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  • Pinterest launches self-serve platform for Promoted Pin advertisers

    Social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Snap have all developed self-serve platforms in some capacity for advertisers. Now, Pinterest has joined the crowd. On September 19, Pinterest introduced a self-serve tool for brands that use Promoted Pins. Now, brands can develop campaigns with around 100 members in Pinterest’s creator network, Pin Collective, in as little as 10 to 14 days.

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  • PR firms start using AI for mundane tasks

    Public relations is not just an art — it is becoming a science, thanks to artificial intelligence. Media companies like The Washington Post and The Associated Press are using AI to crank out earnings reports or write news articles that they wouldn’t typically dedicate staff to. Similarly, PR agencies are adopting AI as well, using it to predict media trends, turn speeches into ...

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  • Cheatsheet: How the FTC is cracking down on deceptive influencer marketing

    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has noticed celebrities and social stars are weaving branded content into their personal accounts without explicit disclosure, and it has started taking violations of its Endorsement Guides more seriously. The government agency requires social stars to clearly and conspicuously disclose their endorsement relationships with marketers.

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  • Sprint’s digital chief on programmatic: ‘We are taking full ownership’

    Not every brand has enough tech and media expertise in programmatic buying. But little by little, some are learning to run ad tech on their own. Joining the pack is Sprint, which lately started moving programmatic in-house. As part of the company’s cost-cutting measures, Sprint is building an in-house digital agency to oversee everything from display to paid search to data analytics.

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  • In China, platforms are cutting out media-buying agencies

    If China is where the future happens, that’s bad news for media agencies. In China, big brands are increasingly moving their advertising budgets from agency trading desks to Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent (known as the BAT) for more media transparency. It may make sense from a cost-saving perspective: If brands can strike deals with the BAT at a good price on their own, why bother ...

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  • Media buyers applaud Canvas ads in Instagram Stories, but say there are limitations

    Facebook finally brought the long-awaited Canvas ad format to Instagram Stories on Tuesday, letting advertisers promote their products and services to 250 million Stories users with a carousel of images and text-based posts contained in a single ad. Although only a couple out of the nine ad agencies this reporter contacted have tested the Canvas unit in Instagram Stories so fa ...

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  • How Home Depot has remained ‘Amazon-proof’

    For Home Depot, Amazon doesn’t seem to be as big of a threat as it is for fashion retailers and department stores. The home improvement chain’s quarterly sales reached a record high this year when many retailers are closing their stores. With more than 2,200 stores across the U.S., Canada and Mexico, Home Depot reported last month quarterly sales of around $28 billion, up 6.

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  • How Equinox, Coca-Cola, American Express and Marcus use data for storytelling

    Many brands want to be storytellers and use data to inform what content works and what doesn’t. But it’s hard for them to know which metrics to use. At the Digiday Hot Topic: Data-Driven Marketing workshop on Thursday, C-level executives from Equinox, Coca-Cola, American Express and Marcus by Goldman Sachs shared how they approach data-driven storytelling.

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  • Musical.ly has lots of users, not much ad traction

    With over 200 million registered users, Musical.ly, a lip-syncing app developed by Chinese entrepreneurs Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang in 2014, is catching on in America. Musical.ly is known to be focused on user growth at the moment, not monetization. But the platform is pitching some agencies in the U.S. three ad products. Musical.

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  • Transparency demands are pushing ad tech companies into specializing

    Focus is coming to ad tech. Ad tech companies have reaped huge profits by serving publishers and media buyers alike. But with the increased demand for transparency, companies are finding they’re better off choosing one side. This month, Tremor Video agreed to sell its demand-side platform to Taptica for $50 million.

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  • Snapchat warms up to social stars, extending verified accounts to influencers

    With more than 100,000 followers on Snapchat, graphic designer Cyrene Quiamco (known as CyreneQ on social) has run influencer campaigns on the platform for brands like Walmart, Samsung and Burger King since November 2014. Yet app parent Snap hasn’t been known for cultivating influencers. CyreneQ rarely received guidance from the company on how she could grow her following and views.

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  • With fewer cash registers, Hershey tries to re-create the impulse buy online

    The rise of self-checkouts at supermarkets and convenience stores has led to a drastic decrease in the unplanned purchases that are crucial to Hershey’s sales. As a result, the maker of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Almond Joy chocolate bars is trying to trigger impulse candy sales online. Most candy-buying decisions are made in the aisles rather than at registers.

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  • Brands are now blacklisting mainstream news sites, including Fox News

    Political tensions have reached a point where some brands are perceiving mainstream news outlets as too controversial, leading media buyers to pull ads from those sites. One campaign manager at a holding group media agency said a major automaker decided last month to stop serving ads in the news category in case the content didn’t align with the brand’s values.

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  • Influencer marketing on Facebook is about to get more expensive

    Brands and influencers need to prepare to spend more money on Facebook. This week, Facebook started letting social stars turn their paid content into sponsored posts by tagging the brands they are working with and then letting advertisers boost those posts directly without sharing them first. Brands can choose to authorize which creators can tag them in their page settings, an ...

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  • US attribution firms eye growth opportunities in Asia

    A major financial services company recently wanted to run targeted advertising to reach more than 42 million people in its loyalty program who might also be in Yahoo Japan’s ad network. So the financial institution worked with Chicago-based attribution firm Signal to onboard its first-party data to Yahoo Japan’s data platform.

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  • Inside P.F. Chang’s data and social media overhaul

    When Dwayne Chambers joined Asian-themed restaurant chain P.F. Chang’s China Bistro from Krispy Kreme around two years ago, he noticed the company had too many agencies, consultancies and research firms — 13 — for its small marketing budget and wasn’t doing enough to attract new consumers and keep existing ones. So Chambers decided to overhaul the chain’s marketing with a digital focus.

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