3Q Digital - Posts from June 2016

  • What You Need to Know about Apple’s Massive iOS 10 Release

    Even if you don’t know all the details of the iOS 10’s new features and capabilities, you know the new release was a whopper. We’re going to call out the most significant updates and releases, let you know how we view their implications on both the product and growth sides of your app’s development, and give you some details into how they work.

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  • Looking at SEO from the Search Engine’s Perspective

    Looking at SEO from the Search Engine’s Perspective Posted: 06.07.2016 Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very technical field, but essentially, it’s about experts trying to make it as easy as possible for search engines to realize what websites are about, thus allowing said search engines to correctly show the right users the right websites.

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  • 3Q Digital Download Episode 21: Conversion Rate Optimization

    http://3qdigital.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/21-Episode-21-Jeremy-Epperson-on-CRO.mp3 The 3Q Digital download Podcast is back with host Joe Kerschbaum chatting with 3Q’s Director of CRO Jeremy Epperson on (you guessed it!) Conversion Rate Optimization. For a reference here are Jeremey’s top takeaways and action ...

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  • 21 Reasons Good Mobile Agencies Are Worth Every Penny

    21 Reasons Good Mobile Agencies Are Worth Every Penny Posted: 06.01.2016 Most mobile agency folks I know have a pretty healthy sense of self (raising hand). And you know why we’ll gladly wear the title of ninjas, sherpas, wizards, etc.? Because, more than perhaps any other digital marketers, we can transform a PILE of data from a confusing swirl of possible KPIs into revenu ...

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  • 3 Best Practices for Creative in an Agile World

    Many of us in the digital creative industry are old-school creatives, from a time when responsive design and personalized banners were just ideas on paper – a time where advertising was all about TV and print, when you couldn’t really sell something in 140 characters. It’s a different time now. With technology getting better and better, results are expected faster and faster.

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  • 3 Signs You’re Ready for Programmatic (beyond the GDN)

    If you’re advertising on the Google Display Network (GDN), you’re doing programmatic already. Programmatic buying involves an automated buying process, typically paired with some sort of 1st– or 3rd-party targeting. If you’re already using GDN, though, you already know the platform’s limitations – and you may want to look further for your programmatic buying.

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  • Getting to know your co-workers? Try these 3 icebreakers

    Getting to know your coworkers at a big agency can be tough when everyone works on different teams and in different offices. When I first joined 3Q’s Chicago office back in July, I didn’t know anyone, so I was determined to change that. Using my knowledge of icebreakers and community-building activities from my days as a college RA, I started running a few in-office activities.

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  • Get to Know Brad O’Brien, Director of Social at 3Q Digital

    Take some time and get to know Brad O’Brien, Director of Social at 3Q Digital, working out of our San Diego office. If you had $10M to personally invest, which marketing platform or technology would you invest in, and why? I would invest in the ‘gig economy’. Companies like Uber, Lyft, Thumbtack, TaskRabbit, and DoorDash fascinate me.

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  • Get to know Anna Shen, Account Manager at 3Q Digital

    Get to know Anna Shen, Account Manager at 3Q Digital Posted: 06.02.2016 What’s the first metric you check when you start the day? Cost What’s one metric you rarely bother to check? View through conversions What is your favorite advertising campaign? Adobe Marketing Cloud’s “Do you know what your marketing is doing?” TV/YouTube campaign.

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  • 5 Ways to Succeed in Digital Marketing with a Small Budget

    Limited budget? No problem! Explore these six crucial ways to maximize the effectiveness of your budget and optimize your ROI. 1. Keyword Campaigns (Google & Bing) Folks who already have enough familiarity with your brand, product, or service to look for keywords related to it should be at the top of your list of users to capture.

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  • A Guide to Dynamic Search Ads

    One of the biggest challenges in search marketing is being able to scale efficiently. Of course everyone is happy when you hit your stride in optimizing the account and your search campaigns are bringing in highly relevant traffic at a favorable low cost – that’s a great first step! But we all know what the topic of the following week’s agenda will be: How to now scale up eff ...

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  • Facebook Lead Gen Ads: Pros, Cons, and Advancements

    In October, Facebook announced the launch of Lead Ads. Initially, this ad unit was only available on mobile News Feed. It allows advertisers to quickly gather emails, phone numbers, names, and more from users within their target audience. The ad unit functions like most other News Feed ads. The ad appears in the user’s feed; the user clicks on the ad.

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  • Facebook Engagement Audiences: More Ways to Retarget

    Facebook is always coming out with new features. The latest is custom audiences based on engagement on lead gen ads, which helps fill a gap and gives marketers new ways to retarget. The lead gen unit allows you to collect leads without having the user leave Facebook. The downside? You can’t build a website custom audience off of lead form completes or people who have reache ...

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  • Can Your Account Have Too Many Lookalikes?

    A Facebook advertising account recently wanted to ramp up volume, and my initial thought was to increase the amount of lookalikes. Making new lookalikes seemed like an efficient idea because they are large and more likely to be qualified than other prospecting audiences. I built out two new lookalikes off of two new seed audiences that were highly qualified, which on paper ...

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  • Looking to get app installs? Start with Social

    If you’ve got a new app that you’re itching to get some install traction, but the tangled mobile landscape isn’t lending itself to a good starting point, we’ve got one piece of advice for you: start on paid social. In this post, we’ll describe why paid social is the right place to go: it’s huge, it’s native, it’s targeted – and it’s rich with options for finding users who lo ...

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  • Instagram for Lead Gen or B2B: It Works, and Here’s How

    Instagram is generally used more for branding than traditional direct response ads; it’s a natural fit for building awareness and emotional connection. As far as direct response, its visual nature makes it a much better fit for eCommerce than B2B or lead gen. But with a huge audience and Facebook-like targeting, it’s too big an opportunity not to test.

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  • GDN vs. AdX: Which Is Right for You?

    GDN vs. AdX: Which Is Right for You? Posted: 06.08.2016 When it comes to display advertising, there is no shortage of inventory sources. There are DSPs and DMPs, ad exchanges and ad networks, and trade desks and site-direct buys. Most people who have worked in digital media, and specifically display advertising complexity, are familiar with the below image, which shows the ...

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  • Unlock Your App’s Performance: a Guide to SDKs

    Unlock Your App’s Performance: a Guide to SDKs Posted: 06.06.2016 Marketing & Analytics SDKs (software development kits) are tool kits that marketers ask the development team to integrate into a mobile app’s code; they allow marketing and product teams to run effective acquisition and retention campaigns and to build a healthy and profitable native app business.

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  • Crush the Competition: A Guide to Competitive Analysis Tools

    When I first entered the search marketing world with 3Q, one of the first requests I received from a client was to “Crush the competition.” An admittedly intimidating request at first, has inspired me and kept me on my toes every day since. Looking into your clients’ competitors’ strategies can give you a huge leg up in this space.

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  • How to choose the right KPIs for your mobile campaigns

    How to choose the right KPIs for your mobile campaigns Posted: 06.02.2016 As we previously explored, even the smartest digital marketers tend to make a ton of mistakes when it comes to mobile campaigns. We’re going to give some insights into fixing one of the very first mistakes they make: choosing the wrong KPIs.

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  • Leadership Is More than Just Your Title

    Leadership Is More than Just Your Title Posted: 06.03.2016 I’ve been reflecting on leadership and what it takes to be a good leader recently. I can trace this train of thought very easily back to its origin. I have a friend working in a start-up. The idea for the start-up is great, they have clients, they’re getting funding, but things are falling apart.

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  • Sharpen Your Excel Skills with Lookups, Index, and Match

    Ah, vlookup…one of the fundamentals of any digital marketer’s Excel toolbox. As we all know, it’s great when it works, but it has pretty rigid limits. (If you’re new to this formula, then you might consider reviewing our beginner’s guide to vlookups here.)\ In this post, we’ll take a look at a few common modifications to the formula that can help out in search, as well as al ...

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  • Simplifying Excel for Digital Marketers

    Before I started my job here at 3Q, I was an Excel noob compared to what I know now. In college they teach you formulas from an example from a textbook, which isn’t that effective in actually learning Excel. It’s different than an everyday application of a formula used to find something that has reasoning. After six months at 3Q, I’ve learned to embrace Excel and everything it has to offer.

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  • Customer data and security: how to mitigate risk and cash in

    If your current digital marketing efforts do not incorporate customer (1st-party) data, you’re doing it wrong (and we’ve got a whole whitepaper about how to use it). Add in another sub-set of customer data – 2nd-party data, which is essentially 1st-party data that belongs to someone else but can help your campaigns (think NFL/Nike exchanging data on ticket and jersey sales), ...

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