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  • John Lewis Advert – Analyse A Real PPC Campaign

    The last PPC campaign I analysed in the ‘Analyse A Real PPC campaign’ series was from Voucher Honey, who had a well designed search advert and an exception landing page, mainly due to the simplicity of just a search bar that takes up the central area to it. With Christmas now nearly a month and a bit away, it is that time of year that retailers start to release their Christmas ...

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  • 3 Must Dos for SEO of Websites

    Search engine optimization is all too crucial to, pretty much, the performance of every website online. If you have good SEO and rank high for relevant keywords, then it is a safe bet to say that the website will generally do well. There are hundreds and hundreds of techniques that a website owner can implement to further improve the SEO of their website.

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  • 4 Tips to Help Advertisers with PPC Holiday Campaigns

    Advertising around the Christmas and holiday period is seriously booming, and seems to be increasing at a rapid rate year on year. It was only last week that the UK retailer John Lewis revealed their Christmas advert, about #MoztheMonster, which turned out to cost the retailer a whopping £7 million ($9.2 million).

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  • Voucher Honey – Analyse A Real PPC Campaign

    The last PPC campaign I analysed in the ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign’ was from PULL&BEAR, who had used the site link extension to make it easier for each gender to find clothing, instead of having to go through another click through page to then select ‘mens’ or womens’ clothing: making life a little easier for the web user.

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  • 3 Tips to Maximize your PPC Holiday Advertising

    For many businesses globally, the vast majority of their revenue they produce will be around the holiday season, starting usually early October and finishing late December. For this reason, it is an extremely crucial time of year to make sure you maximize how you promote your product or service through the likes of online advertising platforms such as PPC.

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  • Most Popular Ad Sizes Ranked in Order

    Part of a making a success of PPC advertising is in determining what the best ad sizes are, both from an advertiser and publisher perspective. A publisher will want to use ad sizes that generate the most amount of clicks whilst advertisers will want to gain as many impressions, clicks and conversions from choosing the best ad size.

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  • PULL&BEAR – Analyse A PPC Campaign

    The last PPC campaign I analysed in the ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign’ series was from Bridgestone, who had a good search advert (except the typo) and a good landing page too. However, the paid search results was dominated by BlackCircles.com shopping results, which would naturally push people to clicking on them, especially since BlackCircles is targeting price sensitive custom ...

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  • Factors that Affect Seasonal PPC Campaigns

    As much as you can have the best business with products/services which are market leaders in their respective sectors, you will still, unfortunately, be at the mercy to external factors which will have a direct impact on the sales of your products and services. The same can apply to pay per click advertising campaigns, where external factors can affect the performance and ROI of a campaign.

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  • How to Maximize Holiday PPC Revenue in 2017

    It is crazy to think that Christmas is under 2 months away and yet it still feels so far away. As much as this may be true, the preparation for holiday PPC will start to happen very soon, with it starting usually a week or two after Halloween. As with the vast majority of businesses, they will make the majority of their profit in the holiday season, cementing just how important ...

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  • Bridgestone – Analyse A Real PPC Campaign

    The last PPC campaign I analysed in the ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign’ series was from Saga, who had a relatively simple PPC search advert, which would not have worked to their advantage. However, they had a saving grace in the form of a great landing page, which would have converted well the traffic that clicked onto the search advert.

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  • Social Advertising vs PPC

    Social advertising on networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have been around for a mere fraction of the time that PPC advertising has been around. Yet, although still relatively young, is a multi-billion dollar industry that is giving PPC a very good run for its money. Although PPC can suit, pretty much, any type of advertiser and campaign, there is a very good argum ...

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  • How to Increase Your Website’s Ranking in 2017

    Five year’s ago, everything was geared towards improving the pagerank of a website. This was a number, out of 10, that indicated how search engine friendly your website was, mainly for Google. However, pagerank in 2017 does not seem to have as much in 2017 mainly because, at the end of the day, it is just a number and doesn’t truly reflect the whole SEO of a website.

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  • Saga – Analyse A Real PPC Campaign

    The last PPC campaign I analysed in the ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign’ series was from EE, who had targeted the newly released Google Pixel 2 smartphone to entice web users into using their network with their next contract. Considering that people don’t change networks often, it was interesting to see EE do this considering this is not a typical approach to a PPC campaign (when ...

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  • 5 Elements to a Successful Website

    The title to this article is, to some extent, something thousands of people are still looking to find the answer to. What makes a successful website? Depending on the area the website is going into will, of course, depend on the answer. However, there are some fundamentals to creating websites, especially from having experience of creating several high-end websites myself.

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  • Learn to Optimize Ad Extensions in PPC

    PPC search adverts have come a long way from the stereotypical title, description and URL structure. One of the biggest additions to them has been ad extensions, which allow the advertiser to display an extra element to their search advert which work (or should work) to increase the click through rate (CTR) and conversion rate of your advert and campaign.

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  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Give Ezoic a Go

    When it comes to websites making money online, the vast majority of websites will opt for Google Adsense, and understandably so. Google Adsense will allow your website to show adverts from, potentially, millions of advertisers from around the world providing a great CPC for your advertising space to profit from per click.

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  • Why XML Sitemaps are Important to Website’s SEO

    One of the key components to a successful website is in making sure search engines can clearly digest all of the web pages on the website to show on their search engines for related queries. There are many ways you can increase the exposure your website has to search engines, and increase the rank of the result on search engines too.

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  • EE – Analyse A Real PPC Campaign

    The last PPC campaign I analysed in the ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign’ series was from Sky Scanner, who had implemented a PPC campaign for a keyword search phrase that they rank for organically number one. After clicking onto the advert, the landing page was very effective in getting the web user to fill in the form to find the flight they want to potentially purchase by keeping things simple.

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  • Sky Scanner – Analyse A Real PPC Campaign

    The last PPC campaign I analysed in the ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign’ series was from Tommy Hilfiger, who had a well designed search advert but an extremely poor landing page, simply because it struggled to load and, instead, displayed a corrupted version of their landing page. This would be a big blow to Tommy Hilfiger, reducing their ROI significantly.

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  • 3 Times When it is Bad to Use SEO

    There is a constant debate as to if SEO is better than PPC and vice versa. Ultimately, the answer will always be ‘it depends’ since it depends on many factors that need to be understood and ‘tailor-fitted’ to your needs and objectives. For some people, SEO will work better than PPC. For others, it may not.

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