining comments, readers, and subscribers, and you know content is king, but what you may not know is that context is its kingdom. Here on the Convince and Convert blog, one understands why this is such a successful medium for great content.

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  • How to Get More People to Attend Your Google Hangout

    Do you host Google Hangouts on Air? Do you want to attract more live viewers? When you cultivate a live audience for your Google Hangout on Air, you have more opportunities to connect with your fans. In this article I’ll share five things you can do to bring more live viewers to your Google Hangout on Air. Learn tips for getting more people to attend your Google Hangout On Air.

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  • The Keys To Writing Compelling, Creative Content

    Using intrigue to drive traffic to your post is one method of encouraging visitors. But, having the ability to write catchy titles is not going to help you grow the responsive audience you need. Although arousing curiosity has proven to be (somewhat) effective, remember that “curiosity killed the cat” and if you’re not careful it just might kill your content too.

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  • Dance Content Into The Heart of Your Reader

    Did you know words can dance? It’s true. A carefully chosen word will mambo around your mind and, in the right context, foxtrot into your heart. In fact, some words are capable of dancing off the page and will inspire you to act immediately. The Internet is full of people that write content every day, yet many of them don’t understand that they are unintentionally killing their content.

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  • STOP Now or Your Content Dies

    Failure. Even the sound of the word “failure” is disheartening. For me, it conjures images of a bomb exploding inside a watermelon. Am I alone in my sentiments? I don’t think so. I am inclined to believe that most writers and bloggers share the same fear of failure every time they publish a new piece of content.

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  • Email Marketing Tips For Beginners

    Once there was a blogger that thought he could become successful without email marketing. Every morning he woke up and started his day targeting social media followers with his content…all his content. The story ends with this blogger giving up because he didn’t include email marketing in his strategy.

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