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  • The Cat in the Black SEO Hat

    Our rankings have tanked. We must find a way. To optimize our site For the upcoming holidays. I sat with my CMO We sat there, us both And I said, “How I wish our organic traffic Would show us some growth.” Few people visited, conversions were scarce We were both quite appalled. We stared at Google Analytics And saw little organic traffic at all.

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  • How To Write A ’10 Best SEO Blogs You Should Read’ Post

    SEO is important for the largest brands to the smallest businesses. That’s why there are thousands of blogs dedicated to the topic of making SEO great again! Everyone is cranking out in-depth guides, how-tos, tools, tips, and tricks. However, one thing that is sorely lacking is lists of the best SEO blogs you should be reading.

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  • 5 Reasons Why Google Penguin Hasn’t Launched Today [EXCLUSIVE!]

    Breaking news straight outta the Googleplex. No Google Penguin 4.0 update today. Here are four reasons why. 1. Zika Virus “Due to concerns over the Zika virus, Google Penguin will not be launching today,” according to a Google spokesperson. The Zika virus has reportedly spread to 61 domains where Google operates.

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  • 13 Quick SEO Tips For Starting Your Own Blog

    It’s June, which means many wannabe bloggers everywhere are heading to GoDaddy to find a domain, start a blog, and become an expert. (What?! – Editor) Here are some tips to make sure your blog is way less more successful than WTFSEO! 1. Rarely Post New Posts It’s about quality, not quantity. It’s a huge myth that writing posts more often will result in more people visiting your site regularly.

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  • The Ultimate Relationship Building Link Profile Test

    As an above-average SEO, you know links are the most important thing in the world. Except, you also know that relationships are the new backlink, according to some SEO gurus, thus making relationships even more importanter (you goddamned millennials and your slang – Ed). So if the best links come from the best relationships, then how do you know if the relationship you’re abou ...

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  • Search Images: Magnifying Glasses, Binoculars & Fingers!

    In this week’s installment of Search Images, here are the latest images pulled from Google Images, showing magnifying glasses, some creepy dude with binoculars, a finger, and more. Some obese stick figure with a magnifying glass: Hey look, another magnifying glass, and this one ...

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  • What is Google RankBrain?

    Since Google announced RankBrain late last year, the SEO industry has pretty much lost its mind. A barrage of articles, blog posts, and infographics all have promised to properly explain Google’s machine learning system. Yet none really have. If you’re still struggling to understand RankBrain, you aren’t alone.

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  • SEOs, Google & Open Letters: The Clustérfuck à Trois

    On Friday, a millennial completely eviscerated another millennial for ripping into another millennial – Google! It’s, as the French call it, a clustérfuck à trois. It all started when a millennial SEO wrote a long rant, ironically on Medium, about the lack of traffic that self-involved millennial Google is sending his way. A few hours later his site vanished from Google.

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  • 5 Brain-Imploding Trends That Will Eviscerate Inbound Marketing in 2016

    What SEO and inbound marketing trends should you, heathen reader, be ready for in 2016? To find out, I sat down with all the biggest experts who happened to be at this particular happy hour I could find. Below are five brain-imploding trends that we agreed will eviscerate inbound marketing as we know it in 2016! #1 – The Rise of Content Blockers Consumers are sick of content.

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