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  • Ad buyers want more flexibility and stats for Facebook Watch ads

    Many media buyers have tested mid-roll placements on Facebook Watch, but few truly understand if those ads work well because Facebook doesn’t provide enough stats or work with third-party vendors to quantify performance. In spite of Watch advertising’s existing limitations like lack of direct buys and transparency, advertisers said they would like to spend more on Watch, as Fac ...

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  • Brands are bringing influencer marketing in-house

    Marketers have realized that influencer marketing is not going away anytime soon. As they spend more and more ad dollars on it, many brands have started creating internal influencer marketing teams to take more control over their relationships with social stars and campaign performance. “Brands building in-house influencer marketing teams is probably the No.

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  • Programmatic boosters admit to the industry facing a trust issue

    Even the most fervent believers in programmatic advertising believe it needs to undergo a cleanup, as marketers lose faith in ad tech due to issues like hidden fees, ad fraud and murky auction models. The mood among marketers, agencies and vendors at AdExchanger’s Industry Preview event Jan. 17-18 in New York was a candid admission that automated ad buying is undeniably the fu ...

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  • Gatorade is kicking off a livestreaming video series on Twitter

    Twitter is making a big push into livestreaming video, but most of these efforts have been with media companies like Bloomberg Media and BuzzFeed. This week, however, it’ll kick off a live series by Gatorade, centered on high school basketball recruits. The show, called “#TheDebut,” will start Jan.

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  • Advertisers see merits of the Facebook algorithm change

    Last week, Facebook unveiled its biggest news feed algorithm change to date, favoring content from friends and family over posts from companies. But while publishers are panicked by the loss of Facebook’s referral traffic, media buyers think brands will be relatively unscathed by the algorithm change.

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  • Financial institutions have a growing interest in influencer marketing

    Financial services institutions are known to shy away from social media due to strict industry regulations. But a growing number of consumer-facing banks, insurance companies and personal finance apps are looking to create promotional content with individuals with large followings on social media, in order to add personality to their brands and cater to the 18- to 34-year-old c ...

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  • Amazon to agencies: Alexa is the future, but we’re going slow on voice ads

    Amazon invited an agency executive to learn Alexa’s product road map at the company’s Seattle headquarters last spring. The major themes from multiple meetings with Alexa product managers throughout the day were how Amazon could direct individuals to discover and further use Alexa skills through the conversational interface; and what a paid model for skills promotion should be, ...

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  • Move over DMP, DSP and SSP, CDP is ad tech’s hot new acronym

    If demand-side and supply-side platforms have found that venture capital funding is running dry, the reverse is true for customer data platforms, which tech executives and investors see as customer-relationship management platforms for business-to-consumer marketers. CDPs have gained momentum lately because they promise to offer a single view of a consumer across multiple devic ...

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  • One digital media area the duopoly isn’t dominating: Cannabis ads

    The duopoly may be soaking up all the growth in digital advertising, but not the ad dollars of one growing category: weed marketers. That’s because Facebook and Google won’t accept marijuana ads. A Google spokesperson said the company doesn’t allow marijuana ads on either the display or search side because the product is illegal on the federal level, while Facebook’s ad policy ...

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  • GDPR is coming, and data management platforms are in the crosshairs

    Data management platforms play an increasingly important role in helping digital marketers find high-value audiences, largely based on third-party data collection without much transparency. But with the General Data Protection Regulation being enforced in May, DMPs may face a tough battle to obtain third-party data.

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  • China emerges as a hotbed for artificial intelligence

    If the U.S. is leading the way in artificial intelligence, China is playing catch-up and quickly emerging as an AI hotbed thanks to its talent, government support and venture capital funding. Chris Nicholson, a former Bloomberg news editor, co-founded artificial intelligence firm Skymind in San Francisco in 2014 and started expanding it outside the U.S. last year.

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  • Resolution Media’s George Manas: Retail and media are converging

    Amazon, Walmart and Kroger are no longer just mass retailers. They’re becoming media owners, too, offering their brand suppliers point of sale advertising opportunities. An increasing number of companies like Procter & Gamble and GSK are adapting their merchandising and marketing in response. George Manas, president of Omnicom-owned Resolution Media, manages more than $3.

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  • Isobar’s Jean Lin on marketing in China: ‘The speed of evolution is tremendous’

    Jean Lin, global CEO of digital marketing shop Isobar, manages more than 5,500 people across over 45 markets. While many holding group agency CEOs are based in advertising hotbeds of New York and London, Lin has run Isobar from its Shanghai office. Lin spoke with Digiday about the Chinese advertising landscape, the role of consultancies and how her team works with Baidu, Aliba ...

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  • Moet is pushing champagne on Snapchat through a game

    Alcohol brands like Heineken and William Grant & Sons have concerns about using Snapchat as a marketing platform because they don’t think the app’s age-filtering feature is effective. But that’s not a hurdle for Moët. The luxury champagne company, which is more than 250 years old, is launching a Snapchat game this week called “Moët & Chandon Tower Toss” as part of its ...

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