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  • ‘Fun and simple’: What makes for a successful Kik bot

    Conversations with Roll With more than 1 million users, Roll has become the second-most-popular chatbot on Kik — which itself has around 300 million registered users, mostly teens. It is a side project developed by Ryan Kelly, data analyst for Kik, and Kevin McGaire, former web developer at the company back in July of this year. Roll doesn’t really do much.

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  • Broadcasters begin to embrace programmatic ad buying

    TV broadcasters have long been hesitant when it comes to the adoption of programmatic advertising techniques, often fearing the risk of commoditization. Yet, slowly but surely, buyers report that more digital inventory from broadcasters is available through programmatic in the upfront market. Such conversations can take place during TV Upfronts in May or from late summer throu ...

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  • ‘School of Guac’: Chipotle courts millennials with a Snapchat show

    “School of Guac” hosted by Lorena Russ Struggling to regain its footing after a series of food contamination crises in recent months, Chipotle Mexican Grill has been playing offense on social to try to win scared consumers back. The restaurant chain has settled on Snapchat as a way to get millennials back in their seats.

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  • GoldieBlox uses influencers to sell toys to young girls

    Toy brand GoldieBlox, focused on young girls, is using do-it-yourself videos to reach girls and their mothers. GoldieBlox introduced “Toy Hackers” last month, a light-hearted weekly DIY YouTube series showing GoldiBlox protagonists taking on a secret mission and building something out of household items — a pink piñata or a “flying carpet,” for instance — to save the day.

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  • Connect with me on ‘Leading Elite’: Behind the Chinese names of Western brands

    If you are in China, you may start your day with Baking Lang and then drive Treasure Horse to work. At night, you catch up with your professional circle on Leading Elite and perhaps read a few pages of Comic Power before you go to bed. Those phrases don’t make sense in English, but they are literal translations of Chinese brand names for belVita, BMW, LinkedIn and Marvel, respectively.

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  • From Instagram collage to Lego miniature: 5 creative ad agency resumes

    The bar is somewhat higher for applicants looking for gigs at creative and design agencies. In order to stand out among a throng of other creative job seekers, applicants need a little something extra — a resume that stands out for its creativity while remaining appropriate to the agency. Crafting the perfect calling card requires skill and smarts, but also panache and a dash of wit.

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  • With focus on transparency, barter agencies get more scrutiny

    The recent focus on transparency in how agencies handle clients’ media budgets has led to further scrutiny of the opaque practices of so-called barter agencies, set up by holding companies to exchange extra goods for media space. The two Association of National Advertisers’ agency transparency reports mention the practice nearly 50 times.

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  • Confessions of an ad tech veteran: ‘You have no idea how much should be charged’

    Holding companies have all been on the defensive since the June release of the Association of National Advertisers’ media-transparency report, while big ad spenders like J.P Morgan Chase, Allstate and AT&T are all reportedly auditing their media contracts. For this Digiday Confessions, we talked to an ad tech veteran who said that most agencies are involved in rebates and t ...

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  • #ImWithHer: Inside the Clinton campaign’s social strategy

    This article is from Pulse, Digiday’s quarterly print magazine about the modernization of media. This is a peek at the third issue, which focuses on the current state and future potential of video. To receive the full 80-page issue and subscribe to a year of Pulse, visit pulse.digiday.com. There’s an energized vibe at the Clinton campaign headquarters on the Tillary Street an ...

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  • You can now buy NFL jerseys by using emojis

    With the iOS 10 update, brands like Disney and Burger King all have created their branded iMessage stickers. But online retailer of licensed sportswear Fanatics — in collaboration with the National Football League Players Association — is going further with shoppable emojis on Apple Messages. The retailer has 21 football player emojis up and running at the moment — including E ...

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  • Clorox’s CMO: ‘We are too slow, and we are trying very hard to move faster’

    Sometimes, just getting everyone in the same room is progress. That’s the case for The Clorox Company, which now regularly brings together its brand management, consumer insights, data analysis and marketing communications teams together, discussing a new campaign with its creative agencies: FCB and McGarryBowen. Previously, only brand managers directly spoke with agencies.

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  • Chrissy Teigan has thoughts on FTC disclosure requirements

    Chrissy Teigen is not just a supermodel. She’s also an influencer, and she isn’t shy about telling brands and even government regulators how the nascent corner of the marketing industry should evolve. Today, Teigan went on a Twitter rant about how she works with brands, what works and what doesn’t. Some lessons: When you are endorsing a brand, make sure to coordinate with its marketing team.

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  • How Huffington Post experiments with Line and WeChat

    Almost every major Western publisher wants to extend its reach internationally through popular foreign messaging apps like Japan’s Line and China’s WeChat. But unlike many media companies that simply repurpose their English content on these two platforms, Huffington Post has two accounts on each: One is in English, and the other is in the local language.

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