• 66 Proven Headline Formulas from Highly Shared Articles

    Do you struggle to write effective headlines for your blog posts, articles, or ads? You’ve invested time and money in its creation and without an effective headline your content won’t get read or shared by others. headline formulas The headline is the most important element of an ad, blog post, or piece of content you’ve created – it’s what draws the reader in and its so ...

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  • Why Small Businesses Need A Website

    An article in Inc magazine quoted a study that found that more than half of all small businesses do not have a website – wow, that’s a scary statistic. Unless you don’t care about growing your business, or providing better customer service then I suppose you don’t need one. But who falls into that category? And building an effective website is not that expensive, so there’s just no excuse.

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  • 10 Tips I Wish I Had Known As A Bootstrapping Entrepreneur

    There’s nothing quite like the feeling you have the day you quit your job to start your own company. It’s nothing short of exhilarating and sheer terror all wrapped up in one giant ball of nervous anticipation to get going. Your emotions run high the day you leave the comfort of a normal job. You’re excited for the dream and potential of being on your own and the successes that could bring.

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  • The One Big Problem With Large National Websites

    One of the biggest problems with conversion for large national multi-location business websites (e.g. franchises) has to do with consumer usability and global menus that lead customers away from local contact information. Site usability is poor as a result and consumers get lost easily once on the website and it becomes difficult for the customer to find local contact informat ...

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  • For Better Organic SEO, Hyper Localized Content [video]

    For multi-unit businesses, and franchises, producing quality local content is very important to ranking locally (related post here on SEO for franchises). It’s common that multi-unit or national franchises will have only a single page for each location, and complicating matters is the fact that this content is usually duplicated on all location pages.

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