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  • Rubicon Project CEO Michael Barrett: ‘We are not for sale’

    Ad tech firm Rubicon Project has been in the media spotlight over the past few months. Last week, the company appointed Michael Barrett — who is known for cleaning up and selling businesses in the industry — as its new CEO, amid senior executive departures and rumors that it is looking for a potential sale.

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  • The sunshine agency: Inside Crossmedia’s transparent model

    This story first appeared in the spring issue of Digiday magazine, available exclusively to Digiday Pulse members. Join the community and receive the full magazine here. Just before Thanksgiving, Kamran Asghar, co-founder and president of media agency Crossmedia, got a call from an executive at Nordstrom Rack, which was parting ways with WPP’s Mindshare.

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  • PwC wants in on the agency business, but not media buying

    With more than $1 billion in revenue and over 14,000 employees across 32 offices globally, PricewaterhouseCoopers’ digital arm, Digital Services, is encroaching on agency turf through mergers and acquisitions. Now, the practice is helping clients (it declined to share its client roster) set up trading desks on their own, as more and more brands are planning to bring programma ...

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  • Inside the regulated world of influencer marketing for Big Pharma

    Not all influencer campaigns are created equal. A weight-loss supplement company, embroiled in legal battles over product recalls, recently reached out to influencer marketer Brett Sosnik hoping to help restore its image. The client wanted a very specific group of social stars to run its influencer campaigns going forward: They had to be overweight female adults — preferably ...

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  • Confessions of a paid Amazon review writer

    Many marketing jobs are far from glamorous. Take those toiling in the black market for positive reviews on Amazon. Merchants have historically offered writers on Amazon free products or services in exchange for positive online write-ups. The practice became so rampant that Amazon updated its community guidelines last October to remove incentivized reviews.

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  • Nick Denton on life after Gawker

    Addressing to a room of more than 2,000 South by Southwest attendees on Sunday, Gawker founder Nick Denton was upfront about his life after the bankruptcy of Gawker Media in an interview with Jeff Goodby, chairman of agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. The conversation touched on the sensational case that brought Gawker into bankruptcy and ultimately a sale to Univision, ...

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  • The definitive Digiday guide to what’s in and what’s out at SXSW 2017

    The party has begun: Brands, agencies, social stars, pet influencers, filmmakers, musicians, the former Vice President of the United States and Warren G are flocking to South by Southwest this week to talk about technology and creativity, and to get as much free stuff as possible. With more than 1,300 sessions, it can be hard to find the real gems on the vast agenda.

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  • ‘The bubble has burst’: Brands are pulling back on SXSW 2017

    For the second year in a row, Capital One will be taking over Antone’s Nightclub in Austin at South by Southwest this week. There, the brand will host music performances, product demos and speaking sessions just like in years past. But unlike past years, it will be packing all the action into just the one venue — last year Capital One hosted events across Antone, Spark Small ...

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  • Media buyers’ biggest issue with private marketplaces

    Brands and agencies are investing more in private marketplaces for better inventory. But in practice, it is hard to run a private marketplace deal smoothly. A PMP works like a private club where media buyers — with a membership card called a deal ID — can run invite-only auctions that are usually more expensive than open exchanges.

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  • WTF is VPAID?

    Ad tech likes jargon and here comes another one: “VPAID.” VPAID stands for video player ad-serving interface definition. It was first introduced by the Interactive Advertising Bureau back in 2012. While it is not new, it is gaining importance in programmatic today because of its viewability benefits and the rise of video header bidding.

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  • Header bidding has a video problem, for now

    Ask any supply-side vendor if it plans to bring header bidding to video ads this year, and the answer is probably “yes.” And why not? In an ideal world, video header bidding lets advertisers access publisher video inventory traditionally reserved for direct sales and allows publishers to sell more video ads at the highest price possible — all in an automated fashion. But there are doubters.

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  • Domain spoofing remains a huge threat to programmatic

    Because programmatic advertising has automated so much of media, more and more marketing dollars are underwriting fraud without advertisers’ knowledge. One major trick unscrupulous publishers are using is domain spoofing. While not exactly new, domain spoofing is getting into the public eye thanks to the rise of fake news.

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  • How Birchbox, Carnival Cruise and more use Instagram album

    Within a week after Instagram introduced its album feature that lets every user upload up to 10 videos and static images in one single post, brands like Birchbox and Carnival Cruise Line already tested it. While those companies cannot get metrics like swipe-right rate and click-through rate, they think Instagram album is a “great” engagement tool.

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  • The consequences late-paying clients have on agencies

    When Relativity Media wanted to continue its partnership with digital marketing agency TVGla but asked to extend payment cycle from 60 days to 90 days, Dimitry Loffe immediately walked away from the account. “We already lost six figures in revenue because Relativity was filing for bankruptcy,” said Loffe. “For any client — big or small — we prefer 60-day billing terms max.

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  • Quiz: Match the manifesto to the ad agency

    Sometimes what an advertising agency does looks confusing. Media and creative shops usually post their manifesto, a clear declaration of their purpose and business, in the “What We Do” or “About” section on their company website. But when freelance journalist Harry Wallop went to agency AKQA’s website in hoping to figure out what it does, he simply couldn’t understand the description.

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  • The challenge of holding PR to performance metrics

    When Natalie Gerke joined mobile monetization startup Button seven months ago, one question its CEO asked her was how she planned to measure public relations efforts beyond impressions. “While impressions can tie back to how big the actual site is, there are times where a more strategic outlet is more valuable than the outlet with the most impressions,” said Gerke, head of c ...

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  • How Starbucks, JD and Didi tap into WeChat Wallet

    In the U.S., you may pay for your coffee from the Starbucks app, book a car on Uber and place orders with the Amazon shopping app. But in China, you can do all of these through WeChat Wallet alone. WeChat Wallet interface WeChat Wallet functions like Apple Pay, which allows users to purchase products and services with select credit or debit cards (mostly from Asian banks; Chase ...

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