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  • Social Media: A DIY Project, Or One For The Professionals?

    Published 1 min ago 0 The early 2000s were big for marketers, though they didn’t know it yet. LinkedIn launched in 2003. Reddit went live in 2005. Facebook and Twitter both emerged in 2006. Tumblr was born in 2007. These five sites are the greats of social media, and over the years companies have taken notice and made marketing to social media users a growing priority ...

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  • 4-Step Twitter Content Strategy that’s Easy and Really Works

    Published 1 min ago 2 I know what you’re experiencing. You’ve already tried all the different tactics and strategies you possibly could to gain a loyal following on Twitter and be able to finally use this medium to promote your business. What’s common between most of them is that they require a lot of effort, time and… patience just to have a glimpse that they’re actu ...

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  • Being Nimble and Sturdy in the Turbulent Sea of SEO

    Published 1 min ago 0 Having grown up in the mountains of North Carolina, I know very little about boating, yachting or the ship trade. But, as there are very few comparisons from mountain life relating to the organic search industry for me to draw upon, I have to step outside of my purview to find a suitable comparison. The mountains are a steady certainty.

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  • What Social Media Can Teach Content Writers

    Published 1 min ago 0 Social media can actually teach us writers a thing or two. Many people might scoff at that thought but it’s true. Yes, sloppy ‘text speak’ has infiltrated a few too many posts on Twitter and Facebook, but it’s too lazy to simply blame social media for our grammatical ills. There are actually plenty of ways we can actually sharpen our skills through social media.

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