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  • Making Sense of the Metrics: Facebook Engagement

    For better or worse, engagement as a performance metric is tightly associated with Facebook advertising. The importance of engagement has been hotly debated for years, and while the verdict is still out, this metric remains a key performance indicator (KPI) that brands and agencies routinely measure.

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  • Snapchat Snags Attention with New Spectacles

    It’s finally here: Snapchat Spectacles, and it’s no small quirk. This new augmented reality technology from the social media messaging company has caused frustration for some and anticipation for several more. As people begin to experiment with them, amazement simply doesn’t stop. The videos taken from the Spectacles are automatically synced up and shared to Snapchat.

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  • ZOG Digital Innovation Summit 2017

    Join us for an elite digital marketing experience Our Innovation Summit is an invitation-only event, tailored for those engaged in emerging digital strategies and industry innovation. Meet your peers, converse with experts! Day 1 is focused on learning, sharing, and networking, while Day 2 is all about fun.

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  • Top Key Performance Indicators for a Local SEO Campaign

    Local SEO is a rapidly growing digital marketing channel for multi-location businesses across the world. Google research states 4 out of 5 people use search to find local information and that nearly 20 percent of local smartphone visitors made a purchase in store within one day. After Google launched the “Pigeon” update, the difficulty of leveraging company proximity to engage ...

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  • How To Optimize Content Elements To Earn Featured Snippets

    Though content can be constantly optimized for search with off-page SEO tactics, the returns on time spent may diminish as SEO experts identify that the rise in position momentum begins to slow. In some cases, the work may begin to be hindered if the content is weaker than its competing content. There’s an opportunity for SEO experts to optimize for discovery and improve positi ...

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  • Advanced Paid Search Strategies with LuRae Lumpkin – SEMPO Chats

    LuRae Lumpkin, EVP of Strategic Development at ZOG Digital, was recently invited to join the panel of SEMPO Chats with Industry Experts, a monthly series developed by SEMPO’s Education Committee to help industry professionals learn about topics and ask questions in an informal setting. This month, the panel discussed paid search strategies.

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  • LuRae Lumpkin Talks Paid Search in September’s SEMPO Chat

    Mark your calendars! Our very own LuRae Lumpkin, EVP of Strategic Development, has been invited to join the expert panel of September’s SEMPO Chat. She and fellow industry experts will field questions about the latest trends in Paid Search. The open question-and-answer session takes place Tuesday, September 27, 2016. Watch live on YouTube Live! >>Save the Date! Download to Your Calendar.

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  • Quality Score – A New Low Spells Change (part 2)

    Here’s part 2 of 2 on the changes to Quality Score that Google is rolling out in a few weeks. Check out part 1 here. What’s changing? The lowest quality score a given keyword can achieve now includes zero or null value. A keyword lacking the impressions or click data required to determine a quality score will automatically receive a null score.

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  • Google and ZOG Digital founder Jeff Herzog Celebrate 20 Years in the Digital Space

    A Digital Visionary As a pioneer of the search marketing and technology industries, Jeff Herzog talks about success the second time around By Brittany Maroney Photos by Mark Morgan It’s a Monday morning and the sun is just rising over the McDowell Mountains. A man briskly walks up the Bell Pass trailhead, just as the first rays of sunlight hit a nearby saguaro.

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  • Twitter expands tweets to include more information in same slot

    In the coming months, Twitter will introduce changes that will give users to opportunity to say and show more within individual tweets. Ranging from character allotments to attached media, the changes will allow users to have even richer conversations through expanded tweets. Historically, all tweets have been limited to 140 characters.

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  • In-store mobile use drives in-store purchases

    Whether it’s in the checkout line at the grocery store or at home on the couch, consumers use smartphones to research specific topics, products or aimlessly surf the web. Mobile devices have become necessary centers of information for consumers, and now more than ever, brands need to embrace and respond to this trend. It’s a trend that can’t be ignored.

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  • Programmatic comes to native ads

    Deemed as the solution to the “right message to the right person at the right time,” programmatic advertising aims to place ads in the most effective and efficient way. Instead of mass-marketing an ad to anyone and everyone, the ultimate goal is to reach consumers who would be most interested in your brand, therefore using advertising dollars in the most efficient way possible.

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  • Pinterest pins down market for CPG ads

    Visual search engine Pinterest holds its strengths in its visual layout and natural link to retailers. It works as an online hub for images collected from the rest of the internet: images of recipes they want to try, places they want to go or ways they’d like to decorate their homes. Recipes, consumer packaged goods and decoration inspiration tend to be the most popular and suc ...

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  • Facebook Canvas ads stitch together interactivity, brand

    Facebook recently introduced Canvas, a mobile-only, interactive ad unit that blends an immersive experience with all the perks of Facebook’s targeting system. With a Facebook built-in platform, marketers create customized full-screen ads that are compatible with Facebook’s news feed. The Canvas ads feature self-contained sequences of videos, photos and text stitched together by the brand.

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  • TrueView for Shopping offers retailers more engagement opportunities

    TrueView for Shopping from Google was updated in early July with new options for viewers to buy products advertised in videos. Released July 12, the changes are an extension of TrueView ads that initially offered the products featured in YouTube ads. The number of advertisers using TrueView increased 50 percent during 2015. Of those advertisers, one of three use it weekly, according to Google.

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  • Advanced Social Targeting Extends Reach Of Digital Video Advertising

    Facebook continues to bridge the gap between traditional and digital channels with advancements to its TRP (target rating point) video advertising platform that make it easier for advertisers to extend TV ads to social channels. Earlier this week, Facebook unveiled updates to its advertising interface that grant marketers access to dayparting and Nielsen DMA targeting.

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  • Smartphones Are The New Storefront

    Consumers are hungrier than ever for local information — context is everything for decision-makers, and it’s available online. Smartphones enable customers to save time and streamline purchases with improved access to digital content and localized search results. In fact, according to Google, 50 percent of consumers who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a store ...

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