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  • ‘Inclusivity is the mantra’: Inside Indian creativity

    This is Global Creative, a new series by Digiday that highlights the nuances of advertising scenes in different parts of the world, through the eyes of an established creative from there. India is one of the fastest-growing ad markets with a digital spend predicted to surpass $11 billion by 2020. But advertising to people in a country that has 22 official languages and 497 cit ...

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  • Agencies get excited about Instagram ads in Stories and new analytics tools

    Only five months after Instagram released Stories — a feature that, well, borrowed from Snapchat — the photo-sharing platform announced today that it will be letting 30 brands place ads within Stories and is offering them a free analytics tool called “Stories Insights.” Agency executives were largely enthusiastic about the two features.

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  • Why ad fraud is a mess in China

    Ad fraud is an issue in every country, though it is especially rampant in China. Digital spend in China is predicted by eMarketer to grow from $40.4 billion in 2016 to $83.6 billion in 2020. But the growth may be limited by ad fraud. According to ad firm AdMaster’s stats from more than 500 Chinese advertisers, on average around 28 percent of a digital campaign’s traffic was no ...

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  • Publishers’ newest affiliate marketing mobile ploy: App buttons

    The best advertising provides a service. Imagine reading an article about the best places to travel in 2017 and, lo, a hotel app on the page allows you to book a room on the spot. Ever on the lookout for new revenue streams, publishers are increasingly letting servicey apps put buttons on relevant editorial. Condé Nast Traveler, for example, has been running buttons from Uber and Hotels.

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  • Conduent CMO on marketing a ‘$6 billion startup’ after the split from Xerox

    For John Kennedy, CMO for Conduent, his company is the smallest he has worked for throughout his marketing career. But at the same time, it is the most exciting: Conduent was spun off from Xerox this week with around $6.7 billion in revenue and 93,000 employees globally. Which means Kennedy, formerly CMO for Xerox, can focus. His first priority this year: Build brand awareness from scratch.

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  • Anchor’s aweigh: How one boat-maker is rethinking marine marketing

    For something as romantic and evocative as sailing, the marketing around most boating equipment is decidedly pedestrian: Many manufacturers promote their boats and engines with rigid content that is focused on product specifics and images, rather than consumer experience. That may not be the most efficient strategy, argues Michelle Dauchy, CMO for Mercury Marine, the world’s la ...

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  • Year in Preview: Brands will get insular in 2017

    People have marginalized hateful speech on social media for a long time — it was always there but lurking in the internet’s darker corners. A bizarre hangover of this recent election cycle is something of a validation of our uglier impulses: Breitbart is quite literally in the White House. This has become challenging for brands — already wary of entering the political fray — ...

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  • The state of artificial intelligence in 5 charts

    Artificial intelligence is hot right now: IBM, Google and Facebook are all competing to push the boundaries of AI, while big agencies like MDC, Huge, GroupM and Team One are rushing out bot services. The global market for smart machines — hardware or software systems that can accomplish a specific task — is estimated to increase from $7.

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  • Publishers start testing server-based bidding for video ads

    Page load time is a major problem when publishers sell display ads through header bidding, and it becomes a bigger concern in video. So the likes of Purch and LittleThings are experimenting with server-to-server integration to sell video ads that they hope will give the benefits of header bidding (higher ad rates due to more competition) without the downsides (slow load times).

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  • In memoriam: The brands that we lost in 2016

    R.I.P Vine. So long, Meerkat. Rest in power, Sports Authority. This was a rough year all the way around. Not the least of all for the brands and platforms — big and small — that bit the dust in 2016, either by way of bankruptcy or acquisition. As this godforsaken annus horribilis fades into 2017, we wish these brands one final farewell. The names may be gone, but they are not forgotten.

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  • How Target is taking control of programmatic

    For Target, programmatic is not an outsourced marketing functionality. With a trove of shopper data, the retail chain has developed an in-house data management platform and formed direct relationships with demand-side vendors. And now, it offers a private marketplace to supplier brands who want to run programmatic in the same fashion. Rosso: ‘We are moving towards private marketplaces.

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  • How Birchbox is using Snapchat to drive sales

    Snapchat might be a hard nut to crack for many brand marketers because of its lack of metrics. But Birchbox knows how to turn its Snapchat followers into buying consumers through a simple trick: Vanity URLs. One of Birchbox’s holiday deals Over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, Birchbox created a simple URL — birch.

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