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  • 4 Ways to Include Fans in Your Social Media Activities

    Do you want to build a stronger community? Looking for ways to spark engagement with your followers? Your fans and customers can play an important part in developing a social media presence that shares authentic stories. In this article, you’ll discover four creative ways to include fans in your social media marketing. Discover four ways to include fans in your social media marketing.

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  • 3 Ingenious Ways to Create Data-Driven Marketing Campaigns

    Marketing as we once knew it is dead. In the past, brands that shouted the loudest, gave the most incentives, and had the most authority in their fields won the battle. But today, we haved moved to a more customer-centric era in which your brand’s value is determined by its ability to connect to your target audience, and win them over by going above and beyond to cater to all ...

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  • 4 Tools to Create Interactive Content in Minutes

    If we take a quick glimpse into the crystal ball, we see a future of content marketing less about the impact of words and more about the experiences created for the consumer. Traditional content has flooded the Internet and is starting to feel stale. Admit it – how often do you find yourself briefly skimming an article only to move on within seconds to something new? Brands a ...

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