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  • The #DumpKelloggs movement is met with #BreitbartCereals

    There is a new kind of breakfast war waging, and it has nothing to do with McMuffins. Shortly after Kellogg Co. decided pull all ads from Breitbart News over the so-called “alt-right” publisher’s tendency to spread hate speech, the conservative news giant struck back with a call to boycott the brand.

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  • The state of influencer marketing in 5 charts

    “Influencer” marketing — essentially hiring people with large social media followings to tout a given brand — remains top of mind for marketers, in spite of significant questions about its effectiveness. Research from several firms shows that a majority of companies have developed influencer-marketing strategies this year, and influencer marketing is poised to grow in 2017.

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  • Netflix promotes ‘Black Mirror’ by targeting ad blockers

    Technology is great but people can always find the worst ways to apply it. Anyone who has watched Netflix’s darkly twisted science fiction series “Black Mirror” can tell you as much. Playing around with the theme, Netflix and its agency MullenLowe Mediahub came up with a smart way to promote the show’s new season this month, by targeting ad blockers.

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  • TV-like programming struggles to find a home on Facebook Live

    Facebook Live is thought of as a rough-and-ready video outlet, but some publishers are bringing TV-quality, serialized live videos there. Joe Media and Bleacher Report, for instance, have been experimenting with Facebook Live content that is as polished as TV for a while. But the former still sees higher viewership from rawer, conversational live videos, while the latter recen ...

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  • Media agencies are tweaking their pricing models to win big clients

    Burned by hidden media fees and disappointing campaign performance, brands are increasingly asking for more transparency in their dealings with marketers. Media agencies are starting to tweak the way they charge clients, with some moving from the traditional fee basis to a revenue-sharing or performance-based model.

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  • Facebook is testing real-time ads for live videos

    Facebook is pouring resources into making Facebook Live catch on, even running outdoor ads for the service to teach people how and when to use it. Now, Facebook is testing real-time ads brands and publishers can use to alert people to live broadcasts. At the moment, brands and publishers are promoting their Facebook Live content through sponsored posts prior to the broadcast o ...

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  • Publishers love header bidding, but ad buyers have qualms

    Header bidding has become the ad tech implementation of choice for publishers, which see it as a way to make sure they’re getting the most they can in programmatic. But on the other side, ad buyers have issues with header bidding, with complaints that there’s still a lack of transparency and competing logic in how publishers organize their inventory, evidence that it is a big ...

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  • ‘Everything was easier at the beginning’: Marketers vent programmatic frustration

    At the Digiday Programmatic Summit in Palm Beach, Florida, on Tuesday, we asked attendees from agencies and brands to jot down their biggest challenges in programmatic advertising. We then laid out their top concerns on the mind map below. Among the big programmatic issues for brands and agencies are the number of vendors, the gap between creative and programmatic, audience overlap and more.

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  • Brands and agencies on the pros and cons of private marketplaces

    At the Digiday Programmatic Summit in Palm Beach, Florida, this week, top marketers and publishers are on hand to discuss the trends, themes, challenges and opportunities posed by programmatic advertising. We asked four executives — two from brands and two from agencies — the same question: Are you moving from an open exchange to a private marketplace? Why or why not? Their an ...

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  • Adobe’s acquisition of TubeMogul: An ad tech consolidation tipping point

    On Thursday, Adobe revealed its plan to acquire video demand-side platform TubeMogul for $540 million. Many point to the deal as the Platonic ideal of an ad tech transaction: TubeMogul has solid video technology that fits very well with Adobe’s creative and marketing cloud business, both companies have adopted software as a service business model (known as “SaaS”), and TubeMogu ...

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  • Bacardi North American CMO: ‘We are transforming how we engage with consumers’

    This is the last installment of The Digiday List of Innovative CMOs series, featuring a handful of trail-blazing brand marketers who are driving the bottom line through digital innovation. Herrera: ‘Moving lots of ad spend’ Bacardi is used to shifting behaviors. Once most associated with its namesake rum, the brand was outpaced by whiskey when customers’ tastes changed.

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  • Ad agencies are rushing out artificial intelligence services

    With Google, Microsoft and Facebook all pushing artificial intelligence, AI is becoming the next battleground for agencies, perpetually on the hunt for new service lines. AI basically gives machines the ability to think like humans. A simple example: You can have a one-on-one conversation with another person, but AI can talk to 500 people at the same time and make decisions ba ...

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  • Riddle me this: The rise of paid question-and-answer apps

    Whale is a new Q&A app that charges users a flexible fee to have an expert answer a question in a short video. It could also be the subject of one of its own questions: How much demand is there for an app that charges people to get an answer to a topic-specific question? Justin Kan, the founder of startup accelerator Y Combinator, launched Whale just last week, but he may ...

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  • 5 charts on the growth of programmatic advertising in China

    Programmatic ad buying is growing in China, if a series of recent ad tech deals from Chinese buyers is any indication. This “will be the first year in which programmatic ad spending represents over half of digital display ad investment in China,” analyst Andria Cheng wrote in a recent eMarketer report. “By 2018, it will grow to more than three-fifths of such spending.

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  • With the closure of Vine, Snapchat may see an influx of creators

    Whither goes the Vine refugee? With Twitter’s announcement last week that it’s shutting down the six-second looping video platform, Viners who have amassed audience have to think where they can take the audience. For many of them, Snapchat is the answer. “Even with Instagram’s Stories component, there isn’t that sense of rawness and authenticity which Vine has on Instagram,” ...

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  • Snapchat stops autoplay, marketers grapple with declining view counts

    When venture capitalist Hunter Walk tweeted on Sunday that views on his Snapchat Stories has dropped by 33 percent since the platform started removing its autoplay feature on Oct. 7, he struck a chord. Twitter user Alex Brooks commented that the brand he is working for has seen a 35-40 percent drop in views, as well.

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  • ANA Confessions: Who’s to blame for transparency problems?

    Addressing a room of 2,700 attendees at ANA Masters of Marketing in Orlando on Thursday, Bob Liodice, president and CEO for the Association of National Advertising, urged marketers, especially CMOs, to “take back the industry” that lacks transparency and viewability. “The current state is unproductive, unsustainable, and undesirable,” said Liodice in his opening remarks.

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