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  • A marketer cheatsheet for the state of influencer marketing

    As more money is flowing into influencer marketing, there’s much confusion in the space with questions like: How do social stars get paid? And how can a brand measure the return on investment? Both are the major trends in the influencer marketing space today, according to various data sources. The key takeaways The number of followers is still the gold standard for a socia ...

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  • ‘It’s a work in progress’: How a billboard ad company is going programmatic

    When JetBlue wanted to promote its new credit card recently, it worked with Outfront Media to create a digital billboard located at 1500 Broadway in New York City. The Android-based billboard used the airline’s active flight schedule and the Google Maps API to tell Times Square visitors how fast they could get to various travel destinations from where they were: 38 minutes to John F.

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  • ‘It’s not a sustainable market’: Header bidding puts a strain on DSPs

    The massive adoption of header bidding is putting stress on demand-side platforms, which are seeing an explosion in bid requests. Demand-side platform Turn processed around 1.3 million ad impressions per second in 2014. Last December, that number hit over 4.5 million. The Trade Desk has experienced a similar increase. The DSP peaked at 5.

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  • How Spotify trains its sales team to sell programmatic

    Spotify wants to turn your listening habits into ad dollars. The music streaming platform now has full-fledged programmatic ad offerings, from display to video to most recently, audio. But to master the fast-changing and complex language of programmatic, Spotify’s 350-person global sales team has had to sharpen its technology skills through internal and external training.

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  • Programmatic icon: The Trade Desk playbook for growing a thriving ad tech business

    When Procter & Gamble overhauled its programmatic buying operations this month, the brand decided to switch its demand-side platform in North America from AudienceScience to The Trade Desk. That ranked as another big win for The Trade Desk, which reported last Thursday that revenue reached $53.4 million in the first three months of this year, up 76 percent from the same period a year prior.

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  • A marketer’s guide to the tricks and hacks of influencers

    Recently, an Instagram influencer with 20,000 followers reached out to Chelsea Naftelberg’s team, requesting $10,000-$20,000 for a small campaign in the consumer goods category because his account got 500,000 impressions per week. “After we checked his Instagram posts, we found that the number didn’t add up,” said Naftelberg, associate director of content and partnerships for ...

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  • How media agency Maxus is testing artificial intelligence

    Smart artificial intelligence platforms are now handling some media planning and buying work that is traditionally done by media agencies. Maxus tested a few AI platforms over the past year and is now mainly using one called Lucy to process and rearrange structured data for better efficiency. For instance, a hotel chain recently wanted to understand how its visitor profiles ov ...

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  • Programmatic 101: Marketers turn to vendors for ad tech lessons

    On a recent Thursday morning, a dozen people including reporters, marketing managers and PR executives gathered in a meeting room for a private programmatic workshop at Quantcast’s New York office. When instructor Clare Hanson, senior manager of global client and sales training for Quantcast, asked everyone if they knew much about programmatic, people looked at each other and a ...

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  • ‘A proverbial black box’: Open-exchange auctions have a transparency problem

    Supply-side platforms are like the Bermuda Triangle of programmatic, where money mysteriously disappears. The Guardian sued ad tech firm Rubicon Project last month, alleging the exchange didn’t disclose fees it charged advertisers seeking to buy the publisher’s inventory. This case shed light on two big transparency issues on the supply side: It is unclear to a demand-side pla ...

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  • ‘A played-out form of advertisement’: Brands use memes at their own risk

    Social media has become overloaded with brand memes. Memes — those trendy hashtags or over-the-top images — are funny, relatable and shareable, so leave it to major brands from Gucci to Mercedes Benz to Denny’s to plug them into their marketing playbook. Gucci created a meme campaign called #TFWGucci last month to promote its Le Marché des Merveilles watch collection.

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  • Inside Netflix’s new partnership with Baidu-owned iQiYi

    Netflix had been exploring the possibility of entering the Chinese market for years, and it finally made it happen on Tuesday through an original content licensing deal with iQiYi, a Baidu-owned Chinese online streaming service that has over 20 million paid subscribers. While Netflix declined to give out much detail, the deal will help Netflix reach China’s 731 million interne ...

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  • Inside Activision’s ‘Call of Duty’ marketing playbook

    Video game franchise “Call of Duty” is a moneymaker that has brought in at least $11 billion in revenue for its parent company Activision Blizzard since 2003. It is also a marketing machine that has featured celebrities like Kevin Spacey and Michael Jordan, and won awards at Cannes Lions. Keeping the campaign fresh each year is no easy task.

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  • Programmatic comes to digital jukeboxes

    Everything can be monetized. Next time you put a quarter into the jukebox at your corner bar, you won’t only hear a song; you may also see a programmatic ad. On Monday, TouchTunes — the company that owns over 63,000 digital jukeboxes in the U.S. — made the inventory on the machine programmatically available for the first time. Last year, over 1.

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  • How Maxus is training its media planners in creativity

    As media buying becomes more commoditized and less differentiated, communications planning — a discipline that uses data insights to help a client figure out brand positioning and media channels– is now a hot battleground for media agencies. For Maxus, that means motivating its media planners to get out of their comfort zone and learn how to develop creative ideas for the like ...

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  • ‘Start small and justify’: Inside Tumi’s programmatic evolution

    When Charlie Cole joined Tumi as the luxury luggage brand’s chief digital officer last January, his first priority was to fix the company’s customer relationship management and analytics platforms. In the process of completing this eight-month project, Cole’s team realized that Tumi had been exclusively targeting its core-consumers — middle-aged high earners – without reaching ...

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  • ‘There is a middle ground’: What brands think of in-house content studios

    It’s open season on in-house content studios. Pepsi’s recent ad, which featured Kendall Jenner as a model who leaves a photoshoot to join a protest and hand a cop a Pepsi, was criticized for being tone-deaf. Looking for blame, much of the industry pointed fingers at in-house content studios, since Pepsi’s ad was created by its in-house agency, Creators League.

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  • How Madison Reed is using a chatbot to offer hair-coloring advice

    Want to find the right hair color? Just ask Madi. Hair color brand Madison Reed created the color-recognition chatbot to consult like a human colorist would do in a salon. When a customer texts “Hello” to Madi at 34757, she will ask for a selfie that shows the person’s face and hair from roots to ends in natural lighting.

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