Acceleration Partners - Posts from April 2016

  • 3-Point Checklist for Working with Content Affiliates

    If you want an affiliate program that’s full of active and engaged content affiliates, the process is pretty simple: Support your content affiliates and they will support you. While there are an unlimited number of brands that affiliates can work with, there’s a limited amount of time that affiliates have to actually promote them – not to mention limited space on their site.

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  • 3 Myths About Affiliate Marketing

    This article was originally published on It’s not just coupon sites, and there are ways to control your brand and gain incremental sales when working with affiliates. Many retailers with business models that would fit perfectly with affiliate marketing do not have programs.

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  • E-Book: Marketing Attribution in a Multi-Touch World

    Attribution. A word that that many equate with another noun: confusion. The growing bewilderment around attribution is due, in large part, to the increasingly complex and overgrown marketing landscape. To help bring some clarity and consistency to the topic, we’ve written a new e-book titled, Marketing Attribution in a Multi-Touch World.

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  • The Anatomy of an Effective Facebook Ad [Checklist]

    There are many important factors to consider when creating a Facebook Advertising campaign. From ad creative and targeting, to testing and optimization, it is a multifaceted process that can seem daunting to many marketers. Having a comprehensive checklist will help ease your mind and guide you through the process, ensuring your campaign is set ...

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  • Affiliate Marketing vs. Influencer Marketing: What’s the difference?

    The concept of “Influencer Marketing” has been a hot topic as of late – for reasons both good and not so good. Before we get into those reasons, let’s first define what Influencer Marketing is. Influencer marketing refers to the process of identifying key individuals who have a strong online presence and leveraging them to “influence” their followers or subscribers to purcha ...

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  • Is An Affiliate Program Right For You?

    This article was originally published on As a marketing professional, you’re constantly looking for ways to get your brand in front of more customers without breaking the bank. Affiliate marketing strategies can serve as that extra edge that helps grow your customer base. If managed properly, an affiliate marketing program can account for 5 to 15 percent o ...

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  • AP Connect Shakes Up San Francisco

    AP hit the Bay Area this week and we brought our newest event with us: AP Connect! AP Connect allows attendees to enjoy a casual cocktail party with the most innovative marketing professionals in the space – the types of people AP is proud to call our friends. Founder and Managing Director Robert Glazer and General Manager Matt Wool were excited to host the following two AP ...

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  • Employee Spotlight: Laurie DeSimone

    In this day and age, it’s rare for someone to work at one company for ten years or more, but the almost two-decades that Laurie DeSimone spent at Reebok gave her the experience and unique insights into brand marketing that makes her the ideal Key Account Director for our Acceleration Partners team. While at Reebok, Laurie served in a variety of positions.

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  • Throw Your Company to the Sharks — on ‘Shark Tank,’ That Is

    This article was originally posted on If you’ve seen even one episode of Shark Tank, you’ve probably experienced empathetic sweaty palms and baited breath. Just as the weekly ABC show illustrates, having a panel of hard-hitting, self-made billionaires judging which fledgling startups deserve their investment means no one’s feelings are spared.

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  • Google Cracks Down on Free Product Reviews

    If you work with publishers, influencers or affiliates and you give them free product (or service, etc.) in exchange for a post, you need to know that their site could get hit with a Google penalty if they are not “nofollow”-ing their links to your product/service. Sites with free product reviews use outbound links to link to the product page/brand site/etc. that they are reviewing.

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