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  • Influencer Limelight: Being a Mommy Makeup Maven with Miss Ellarie

    From Vlogs to Photos, Brands get a Big Bold Beauty Boost From numerous techniques and products, bold personality, tips, and tutorials with her daughter, Miss Ellarie set her apart from the crowd in the realm of makeup. She’s been fortunate enough to work with worldwide favorite cosmetic brands, develop her own makeup products, and even been featured in Refinery29, Buzzfeed, and TeenVogue.

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  • Remarketing: How to Start Developing Your Audience Targeting Strategy

    This year has been full of targeting and remarketing growth. Both Google and Bing released new features and updates to help marketers create custom audiences and the ability to speak to your brand’s exact needs. These new features, like in-market, look-alike, or custom audiences enable brands to define their ideal target market.

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  • YouTube SEO: 7 Myths Debunked

    We all ship YouTube and SEO. They’re the perfect combo for successful video rankings, but with the wealth of information out there, what’s accurate and what’s simply a myth? It’s challenging to comprehend all the information floating around about YouTube SEO and apply it to your video channel, but to make matters worse, it’s not all correct.

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  • People are Afraid of Amazon; Should Marketers Be?

    New tech is taking over and reshaping the way we market. Leading the way of innovation is tech’s Frightful Five. Top of the list? Amazon, followed by Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google. I’m dependent on Amazon for online purchases and entertainment. But, it seems like Amazon is striving to go further than that, and much more than many other tech companies among the Frightful Five.

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  • Influencer Limelight: Overcoming Lifes Obstacles and Pain with BeachYogaGirl

    Beating All of the Odds Through the Practice of Yoga From creating the Yoga Pro Wheel to teaching various workshops, Kerri Verna opened up about her stretch into yoga and reasons why she’s stuck with it. Verna maintains her own site, with online courses and workshops, is a host for OmStars, and co-founder and creator of the Yoga Pro Wheel.

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  • The Best Practices of B2B ECommerce

    B2B eCommerce may seem confusing to some, but in short, it’s essentially selling products or services between businesses through the internet on an online sales portal. It’s used to enhance efficiencies for companies, rather than having to process orders manually via phone or email. That’s right, B2B can go all-in digital! For many years, we’ve all depended on B2C to show us the best practices.

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  • Save the Date: ZD Summit 2018

    The second annual ZOG Digital Innovation Summit is almost here! Our Innovation Summit is an invitation-only marketing experience, tailored to give you access to the latest in emerging digital strategies and industry insights. Join the ZOG Digital team in our office in the Valley of the Sun for two days of fun, learning and networking with leading experts from the field of digital marketing.

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  • Meet the ZTeam Member: James Singer

    Welcome to the third installment of our employee spotlight series. We’d love to take this opportunity to introduce you to James Singer, an SEO Manager here at ZOG Digital. James is one our SEO departments managers and is a true wizard when it comes to all things reporting, specifically in Excel. When he’s not assisting in day-to-day optimizations, suggestions, and reporting, h ...

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  • The Top 10 SEO Tactics You Should Know

    Having an online presence is a crucial part of the business. However, transitioning online isn’t enough on its own. You also need to grab the attention of your target audiences. Putting aside all sorts of professionalism, your business’ website would be incomplete without advanced SEO techniques tactically implemented and up to best practice standards.

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  • The 4 Types of Content that’ll Increase Leads and Conversions

    As a brand, you’re continuously revisiting your content strategy to keep things fresh and enjoyable. But, after you’ve revised your content strategy, where do you go from there? Visually pleasing and interactive content leads to an increase of conversion rates for your brand’s marketing campaigns, whether your end goals are clicks, purchases, or sign ups.

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  • Influencer Limelight: Kicking it with the Shoe Surgeon

    Shoe Cobbling has Never been so Niche From watching various cobblers work on shoes to creating his own masterpieces, Dominic Chambrone dove into his passions and enthusiasm for custom shoes. Better known as the Shoe Surgeon, Chambrone strives to share his skill set with the world. ZOG Digital spoke with Chambrone about his role as an influencer within the realm of shoemaking.

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  • Meet the ZTeam Member: Michael Aguiar

    Welcome to the second installment of our employee spotlight series! We’d to take some time to introduce you to Michael Aguiar, our Director of Technology here at ZOG Digital. Michael leads all IT and software development for ZOG Digital and our Fortune 500 clients. When he’s not producing award-winning work for brands like Nissan, Disney, and Fruit of the Loom, he enjoys being ...

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  • SEO Advice: How to Know the Good from the Bad

    Ever wonder if the advice your colleague, that self-proclaimed marketing “guru” (nope) or even digital agency gives you is on point? Or more accurately, do you doubt that it is? I recently had dinner with a friend who runs a growing multi-location chain restaurant. After we ordered our meals, she immediately started to tell me about her latest chats with SEO and marketing agen ...

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  • Net Neutrality: Yes, It Does Matter

    Net neutrality has been a hot-button issue lately, especially since the United States ushered in its administration. In question is whether or not the US Federal Communication Commission (FCC) will uphold the concept of net neutrality. Also in question is the possibility of severe ramifications for citizens, brands, and advertisers.

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  • Wearable Tech: Fad or Potential Gamechanger?

    You should stand up. Now sit back down. Wait, you seem stressed! Check your heart rate. Go to sleep now to get eight full hours. No more screen time (heh.) OMG. Nag, nag, nag. And It’s not my mom telling me what to do. It’s my smartwatch. Wearable tech’s nothing new. The infamous Google Glass (and glassholes), FitBit, Apple Watch, and wearable clothing have all surfaced over the years.

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  • Influencer Limelight: Cooking up Masterpieces with BevCooks

    Being True to Yourself Never Looked so Good Tips to wrangle up your kids. Finding time to write music. Making the best flatbread your heart could desire. Bev Weidner does it all, and she shares it on her blog, BevCooks. She’s been featured on the Food Network, Nurturing Marriage, and others. ZOG Digital chatted with Weidner about how she found her way as an influencer for all t ...

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  • Finding the Right Influencer for your Brand

    Being continuously retargeted to by some random yoga equipment company on Facebook and Instagram is a little frustrating. Like, why do I care? But when @beachyogagirl swears by a new yoga mat, I’m fully engaged. Why, you ask? Well, because she’s a real person and I can trust her. It’s not a new phenomenon, but brands are now realizing the impact and significance influencer marketing has.

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  • Affiliate Marketing: The Good and The Bad

    I was scrolling through my Facebook feed recently and stumbled across a BuzzFeed article highlighting 22 kitchen appliances that I quickly realized I actually want. (I’m starting to adult in life.) Before I knew it, I began scrolling through a list of appliances with clear pricing, imagery that might match my other appliances, and a direct link to an Amazon product page from the brand.

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  • Meet the ZTeam Member: Seth Norris

    Welcome to the first installment in our employee spotlight series! We’d like to take a minute and introduce you to Seth Norris, Director of Paid Media here at ZOG Digital. Seth is a ZD veteran who has more than 13 years of industry experience. He optimizes integrated media through search engines and social media platforms, while also running ZD’s affiliate marketing solutions.

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