• Instagram for Lead Gen or B2B: It Works, and Here’s How

      Instagram is generally used more for branding than traditional direct response ads; it’s a natural fit for building awareness and emotional connection. As far as direct response, its visual nature makes it a much better fit for eCommerce than B2B or lead gen. But with a huge audience and Facebook-like targeting, it’s too big an opportunity not to test.

      3Q Digitalin Social- 14 readers -
  • Apps to create DIY ads

    We see advertisements everywhere, all the time. But how often do they really stick with us? In today’s competitive digital space, it’s not always easy to capture an audience – espec ...

    3Q Digital- 9 readers -
  • Multi-Channel Reporting: Which View Is Right for You?

    When attempting to understand performance across all of your marketing initiatives, it is important to have the flexibility to view data that answers existing questions and develops new inquiries. In order to ...

    3Q Digital- 9 readers -
  • 7 Tips for Presenting Visual Data Effectively

    The image above is a great way to think about presenting data visually. At its core, data is a collection of random information, without innate meaning. The aim of good data visualizati ...

    3Q Digital- 14 readers -
  • 2017 Guide to Facebook Ad Types

    Facebook is constantly updating ad units and creating new options for advertisers. Here, as of February 2017, is a breakdown of all ad types, including where you can use them and ...

    3Q Digital- 11 readers -
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