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  • Boosting Employee Morale: 5 HR Tips

    I once asked my colleague: “have you ever wondered what is it that really makes people happy at work?” He put down his morning coffee and answered smirking: “Yep! Money and even more money” Fair enough – I thought to myself – sounds legit. Yet I wouldn’t be myself if didn’t question that, because I found it just a little bit too obvious.

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  • Work-Life Balance: 5 Steps For A Healthy Success

    My weeks differ, as do the projects I am involved in. Does that really mean that I cannot balance my work and life properly since I cannot stick to the regular eight hour’s shift? Or maybe the work-life balance is just another myth that has nothing to do with the modern job reality? For some, my working hours may seem pretty hectic and chaotic. I’m not an early bird, that’s for sure.

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  • Setting Goals: A Blessing Or A Threat To Your Productivity?

    The practice of setting goals has gained a lot of attention as of lately, getting rather positive appraisal – most of the time. A lot of us have already been introduced to the concept, at least to some extent, and probably exercised it with more or less success. So, why is it that there are more ‘less success’ situations, even though we do our best to apply this presumably wond ...

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  • 5 HR Infographics to Start Your Day

    A morning routine can help you harness all those little things that make your day productive. One activity I highly recommend is to enjoy a daily dose of inspirational writings. Are you in? Then make yourself comfortable, because we’ve got five inspiring ideas for you today. Grab a sip of coffee and find out what’s hot in social recruiting in 2016 — and much more. 1.

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  • How Stress Affects Our Job: 6 Steps To A Healthy Work Day

    We live in frantic times. We must meet deadlines, reconcile working and family life, and always be one step ahead of every project we undertake. It’s not only demanding, but also tiresome. Living under pressure became synonymous to living under constant influence of stress. Yet, is stress really such a vicious thing? And if, how can we cope when it seems to be so inevitable? G ...

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  • Go With The Flow Of Your Creative Productivity

    Have you ever experienced that magical state when your work seems to become almost effortless? In such situations what you are doing counts even more than the prospective results, though the effects are usually as satisfying as the pleasure you take from it. If your answer is yes, you can make it your daily bread – you just have to know what simple principles to follow.

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