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  • How to Write Better Ad Copy Using Reviews + Ngrams

    Wanna skip right to the tools? Check em’ out here. Recently, at Mozcon I presented a session on how to scrape reviews and run word clouds or Ngram analyzers. This was part of a larger presentation on understanding the “why” or the intent behind the searcher. I recommended scraping reviews from Amazon using the tools below, and then using word clouds / Ngram analyzers (you c ...

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  • How I found that avoiding titles hindered our team more than helped

    TL;DR: When someone at your company moves on after a long time, internally they got more responsibilities, but without a title change – their next employer may not see that. HR people may not even bring them in for an interview b/c another set of applicants “moved up every year”. You are doing a disservice to your long tenured team members career paths when you don’t make the ...

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  • How Would You Build Seer’s Content Strategy?

    We’ll pay you $1,500 to interview at Seer… I’m jealous. When I see how Buffer, Moz, Hubspot, Harvard Business Review and others build content, promote content, engage on social, etc. I’m jealous. I want to stop being jealous and start making them jealous of us (which is almost an impossible task), but we need a partner to do it.

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  • Cancelling One on Ones

    As a company grows one on ones are critical, show me a manager who doesn’t schedule regular one on one’s with her direct reports and I’ll show you a bad manager. I am a BIG student of one on one cadence, questions, etc because I suck at them. I’ve done them because I realize their importance, but I’m not good at structured systems.

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