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  • Month in Numbers: December 2015

    That’s a wrap for 2015. For those having withdrawals from the year that was, you’re in luck as we still have a month’s worth of digital marketing statistics to crawl through (get it?). Black Friday stats became available early in December along with a range of Christmas shopping trends. We’ve also stumbled across, and have the pleasure of sharing with you, a few digital statist ...

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  • brightonSEO September 2015: A blast from the past

    We sent Zach and Chelsey down to the biannual brightonSEO conference in September (yes, we are well aware that it’s now December – sorry for the delay!). They returned packed full of the latest SEO knowledge from some of the industry’s leading heads. If you’d like to brush up on your SEO vocabulary before diving in, check out our SEO glossary.

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  • Month in Numbers: November 2015

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday dominated our digital world in November, never mind the usual mad rush preparing sites and business strategies for online Christmas shopping. November’s Month in Numbers looks at forecasts for online spend in the UK related to Christmas, the ever-improving results for businesses who advertise on Facebook and other equally nerdy digital statistics.

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  • Month in Numbers: October 2015

    In October’s somewhat spooky edition of Month in Numbers, we look at the effect that small changes in average app ratings can have on downloads, why the UK is stressing out over content marketing and a few fun Halloween related stats. Image courtesy of New Old Stock 47% Nearly half of all adults in the UK believe that being bombarded by irrelevant online content is contributi ...

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  • Month in Numbers: September 2015

    Depending on your feelings toward rugby union, you may be disappointed to learn that September’s Month in Numbers has only been partially commandeered by the media flooding Rugby World Cup. We’ve put Japan Rugby up against Apple in the war of social media mentions, challenge a recent study that downplays Facebook’s advertising potential and reveal Instagram’s forecasted revenue for 2016.

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  • Month in Numbers: August 2015

    Attacat’s hometown, Edinburgh was taken over by the annual Fringe Festival in August however we didn’t let this take our attention away from the world of digital marketing. August’s Month in Numbers takes a look at the ever-growing ‘internet of things’, ad blocking differences across devices and Dr. Dre’s meme generator (please keep reading).

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  • Attacat’s SEO Glossary

    The SEO team at Attacat is pleased to announce the release of our SEO Glossary (mostly because we think you’ll love it but also because we’ve beaten our good friends in the PPC team to the punch – big surprise!). From bot traffic to pagination, brush up on your SEO vocabulary by flicking through our SEO glossary.

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  • Month in Numbers: July 2015

    Another month has gone by which gives us 31 days worth of fresh digital marketing statistics to unpack (hooray!). The July 2015 edition of our Month in Numbers series takes a look at Instagram’s advertising revenue, how facial recognition software could be used to tailor your bricks and mortar experience and how social media can enhance your productivity.

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  • New site launch: Removal Services Scotland

    We’re pleased to announce that Removal Services Scotland, specialists in Edinburgh, Glasgow and family removals, has recently re-launched their website with the help of the Attacat team. Removal Services Scotland was founded in Edinburgh in 1992 and has since grown to build a legacy in the removals and storage industries, both domestically and internationally.

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  • Business phone number legislation change: A simple explanation

    You’ve undoubtedly been made aware of the upcoming rule changes to the advertisement of service phone numbers (those that start with 084, 087, 09 or 118). We’ve been inundated with related information and have found ourselves saying “and what is it you actually want us to do to comply?”. Instead of indulging an instinct to shrug the shoulders and move on to other tasks, we d ...

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  • Month in Numbers: May 2015

    A quick glance at some of this month’s intriguing statistics in the world of digital marketing. From watching paint dry to leaving shopping carts behind (I promise it relates to digital marketing), May’s edition of Month in Numbers probably asks more questions than it answers. 80% Guess which social media site’s users are 80% female? 56 million of the total 70 million Pintere ...

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  • Month in Numbers: April 2015

    A strange question to start this month’s edition of Month in Numbers: What does the 1976 launch of Apple have in common with Google’s 2004 announcement of free 1 gigabyte e-mail accounts? They both happened on April 1 with the latter assumed as an April fools joke by the majority in the digital world.

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