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  • The consequences late-paying clients have on agencies

    When Relativity Media wanted to continue its partnership with digital marketing agency TVGla but asked to extend payment cycle from 60 days to 90 days, Dimitry Loffe immediately walked away from the account. “We already lost six figures in revenue because Relativity was filing for bankruptcy,” said Loffe. “For any client — big or small — we prefer 60-day billing terms max.

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  • Quiz: Match the manifesto to the ad agency

    Sometimes what an advertising agency does looks confusing. Media and creative shops usually post their manifesto, a clear declaration of their purpose and business, in the “What We Do” or “About” section on their company website. But when freelance journalist Harry Wallop went to agency AKQA’s website in hoping to figure out what it does, he simply couldn’t understand the description.

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  • The challenge of holding PR to performance metrics

    When Natalie Gerke joined mobile monetization startup Button seven months ago, one question its CEO asked her was how she planned to measure public relations efforts beyond impressions. “While impressions can tie back to how big the actual site is, there are times where a more strategic outlet is more valuable than the outlet with the most impressions,” said Gerke, head of c ...

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  • How Starbucks, JD and Didi tap into WeChat Wallet

    In the U.S., you may pay for your coffee from the Starbucks app, book a car on Uber and place orders with the Amazon shopping app. But in China, you can do all of these through WeChat Wallet alone. WeChat Wallet interface WeChat Wallet functions like Apple Pay, which allows users to purchase products and services with select credit or debit cards (mostly from Asian banks; Chase ...

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  • Why Snapchat misses the influencer mark, for now

    Lauren Riihimaki likes posting do-it-yourself content on social media. As LaurDIY, she has amassed more than five million subscribers on YouTube, two million followers on Twitter and Instagram, and 400,000 likes on Facebook. She averages 250,000 views per snap on Snapchat. As a social star, Riihimaki gets special treatment from those networks, like workshops on new platform fe ...

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  • The most creative Trump resistance side projects

    The current political climate in the U.S. is unprecedentedly polarized. But agency executives — largely a creative, left-leaning lot — are feeling emboldened. Increasingly people in the creative industries are letting off a little steam in side projects that poke fun at the president’s agenda and creative way with words. Here are some of the most creative we’ve found so far.

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  • More than 60 percent of Snapchat users skip ads on the platform

    Snapchat has been promoting its ad products and encouraging marketers to pay to play. But the ad-supported revenue model doesn’t seem to work well for the platform as it is supposed to be, at least for now. New stats from customer acquisition firm Fluent show that 69 percent of the 3,327 American adults surveyed online skip ads on Snapchat “always” or “often,” and that number ...

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  • ‘You have to manage up’: Confessions of a former agency exec on corporate politics

    Agency culture is known to be politically driven, which is covered by perks like nice offices, unlimited vacation days and casual dress codes. That means it is really hard for people to step up and do meaningful work. Those who are climbing the executive chain would do well to avoid saying anything controversial, and the worst case, people who stay at the agency and wait to get ...

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  • ‘Crap optimized on crap’: The agency challenge with data

    Every media agency today emphasizes the importance of data. But most shops haven’t quite grasped the pulse of data-driven marketing. Ad executives gathered at the 4A’s Data Summit on Tuesday and discussed their biggest challenge in transforming their agency to be a data-driven organization. Major issues include data quality, siloes on the client side as well as the difficultie ...

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  • Inside the officeless media agency where 75 percent of the staff is female

    Throughout his marketing career, Jay Friedman has rarely spent a single day in the office, either at agency Young & Rubicam or his current gig as COO at Goodway Group, a programmatic media planning and buying partner to regional agencies. That may sound strange to people who were brought up in an agency culture that prizes face time and physically being in the office.

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  • How Avocados from Mexico recruits 100,000 ‘brand ambassadors’ for the Super Bowl

    While major brands like Frito Lay and Taco Bell are sitting out the Super Bowl this year, Avocados from Mexico will return to the big game for the third consecutive year, with an army of 100,000 “brand ambassadors” to augment its 30-second commercial spot during the first break. With its Super Bowl campaign this year, Avocados from Mexico is looking to target everyone beyond i ...

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  • How Dippin’ Dots turned Sean Spicer’s Twitter beef into social media gold

    Sean Spicer’s bizarre beef with Dippin’ Dots has, after nearly a decade, finally come to a head. And its conclusion may just have the opposite effect that the new White House Press Secretary intended. In a series tweets from 2010 to 2015, Spicer too issue with Dippin’ Dots’ old marketing slogan “Ice Cream of the Future,” mocked the company for filing for bankruptcy in 2011 and ...

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  • How iCrossing is integrating services

    As search is being integrated into digital projects like programmatic buying, content strategy, chatbots and voice-control assistants, agencies that started out in search marketing are looking to evolve with the market and become full-service marketing shops. ICrossing is the latest that has made the change.

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  • ‘Inclusivity is the mantra’: Inside Indian creativity

    This is Global Creative, a new series by Digiday that highlights the nuances of advertising scenes in different parts of the world, through the eyes of an established creative from there. India is one of the fastest-growing ad markets with a digital spend predicted to surpass $11 billion by 2020. But advertising to people in a country that has 22 official languages and 497 cit ...

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