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  • The New Startup That Publishers Will Hate and Freelancers Will Love

    This post originally appeared on The Content Strategist’s sister site, The Freelancer. Award-winning investigative journalist, author, and anthropologist Scott Carney thinks that writers are getting paid too little. Way too little. His solution? To make publications compete against one another. And after raising $9,307 from 246 backers (full disclosure: I was one of them) on K ...

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  • Mobile Apps: The Key to Content Personalization

    Published 1 hour ago 22 Take a moment and think back to a first date you’ve had in the past. Not just any first date though—one that turned into a long term relationship. Got it? Ok, now picture that first date in your mind. Maybe you went to a restaurant or a movie, but did you know what kind of movie your date was into before you scheduled the date? Or did you know w ...

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  • Should You Let Other Sites Republish Your Content?

    So you’ve slaved away on a killer blog post, compiling hours of research, and carefully selected quotes to intersperse with compelling stories. Now you have a decision to make: Should you keep your masterpiece limited to your own website, drawing more traffic to your owned platform and earning more SEO juice? Or should you try to get it republished on some big-name sites to g ...

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  • The Top 10 Brand Editors of 2014

    When we think of talented editors, our minds probably jump to the overworked veterans who piece together our favorite consumer magazines. Those editors are shooting for National Magazine Awards, living on coffee and takeout. Brand editors, on the other hand, despite having the power to make or break a brand’s content marketing efforts, often go unrecognized.

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  • The 12 Best Content Marketing Blogs of 2014

    How do you get better at content marketing? First, you need to do it yourself. Second, you need to read about best practices from people who have already succeeded. The value of smart, complex content marketing strategy can’t be overstated. Whether you want to jumpstart your own business efforts, target a more specific audience, or just make sure you’re up to date with cutting ...

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  • Why Too Much Emotional Appeal in Your Copy Can Harm Your Credibility

    Let’s be clear: You need emotional appeal in your writing. Compelling stories keep readers on your website, and since you must discover their worldviews and understand their experiences so that you can serve them better, you’ll naturally learn about their emotional states. But when you communicate with your audience, you need to strike the right emotional balance.

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  • 4 Instances When Demonstrating Your Authority Can Be a Disaster

    It might seem blasphemous to say so on Copyblogger. But authority isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. Yes, it’s an important term around here, and the dust has hardly settled from the first Authority Intensive event. And yet I’m suggesting that you be be less authoritative … at certain moments.

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  • 5 Ways Newsrooms Can Catch Up to Digital-Savvy Competitors

    The common narrative about newspapers goes something like this: The advent of digital media and its continued growth sent newspapers into a tailspin. Newsrooms that didn’t scramble to adapt suffered big losses, folded or scaled back, or even switched to online only models. Realizing the precipice before them, local and national newsrooms alike immediately embraced the advent of ...

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  • Are You Sacrificing Future Trust for Sales Today?

    The first lesson you learn in sales is how to qualify a lead. After all, speaking with someone who’s not legitimately interested in your product or service is a waste of your time — and theirs. But there’s something that’s even more important than making sure your prospect wants to buy what you’re pitching: ensuring that they’ll be happy with the purchase long after ...

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