Will Critchlow

  • Want a Better Job in Digital Marketing?

    Many exciting opportunities lie ahead for the smart technical marketer. Industry-wide changes mean those of you at the beginning of your careers will be able to get ahead fast, plus the world will really open up once you have more skills and experience. However, it can be hard to prove your skills and value to potential employers. That’s where we’d like to help.

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  • Build Different Things – Why You're Not Done When Your Website is Responsive

    There’s a common objection that comes up among marketers when I talk about the incredible rate at which mobile is eating the world. Many say that these trends are all well and good, but they don’t actually change the tactics of web marketing beyond the need to make your website mobile-friendly. For a long time, I’ve felt strongly that there was more to it than this, and that t ...

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  • A New CEO at Distilled

    In order to avoid any confusion, I thought I’d start with the facts: Last month, Will Critchlow took the reins as CEO of Distilled. Co-founder Duncan Morris is moving to become Chairman and will be bolstering our growing investment in R&D. That’s the punchline, but I’m sure it raises as many questions as it answers.

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