• Robert Glazer on The Dr. Oz Show!

      Get your DVR ready because there’s an upcoming Dr. Oz episode airing tomorrow that you won’t want to miss. Our very own Robert Glazer, founder and managing director of Acceleration Partners, will be a featured expert on the show. As we’ve written about recently, fake news and ad fraud is a hot topic– so hot, in fact, that it’s burning many unsuspecting people, including Shark ...

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    • 2017 Predictions from Giants in Affiliate Marketing

      A brand new year is upon us so we reached out to 5 individuals who we consider to be giants in the affiliate marketing space and asked them what their predictions are for affiliate marketing in 2017. Here are their responses: Prediction 1: Rewarding affiliates based on customer journey attribution Mainly thanks to the available technology, in 2017 affiliate marketing should f ...

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    • Acceleration Partners Expands to the UK, Hires Helen Southgate!

      Brilliant news! Acceleration Partners has officially launched in the UK with the addition of Helen Southgate, former Managing Director of affilinet. Southgate will head Acceleration Partners’ operations in the UK and Europe, serving as Managing Director. We are beyond thrilled that Helen will be joining Acceleration Partners and overseeing our expansion in Europe.

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  • CMOs, Get Your Guide! Tracking Bottom-of-Funnel Metrics in Influencer Marketing

    There’s no question that influencers can and do show brands a lot of love. The quagmire for most marketers is in measuring that love – especially in terms of bottom-of-funnel metrics. Being able to see what conversions, impressions, clicks or sales were generated by an influencer marketing initiative can be helpful in gauging the performance and progress of a campaign.

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  • FTC Social Media Disclosures to Protect your Brand

    Seen an increase in social media posts from celebrities and influencers using “#ad” or “#sponsored” lately? That’s because the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has been cracking down on social media influencers and their paid relationships with brands. After seeing an influx in celebrity and influencer endorsements and ads on popular social sites – most of which fail to feature ...

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  • A Sneak Peek at Blink Health’s Affiliate Program

    Founded in 2014, Blink Health is the new, free way for all Americans to save on their prescriptions regardless of insurance status. Patients simply pay for their prescriptions online before picking them up at virtually any pharmacy including the most popular in the country such as CVS, Walmart, Rite Aid and almost all independents.

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  • AP’s 2018 Holiday Calendar Infographic & Marketing Guide

    Gone are the days when holiday shopping was all about the next big holiday in Q4. In our “always on,” multi-device, multi-channel, multi-option world, smart, savvy marketers must think about creating multiple campaigns around multiple holidays. But there’s no need to let your stress-level multiply. We’ve created two content pieces to help you stay ahead of your 2018 retail calendar.

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  • New Podcast Episode! Agency Owner Therapy Session with Dan Golden of BFO

    In our recent Outperform podcast episode, AP founder Robert Glazer and Dan Golden, President and Chief Search Artist at Be Found Online (BFO), have what Dan refers to as an “agency owner therapy session.” On this episode, they talk candidly about the trials, tribulations and tomfoolery that can arise when trying to balance the core service competencies of your company with th ...

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  • Vote AP for IPMA’s Industry Choice of Agency!

    Please vote for us! Acceleration Partners has been shortlisted for “Industry Choice of Agency” for the 2017 International Performance Marketing Awards – quite an honor! If you …. Are a client (past or present) of AP’s One of our industry partners Or know and love our company, then … We’d so love and appreciate your vote! Vote today! https://performancemarketingawards.

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  • Why I sent $500 to an Employee’s Mom

    I just wrote my first official Thank You note that included a $500 referral bonus– and it was to the mother of one of our newest hires! You see, we really appreciate quality referrals, especially when it turns into us hiring the person because they are such a rock star. We call it our Refer-A-Friend program, but it really applies to anyone, including a parent, who refers some ...

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  • Profile of a Growth Marketer: Kevin Kuryliw, KEH Camera

    Profile of a Growth Marketer is an ongoing series where we feature performance marketing industry leaders. The affiliate model offers online marketplaces a highly efficient, cost-effective, low-risk way to attract high LTV buyers and sellers into their market. When properly structured and managed, an affiliate program makes it possible for online marketplaces to hone their ...

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  • How to Set Goals That Will Turn an Average Team Into All-Stars

    This article was originally published on entrepreneur.com Treat goals as “rocks” that can be broken into smaller pieces or stacked to help the entire team move to higher ground. hether we’re limiting the times we hit the snooze button, increasing our attendance at the gym or improving our work performance, setting goals is essential in order to generate change.

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  • Welcome, Helen Southgate! AP’s New UK Managing Director

    It is an honor and a delight to welcome Helen Southgate to the Acceleration Partners team! In her new role as UK Managing Director, Helen will head Acceleration Partners’ operations in the UK and Europe. Prior to joining AP, Helen served as affilinet’s Managing Director. Her extensive career within performance marketing spans roles at BSkyB, affilinet, DGM, Silvertap as well ...

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  • 20 Speakers You Shouldn’t Miss The Opportunity To See

    This article was originally published on forbes.com What can turn any event into a life-changing experience for audience members? The keynote speaker, of course. A dynamo at the front of the room ups the energy level and banishes those oh-so-polite golf claps. Want to hire or see a speaker who can motivate, educate, and entertain? You don’t have to go far to find superb pres ...

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  • New Podcast Episode! The Art and Science of Gifting with John Ruhlin

    On our latest Outperform podcast episode, gifting guru, John Ruhlin joined AP founder, Robert Glazer to discuss gifting – what it is and how to do it right so that you create an unforgettable experience for your clients, prospects, referral sources and partners. When you listen to this episode, you’ll learn: How John got started in the business of gifting Why he recently ...

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  • How a Blog Inspired My Work and Life

    About a year ago I came across Friday Forward, a blog created by Acceleration Partners (AP) founder and Managing Director, Robert (Bob) Glazer. I started to read his updates every Friday and, because they were so inspiring to me, decided to check out AP’s careers page. After researching the company, I realized that they had cultivated a culture that I wanted to be a part of an ...

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  • New Affiliate Marketing Benchmark Report!

    As a performance-driven agency, data is critical part of our program management process. But it’s not enough for us to just gather that data – we also want to tell the story behind it so that our clients can improve their programs and their publisher partnerships. For example, in our recent Q2 2016 to Q2 2017 data review, our data revealed that revenue over Father’s Day week increased 49.

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