• Acceleration Partners Recognized as One of Fortune’s 50 Best Workplaces for Flexibility

      We are proud to announce that Acceleration Partners has been named to Fortune and Great Place to Work’s first-ever 50 Best Workplaces for Flexibility list, ranking near the top at number eight. To be recognized and included on this list is a real honor. Since our inception, we’ve worked hard to change the work/life paradigm for our team members and align flexibility with accountability.

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    • 2017 Predictions from Giants in Affiliate Marketing

      A brand new year is upon us so we reached out to 5 individuals who we consider to be giants in the affiliate marketing space and asked them what their predictions are for affiliate marketing in 2017. Here are their responses: Prediction 1: Rewarding affiliates based on customer journey attribution Mainly thanks to the available technology, in 2017 affiliate marketing should f ...

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  • What Sports Teams Do Better Than Businesses

    This article was originally published on Robert Glazer’s personal blog FridayFwd.com. Over the past few years, I have heard many different leadership speakers reference examples of sports teams operating more efficiently than businesses. This got me thinking about how these teams do it better and what lessons they can teach us. After giving it some thought, here are the five I came up with. 1.

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  • How Affiliate Marketing Wins in the Age of Ad Blocking

    The increased use of ad-blocking software is disrupting the digital marketing industry as we know it. People have grown tired of “interruption advertising,” whereby irrelevant ads are forced upon them or they are tricked into clicking them on their small mobile screens. Successful brand marketing depends on building relationships with consumers, and as customers demand more co ...

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  • Talent vs. Skill: What’s the Difference?

    Fundamentally, talent is something you are born with (e.g. being fast, extroverted, great hand-eye coordination, amazing voice), whereas a skill is something that can be taught (e.g. the law, customer service, how to code). What I find interesting is that many poor hiring decisions and life choices are made because there’s misunderstanding about the difference between the two.

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  • What you Missed at Influencer Marketing Days

    While the concept of influencer marketing isn’t new, it’s footprint in the land of digital marketing has grown leaps and bounds in the past few years – so much so that there’s now an actual conference around it. The first annual Influencer Marketing Days (IMD) conference was held in New York this past week and I had the pleasure of being one of the attendees.

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  • How We Define Performance Partnerships™

    Performance Partnerships™ is a term you’re going to hear a lot about from Acceleration Partners over the next few months and well into the New Year – for three reasons. First, we believe Performance Partnerships™ are a better definition of the type of quality-focused relationships that companies are seeking from affiliate/performance marketing; two terms that are often used i ...

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  • Acceleration Partners Named 2017 Best Place to Work by Ad Age

    We have yet another award to add to our growing list! Acceleration Partners has been named one of Ad Age’s 2016 Best Places to Work list! Ad Age’s prestigious Best Places to Work list represents the cream of the crop in marketing, advertising, media and ad technology. The 50 companies who made the list stand out for their best-in-class benefits, salaries and hiring practices ...

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  • Leadership Lessons From Rorke Denver of the Navy Seals

    This article was originally published on Robert Glazer’s personal blog FridayFwd.com. At the Tugboat Institute Summit, I had the privilege of meeting Commander Rorke Denver and listening to his talk on leadership. Rorke was a Commander in the Navy Seals, the most elite and exclusive unit of the US military. Seals are sent on the most dangerous missions in the world (e.g.

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  • Infographic: Answering Mobile Commerce’s Siren Call

    Mobile shopping is now mainstream. Sales made via a mobile device in the U.S. grew 56 percent in 2015. That’s nearly four times as fast as U.S. e-commerce growth. These are just a few reasons why, in 2017, top players in e-commerce will be dialing in to new mobile technologi ...

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  • Reaching New Heights at Our 2016 AP Summit

    The day after Halloween, the Acceleration Partners team descended upon Beverly, MA (near Salem) like witches gathering for their coven. Instead of brewing spells, at our annual AP Summit, we brewed new ideas, stirred up our visions and goals for 2017 and mixed in spellbindingly fun team activities with a generous sprinkling of revelation and recognition.

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  • The Power of Keystone Habits

    This article was originally published on Robert Glazer’s personal blog FridayFwd.com. A few months ago marked the six-month point since I started the Friday Forward posts. Each week I get a lot of great feedback and ideas, but the most common question I receive is, “How do you keep it up each week”? The answer to this question really has two parts.

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  • What U.S. E-Commerce Retailers Can Learn from the Success of China’s Singles’ Day

    All the single ladies – and men – in China will be putting their hands up on November 11th and celebrating Singles’ Day, a relatively new holiday popularized by Alibaba in 2009. Prior to 2009, Singles’ Day was considered a day for unattached individuals in China to celebrate their single status. In the early 90s, a group of students at Nanjing University decided to celebrate ...

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  • Creative Destruction

    This article was originally published on Robert Glazer’s personal blog FridayFwd.com. The term “creative destruction” has economic roots, but I have come to perceive it as an important philosophy in life and business. It implies that, to create something new, we must destroy or give up on something old. Netflix is one of the rare companies that has embraced creative destruction.

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