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  • What’s The Story from Lead to Sale?

    A true story from one of my own accounts inspired me to write this blog post. Cue anecdote: The Little Bike Store That Couldn’t In one of the many meetings I was having with this particular client of mine (for anonymous purposes, let’s say they ran a bike store), I sat with them to discuss the current marketing programs they were running.

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  • 3 More Tactics You Can Steal from TechWyse

    Here I go again, giving you all our secrets! For someone who has been part of the digital marketing marketing industry for 3 … 4 … 8 … Oh boy, almost 10 years now, I can honestly say that search, content and social have never been more exciting. We’ve had a fair number of challenges handed to us in 2016, specifically: Possum and Penguin algorithm update Removal of PPC ads ...

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  • 5 Tactics You Should Steal From TechWyse

    What can I say? At TechWyse, we have some of the smartest and most talented individuals constructing strategies for our clients, and we’ve been doing it for years. We love what we do, and we want to share some … but only some … of our ideas with you! So look under your seats everyone! The “If-I-Tell-You-I-Don’t-Have-To-Kill-You” list of TechWyse secrets giveaway! Learn as muc ...

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  • How Dentists Can Create Great Evergreen Content for Their Readers

    Calling all Dentists! Here’s the drill. At TechWyse, we firmly believe in a little strategy called Evergreen Content. Not sure what it is? Check out this #Wysein5. Essentially, we love content that can withstand the lengths of time (dramatic? Yes.) For example, our evergreen content strategy revolves around providing users with information that is relevant today and will s ...

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  • How to Build Connections and Authority with Blog Commenting

    Time and time again, we come across the debate of whether commenting on blogs is an effective marketing strategy. Sometimes, the blog comment section can be extremely interesting and informational too. It can act as an extension of the article itself, which makes commenting on blogs one of the best ways to build your authority.

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