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  • Programmatic comes to digital jukeboxes

    Everything can be monetized. Next time you put a quarter into the jukebox at your corner bar, you won’t only hear a song; you may also see a programmatic ad. On Monday, TouchTunes — the company that owns over 63,000 digital jukeboxes in the U.S. — made the inventory on the machine programmatically available for the first time. Last year, over 1.

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  • How Maxus is training its media planners in creativity

    As media buying becomes more commoditized and less differentiated, communications planning — a discipline that uses data insights to help a client figure out brand positioning and media channels– is now a hot battleground for media agencies. For Maxus, that means motivating its media planners to get out of their comfort zone and learn how to develop creative ideas for the like ...

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  • ‘Start small and justify’: Inside Tumi’s programmatic evolution

    When Charlie Cole joined Tumi as the luxury luggage brand’s chief digital officer last January, his first priority was to fix the company’s customer relationship management and analytics platforms. In the process of completing this eight-month project, Cole’s team realized that Tumi had been exclusively targeting its core-consumers — middle-aged high earners – without reaching ...

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  • ‘There is a middle ground’: What brands think of in-house content studios

    It’s open season on in-house content studios. Pepsi’s recent ad, which featured Kendall Jenner as a model who leaves a photoshoot to join a protest and hand a cop a Pepsi, was criticized for being tone-deaf. Looking for blame, much of the industry pointed fingers at in-house content studios, since Pepsi’s ad was created by its in-house agency, Creators League.

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  • How Madison Reed is using a chatbot to offer hair-coloring advice

    Want to find the right hair color? Just ask Madi. Hair color brand Madison Reed created the color-recognition chatbot to consult like a human colorist would do in a salon. When a customer texts “Hello” to Madi at 34757, she will ask for a selfie that shows the person’s face and hair from roots to ends in natural lighting.

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  • Western YouTube stars look to crack the Chinese social networks

    Ukrainian YouTuber Slivki Show, who teaches English-language life hacks including how to use a grater to scrub off the burnt bits off a cookie, has accumulated more than 790,000 subscribers and 98 million views on YouTube since 2015. And this year, the YouTuber started distributing the same content with Chinese subtitles on China’s top social network Weibo.

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  • Uh-oh, United’s now under attack on Chinese social networks

    A core military doctrine is: Never fight a two-front war. Unfortunately for besieged United Airlines it is now under siege in America and has a new Chinese front to deal with. Within 24 hours after a 30-second video — that features a man being dragged off a United Express flight from Chicago — went viral on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in the U.S., the incident has become the No.

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  • The latest important new role at publishers: The influencer wrangler

    As marketers are embracing influencer marketing, publishers are increasingly tapping social stars to build their editorial brand. As a result, the role of influencer manager — that is typically found at an ad agency — is gaining importance at media companies. An influencer manager’s responsibilities vary depending on the organization.

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  • Productivity in a pill: Harried agency staffers turn to ‘smart drugs’

    At 8:30 a.m. on a recent Friday, Dean Thomas, chief marketing officer for influencer marketing agency Gnack, stared at his to-do list for the day: phone calls with the marketing team, write up press releases, reach out to 500 influencers to get their feedback and check Facebook ad campaigns. While going through those items, he grabbed a glass of water, popped two nootropic ca ...

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  • The uneviable job of site whitelisters

    Stella Jiang, a digital ad operations specialist for boutique ad agency Cyverasia, started whitelisting sites for brands at the beginning of this year. Her critical, if unglamorous role in digital advertising: make sure ads are not running alongside pornography or terrorist videos. She typically does so during the first week of a campaign, manually selecting around 400 to 500 t ...

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  • ‘Bali bali’ style: A peek at South Korean creative

    This is Global Creative, a series by Digiday that highlights the nuances of advertising scenes in different parts of the world, through the eyes of an established creative from there. South Korea is known for its high-tech gadgets, K-pop and, increasingly, its growing advertising business. A nationwide work culture called “bali bali” — which means “hurry hurry” in Korean — has ...

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  • Beyond chatbots: Inside Publicis.Sapient’s AI practice

    A financial services firm recently launched a platform that delivers financial advice, powered entirely by artificial intelligence developed by Publicis.Sapient. In the past, such a service would have required hours of one-on-one human interaction and hours of research to deliver tailored input. A service like that doesn’t exactly scale.

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  • Inside agency R/GA’s growing consulting practice

    As big management consultancies like Deloitte and Accenture are becoming agencies in the own right, Interpublic Group-owned creative shop R/GA is flipping the script: The agency’s business transformation division is consulting the likes of Siemens, Walmart and ESPN on consumer experience and growth strategy. “Our mission is to disrupt conventional consulting.

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  • Rubicon Project CEO Michael Barrett: ‘We are not for sale’

    Ad tech firm Rubicon Project has been in the media spotlight over the past few months. Last week, the company appointed Michael Barrett — who is known for cleaning up and selling businesses in the industry — as its new CEO, amid senior executive departures and rumors that it is looking for a potential sale.

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  • The sunshine agency: Inside Crossmedia’s transparent model

    This story first appeared in the spring issue of Digiday magazine, available exclusively to Digiday Pulse members. Join the community and receive the full magazine here. Just before Thanksgiving, Kamran Asghar, co-founder and president of media agency Crossmedia, got a call from an executive at Nordstrom Rack, which was parting ways with WPP’s Mindshare.

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