• Why m-commerce mobile ads just jumped 9X

      Why m-commerce mobile ads just jumped 9X TUNE sees billions of ad events every single month. Billions of app installs, and billions of both brand and performance ads. Recently, we saw that m-commerce ads on mobile jumped a staggering 9X. The occasion was Cyber Monday. Black Friday and Cyber Monday, of course, are two of the premier shopping days in the U.S.

      3Q Digital- 12 readers -
    • Why I Came Back to 3Q Digital

      Why I Came Back to 3Q Digital Around this time last year, I left 3Q Digital. I had spent the previous four years with a combination of two digital marketing agencies – one year with 3Q and three years with iSearch Media, which was acquired by 3Q earlier in 2014 – and I was ready for a change. Less than one year later, I am back with 3Q, and happier than ever.

      3Q Digital- 14 readers -
  • A paid social primer for SEMs

    SEM Account Manager Conor McElhaney contributed to this post. Today’s paid social landscape is vastly different than what it was even two years ago. And five years ago, Social ...

    3Q Digitalin Paid Search- 4 readers -
  • How-To: Automate Data Refreshes in PPT

    Do you make many PowerPoint presentations throughout the year that include graphs and charts created in Excel? If you answered yes, keep reading to learn how to save yourself some p ...

    3Q Digitalin How To's- 6 readers -
  • 5 Takeaways from Facebook Video Ad Tests

    I recently tested a few versions of Facebook video ads for one of my direct response clients and found some pretty striking results. Here are some recommendations based on testing. (As alwa ...

    3Q Digitalin Social- 8 readers -
  • A Guide to Google’s Responsive Ads for Display

    Responsive Ads for Display are a relatively new ad unit from Google; they are to Display Text Ads as Expanded Ads are to Text Ads. They have definite pros (flexibility) and cons (sub-optimal ...

    3Q Digital- 8 readers -
  • DMPs vs. DSPs – why you need the former

    Recently, we ran a post on common misconceptions regarding DMPs (data management platforms), which have become more and more important in digital marketing given the proliferation and growing i ...

    3Q Digital- 4 readers -
  • Yahoo Gemini Search: Pros and Cons

    Since the inception of Yahoo Gemini Search, we’ve heard plenty of opinions from the industry, mostly that “It’s super low-volume” and “It’s just mobile traffic.” But I’ve got a few client ...

    3Q Digital- 6 readers -
  • How to Structure Negative Keyword Scrubs

    You’ve painstakingly completed your keyword expansion and ensured that your keyword mapping is accurate to a tee. However, that doesn’t mean that you can just leave your keywords and let them ...

    3Q Digitalin How To's- 8 readers -
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