Zain Shah

  • 4 White Hat Link Building Tactics

    Thanks to all of Google's black and white animals (Panda & Penguin), link building has become a very difficult and tedious process. The types and sources of legitimate backlinks are few and far between. Taking any type of shortcut here could very well lead to a penalty from Google. So what can we do as SEO marketers? Well, we need to get creative on how we acquire backlinks.

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  • How to Do Broken Link Building in 3 Easy Steps

    by drp Even after all the latest Google updates, link building is still among one of the most important tactics an SEO can employ — if done correctly. The key phrase here is if done correctly. What this implies is that you are not breaching any Google guidelines (paying for links, cloaking etc) and that the source of the link itself is high quality and relevant to your website.

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