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  • A Guide to Remarketing with Google Analytics

    A Guide to Remarketing with Google Analytics Posted: 05.12.2016 In today’s digital marketing world, the audience has grown in importance, and with it, the importance of remarketing and the use of advanced strategies to target more relevant users has grown. While traditional pixel-based remarketing still reigns supreme, and lookalike targeting based on first-party data contin ...

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  • Mobile Advertising: A Primer

    Mobile Advertising: A Primer Posted: 01.18.2015 Despite the universal growth in mobile activity, for many direct response or performance marketers, mobile has remained an afterthought. Historically, direct response marketing on mobile devices has often yielded inefficiencies that make it hard to justify investing there. However, things are rapidly changing.

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  • Why I Came Back to 3Q Digital

    Why I Came Back to 3Q Digital Around this time last year, I left 3Q Digital. I had spent the previous four years with a combination of two digital marketing agencies – one year with 3Q and three years with iSearch Media, which was acquired by 3Q earlier in 2014 – and I was ready for a change. Less than one year later, I am back with 3Q, and happier than ever.

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