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  • Ten Ways to Add More Subscribers to Your Email List Each Month

    How do you target the right audience for your website? How do you convert curious internet surfers into interested subscribers? Such questions always pop into our heads when we are starting our own website. Here are ten ways you can add more subscribers to your website: 1. Entering an Email Address Should be Made Simpler You must have seen opt-in forms on the internet which h ...

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  • 5 Cyber Security Measures Your Business Needs to Consider

    We’re all aware that cyber security refers to protecting and strengthening your computers and internet-based systems from unintended or unauthorized access, modifications, robbery, and obliteration. Photo by Matthew Henry A lot of modern small businesses use web-based technology and tools to carry out their day-to-day functions.

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  • 5 Ways To Improve Your Email Open Rates

    Email marketing is a proven way to register better business growth. However, you only achieve actual conversions rates when you opt for the right ways of marketing, which ensure that the email recipients do open your emails. While getting funding for business might be easy, running one successfully requires continuous efforts and monitoring.

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  • 3 Ways Custom Tools Can Increase Your Work Productivity

    3 Ways Custom Tools Can Increase Your Work Productivity November 20, 2016 By Zak Mustapha Leave a Comment Business and productivity—the gap between the two is bridged by technological advancement. One of the most evident forms of such advancement is the increasing availability of diverse tools that fulfill different business goals.

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  • 4 Ways to Protect Your Intellectual Property as a Software Company

    You are a small business owner, nowhere near the level of Apple or Google. So you don’t believe your brand requires a tremendous amount of protection. But your thoughts could never be more wrong. The logo that you created, the brand that you are developing, the concepts and software that you are producing—they all have value that is worth more than you think.

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  • The 4 Best Ways to Engage Your Customers to Your Business

    Do you like to purchase from a company that is lifeless, barely showing any energy or passion? The chances are that you don’t like to do so. A business that doesn’t inspire you is one that can’t move you towards the act of buying their product or service. You would rather be a customer of the business that makes you feel like they are providing you with an offer that has immense value.

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  • Build a Healthy Workplace by Eliminating These 5 Problems

    Feels like a lost hope doesn’t it? Lazy employees who could do better, but don’t do better. It’s a tough task no doubt. But it’s just like farming. You remove the pests to have healthy crops. That’s what this post is about – eliminating those pests that kill the workplace’s health. 1. Drug Addiction Drug abuse can cause employees to steal, have poor hygiene, arrive late, di ...

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  • 5 Experts Share Their Worst Marketing Pitfalls

    Admit it, you hate them! You hate them all! You don’t like a single one of them but they keep creeping up on you… Can you guess who I’m talking about? I’m talking about mistakes! And I have bad news… you’ll never be able to get rid of them. It’s the sad truth and makes you feel a bit hopeless… I know.

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