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  • The Benefits of Using BigCommerce to Build an Online Store

    The barriers to entry for starting and running your own business are far lower than they have ever been in the past. You don’t need to have a physical storefront in order to sell physical goods to actual people because you can do all of that online. You don’t even need to have physical goods, for that matter, because you can get into the business of selling digital goods instead.

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  • 5 Ways to Earn Passive Income on Your Mobile Phone

    It’s no secret mobile phones are expensive. They’ve always been pricey items, but today’s demand is higher than ever and more technology is being integrated. As a result, Apple has announced its iPhone X, the most powerful iPhone to date, will cost about $1,000. With more people using their mobile devices than ever before to access the internet, it’s important to not just think ...

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  • 11 Ways to Reduce Churn Rates by Keeping Customer Card Data Up to Date

    Losing a customer can be devastating for any business. Losing them because of a credit card decline that comes from outdated information is just plain frustrating. Keeping credit card information current is a necessity for all business owners, yet it is a task that gets little attention. With the expansion of e-commerce, customers can make online purchases quicker and easier than ever before.

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  • 7 Internet Based Businesses You Can Start for Under $100

    One of my favorite things to talk about at conferences and write about on the blog is the many different ways to make money online. The internet has made it extremely easy and cost effective for anyone to start a business of their own. Not only is there really no excuse to not get started with an online business, there’s actually little-to-no investment required as well.

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  • What You Need to Know Before Applying for a Business Loan

    On the internet, it might seem quite easy to start a business of your own. In most cases, all you need is a domain name, web hosting, and an idea for your business. However, if you’re going to start a much larger business where you might be hiring employees and need investment money, you might be considering your different options for funding the company or even taking out a business loan.

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  • 3 Infographics to Make You a Better Brand Marketer

    As content creators, bloggers and brand marketers, we all can appreciate the value in a great looking infographic. Content creation is important, but visuals are even more important. This is especially true with social media throwing content in the faces of audiences around the world, while only giving the user a second or two, to actually respond and click something they are interested in.

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  • 5 Prime Examples Of Brands Who Use Their Blogs To Increase Business

    We all know the power of blogging. Just take a look at what Jeff Bullas has been able to do with the blog you’re reading right now! It’s helped him become one of the top digital marketing influencers in the world today. When done properly, blogging can be one of the most effective ways out there to create content for your site or business, as well as drive new sales and revenue in the process.

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  • 6 Ways To Fund A New Business Idea or Startup

    While many people aspire to create their own business every year, the odds of success are slim. When you look online and see success stories all over the place, this is simply because no one wants to write or read about the massive failures that happen every day. In fact, for every success story, you come across, there are probably 1,000s of failed businesses, startups, and ide ...

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  • When is WordPress Not the Best Option for Site Owners and Brands

    WordPress has quickly become the go-to solution for creating web sites and blogs on the internet today. However, is this a massive trend that is getting out of control? Does every site you create need to have a full WordPress installation behind it, along with a custom theme and premium plugins? For anyone that is currently running a number of WordPress sites, it’s definitely ...

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  • 12 Ways to Successfully Market to Gen Z by Leveraging Social Media

    As entrepreneurs and businesses are always on the look out for new ways to make money and target demographic audiences, it’s important to always think about the next generation of young adults that are just waiting around the corner. Described as the country’s first fully digital generation and typically made up of consumers under the age of 20, Generation Z holds an impressive ...

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  • How to Keep Your Ecommerce Site Thriving During a Traffic Spike

    Most days in the world of business and ecommerce are fairly run of the mill; you can expect a typical amount of traffic and standard sales figures. In other words, it’s business as usual. But what about those special days when engagement is off the charts? This can happen as a result of content or promotions going viral, the release of new coupons getting distributed on mega fo ...

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  • 7 Great Mobile Apps for Bloggers, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

    If you are a blogger, business owner, or entrepreneur, you need to have a toolbox of resources at your fingertips to help you organize and plan your business tasks. With everything being mobile these days, it’s wise to have a list of great business apps that can help you make your business more successful, more organized, and more viable.

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