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  • 5 Kissmetrics Populations E-Commerce Marketers Can’t Live Without

    A few weeks ago we released Populations, a tool to help marketing & product teams track key groups of people across their growth cycle. And just last week, our CEO Brian Kelly announced the new phase of Kissmetrics – Customer Engagement Automation (CEA). CEA combines our powerful behavioral analytics with engagement tools to boost acquisition and user engagement in key areas of the funnel.

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  • Tracking Offline Marketing Campaigns With Kissmetrics

    Forrester estimates that companies allocate about 30% of their marketing budget to online. It’s trending upwards, gaining roughly 1% per year. That’s means that offline marketing spend will continue to outspend online for the next couple decades. So if you’re like most companies spending the bulk of your marketing budgets on offline marketing campaigns, you’ll need to know h ...

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  • Announcing the Updated Kissmetrics Funnel Report

    The Kissmetrics Funnel Report is our most popular report, and for good reason. Seeing where potential customers drop off and segmenting traffic to find the most valuable marketing channels are game changers for businesses. And today we’re announcing new features in our Funnel Report that will make it even more powerful. Let’s start with the new design. 1.

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  • Announcing Our New MailChimp Integration

    As a people-based analytics platform, Kissmetrics ties all behavior back each person’s email address. And today we’re announcing a big benefit that marketers will have when they choose Kissmetrics. In our People Search, you’ll now be able to export a list of email addresses to MailChimp. And better yet, you won’t have to download or upload any CSVs, the entire process is all ...

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  • Infographic: Click-to-Call Commerce

    Mobile devices are causing a huge upward trend. And advertisers are noticing. BIA/Kelsey predicts that the annual number of mobile phone calls to businesses will reach 162 billion by 2019. That’s great news for companies. Why? Because consumers spend more than $11 trillion on offline purchases. Customers normally conduct online research on their mobile devices, and then cal ...

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  • Landing Page Flaws That Kill Your Conversions

    What is the purpose of a landing page? To acquire valuable information from prospects that will allow you to market to them effectively, right? It’s a simple transaction. You, the marketer, lay your offer on the table. If the prospect finds your offer valuable enough, they’ll give up some of their information to receive what you’re offering. Nothing else in marketing could be so simple.

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  • Using Kissmetrics to Find Out If You Are Losing Conversions on Mobile

    As an online marketer, you probably know that smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming the devices of choice for many everyday tasks. Everything from checking sports scores to shopping is done on mobile. Undoubtedly, some of you are reading this post on a mobile device. With this surge in mobile usage, it has become imperative for marketers to ensure that their site render ...

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  • Using Kissmetrics to See Which Backlinks Are Driving Signups

    Chances are your product or service is mentioned in various places throughout the web. Maybe a couple TechCrunch mentions, some press releases, guest posts, and all over social media. With all these links pointing back to your site, certainly some of the people visiting are signing up or buying your product, right? But if you’re not using an analytics tool like Kissmetrics, h ...

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  • Creating an Effective Marketing Email (Infographic)

    Email marketing is changing. Today, more and more people are viewing emails from their mobile devices. People are getting more email than ever. And products like Priority Inbox show users the most important emails first. So, how can your marketing email stand out in an already crowded inbox? The first step is with the subject line.

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