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  • Add to Cart: Why Retail Needs to Retool

    Legacy retailers are shuttering their doors in record numbers, while Amazon plans to open its first brick-and-mortar. What. Is. Happening. Digital has upended many industries, but none more visibly than commerce. Here’s our take on what companies will need to do to stay relevant and open. The evolution of big-box stores The suburbs served the Baby Boomers well. Millennials, not so much.

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  • ZOG Digital Announces Digital Marketing Innovation Summit 2017

    PHOENIX, Jan. 11, 2017 — ZOG Digital, a leading independent digital marketing agency, announces its first ever Innovation Summit, a two-day, invitation-only event scheduled to coincide with the Waste Management Phoenix Open. It was created for executives and brands interested in emerging digital strategies and industry innovation.

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  • Down with Silos | A Connected Approach for a Stronger Brand

    It’s that time of year, when brands reexamine their marketing campaigns and try to determine what’s working, what’s changing, and what’s next. According to a recent study released by Search Marketing Daily, 80 percent of marketers will increase their focus on digital advertising, SEO, and content marketing in 2017. Digital advertising. Search engine optimization. Content marketing.

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  • ZOG Digital Announces Connected Content™

    ZOG Digital announced the launch of Connected Content™, the trademarked name for the innovative approach that’s reshaping how companies market online. “We’ve been helping clients with digital solutions for close to twenty years,” says CEO Jeff Herzog. “As the landscape grows more complex, brands find themselves in marketing silos, and miss numerous gains that can be realize ...

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  • Custom Segments: Facebook Finally Delivers

    Engagement as a performance metric is most closely tied to Facebook advertising. And with the roll out of Page Engagement Custom Audiences, it’s role in the consumer journey is more tangible than ever. While counting up reactions, comments, shares, and other interactions is useful in assessing brand awareness and favorability, marketers can now leverage that engagement to more ...

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  • Influencer Limelight: Travel Adventures with Tausha Cowan

    Learn How Social Media and Content Created a Key Influencer for Travel From the natural gem of Jamaica to the heat of the Sahara Desert, Tausha Cowan shares her travel tips and photos across the globe. Tausha runs the popular blog The Globe Getter, which she started out of her true passion for travel and helping others.

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  • Rio 2016, US Election and Game of Thrones: #YearOnTwitter

    2016 was bizarre. Social media platforms became legit cultural battlegrounds, exposing in new ways the divisiveness — and weirdness — rampant in our everyday lives. To help us make sense of it, Twitter revealed its “Top 10 Global Conversations of 2016.” Different from years past, events were categorized into topics and hashtags: Let’s recap the ups and downs. Amazing people passed in 2016.

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  • Content Marketing, Influencers Drive Success to Nike Launch

    When Tiger Woods returned to competitive golf this past week, he sported the latest prototype of his signature shoe, Nike TW ‘17, at the Hero World Challenge. Digital marketing efforts, such as blogs, display ads, and social media posts, flooded our feeds to announce this debut alongside the help of the key influencer, Woods.

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  • Making Sense of the Metrics: Facebook Engagement

    For better or worse, engagement as a performance metric is tightly associated with Facebook advertising. The importance of engagement has been hotly debated for years, and while the verdict is still out, this metric remains a key performance indicator (KPI) that brands and agencies routinely measure.

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  • Snapchat Snags Attention with New Spectacles

    It’s finally here: Snapchat Spectacles, and it’s no small quirk. This new augmented reality technology from the social media messaging company has caused frustration for some and anticipation for several more. As people begin to experiment with them, amazement simply doesn’t stop. The videos taken from the Spectacles are automatically synced up and shared to Snapchat.

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  • ZOG Digital Innovation Summit 2017

    Join us for an elite digital marketing experience Our Innovation Summit is an invitation-only event, tailored for those engaged in emerging digital strategies and industry innovation. Meet your peers, converse with experts! Day 1 is focused on learning, sharing, and networking, while Day 2 is all about fun.

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  • Top Key Performance Indicators for a Local SEO Campaign

    Local SEO is a rapidly growing digital marketing channel for multi-location businesses across the world. Google research states 4 out of 5 people use search to find local information and that nearly 20 percent of local smartphone visitors made a purchase in store within one day. After Google launched the “Pigeon” update, the difficulty of leveraging company proximity to engage ...

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  • How To Optimize Content Elements To Earn Featured Snippets

    Though content can be constantly optimized for search with off-page SEO tactics, the returns on time spent may diminish as SEO experts identify that the rise in position momentum begins to slow. In some cases, the work may begin to be hindered if the content is weaker than its competing content. There’s an opportunity for SEO experts to optimize for discovery and improve positi ...

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  • Advanced Paid Search Strategies with LuRae Lumpkin – SEMPO Chats

    LuRae Lumpkin, EVP of Strategic Development at ZOG Digital, was recently invited to join the panel of SEMPO Chats with Industry Experts, a monthly series developed by SEMPO’s Education Committee to help industry professionals learn about topics and ask questions in an informal setting. This month, the panel discussed paid search strategies.

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  • LuRae Lumpkin Talks Paid Search in September’s SEMPO Chat

    Mark your calendars! Our very own LuRae Lumpkin, EVP of Strategic Development, has been invited to join the expert panel of September’s SEMPO Chat. She and fellow industry experts will field questions about the latest trends in Paid Search. The open question-and-answer session takes place Tuesday, September 27, 2016. Watch live on YouTube Live! >>Save the Date! Download to Your Calendar.

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  • Quality Score – A New Low Spells Change (part 2)

    Here’s part 2 of 2 on the changes to Quality Score that Google is rolling out in a few weeks. Check out part 1 here. What’s changing? The lowest quality score a given keyword can achieve now includes zero or null value. A keyword lacking the impressions or click data required to determine a quality score will automatically receive a null score.

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  • Google and ZOG Digital founder Jeff Herzog Celebrate 20 Years in the Digital Space

    A Digital Visionary As a pioneer of the search marketing and technology industries, Jeff Herzog talks about success the second time around By Brittany Maroney Photos by Mark Morgan It’s a Monday morning and the sun is just rising over the McDowell Mountains. A man briskly walks up the Bell Pass trailhead, just as the first rays of sunlight hit a nearby saguaro.

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