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  • Influencers vs. thought leaders and the rise of image analytics

    Let’s start with a question: Are influencers and thought leaders the same? I’ve found myself thinking about this quite a bit recently, and the easiest answer I can provide is “no.” They’re different — and this wasn’t always the case. Whenever a new medium has emerged, certain people have always risen above the masses with uniquely suited methods and ideas to get the most imp ...

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  • Demand generation’s next frontier: 3 ways to tap into social to get more leads

    I can’t be the only CMO focusing on and prioritizing the measurement of the real bottom line of all marketing team activities: demand generation. Yet there isn’t much mention or actual execution of leveraging social media listening for demand generation purposes — in any industry. With demand generation teams being the metrics-driven, data-loving departments that they are, so ...

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  • A day in the life of a social CMI pro

    As the socially driven CMO forges the path of success for social consumer market insights professionals (or social CMI), you may be wondering exactly what the social CMI does. First and foremost, these individuals play a business partner role to marketing and other integral business departments — like finance, R&D, design, supply chain and more.

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  • The 3 challenges all social CMI professionals face (and how to overcome them)

    Fact: Social insights offer value to many areas across the enterprise. This fact indicates the need for a dedicated social consumer market insights professional (social CMI) within the enterprise. In my previous article, I outlined the shift of this relatively new position from a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have” in order to achieve higher business goals.

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  • Social CMO to social CMI: the insight-driven evolution in the enterprise

    Earlier this year, we discussed the importance of leveraging social data to impact your organization’s marketing efforts. We focused on the importance of having a data-driven chief marketing officer (CMO) gathering data from social platforms, extracting actionable insights from them and proving to other C-levels how useful social data can be.

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  • The 5 KPIs that define a successful social CMO

    So you say you’re a socially savvy marketer — and you’re checking the boxes to ensure that you’re not just talking the talk but walking the walk. You’ve recognized the power that social data can yield to inform and drive your organization. You’re aggregating and analyzing data to inform and improve your company’s buzz, reputation, content engagement, lead generation and sales.

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  • 2016: The Year Social Intelligence Makes Its Way To The Boardroom

    Now that we’re a couple of weeks into 2016, we can easily draft post after post about what went right or wrong in 2015. Alternatively, we can look at predictions of what’s in store for the marketing world in 2016. But there’s one thing I am certain of: For the new tier of CMOs who understand that data is their best asset, 2016 is looking mighty fine.

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