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  • Top 10 Things to Look for in a Performance Marketing Agency

    Digital marketing is ever-changing and has become increasingly complex as companies look to engage people across multiple channels and bring these interactions together to gain a comprehensive view of their customers. With this evolution comes an amazing opportunity for marketers. They can expect more of their performance marketing agency partners, calling on them to think str ...

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  • Google Shopping 101 + Case Study

    What we refer to today as the Google Shopping system used to be called “Google AdWords Product Listing Ads” or PLAs. While the term PLA’s still exist and refers to the product ads themselves, Google Shopping is a dedicated shopping search engine from Google ( Google Shopping helps retailers connect their content and products with consumers – no matter ...

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  • 3 Retargeting Tips Marketers Should Ignore

    This article was originally published on On average, only 2 percent of first-time visitors to an online store actually buy something during that visit. So what can be done about the other 98 percent? Successful retargeting can bring them back. By now, the benefits of retargeting are well-known.

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  • 5 Ways To Improve Your Company’s Horribly Inefficient Interview Process

    It isn’t just fast-growing companies that create bottlenecks for themselves at the interview stage of the hiring process. But those are generally the companies where hiring too slowly can hurt the most. Here are five things to reduce how long it takes to interview job candidates without compromising on the quality of hires you make. 1.

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  • 5 Ways to Lead Your Team Members Outside Their Comfort Zone at Work

    Want to make a big impression on your new boss? Been waiting for a salary bump or a promotion to drop into your lap but just can’t figure out how to make that happen? Maybe it’s time to shake things up. Doing the same thing every day might give you a sense of being in control, but it can also make you complacent. And employees who do the bare minimum go nowhere fast — if ever.

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  • 7-Point Checklist to Ace Your Back-To-School Marketing Strategies

    It may feel like summer just started, but across the country, school is back in session starting in August. Back-to-school is one of the largest retail season of the year – second only to the shopping frenzy over the holidays. About 54 percent of respondents from Deloitte’s 2015 Back-to-School Survey said that they plan to complete their back-to-school shopping a month befor ...

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  • An Inside Look at RedBubble’s Affiliate Program

    Launched in 2006, RedBubble brings together artists and designers with consumers, facilitating the sale of unique designs available to print on a range of products. Some of the top products available through Redbubble include more than 10 t-shirt styles for men, women and kids, sweatshirts, hoodies, iPhone cases, stickers, wall art, throw pillows, mugs, and much more! RedBubbl ...

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  • Thinking Outside the Ring: Reebok’s UFC Affiliates

    Photo Credit: Ultimate Fighting Championship fighters, Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey and “The Notorious” Connor McGregor not only pack a big punch in the Octagon, but their solid fan base also makes them heavyweight brand ambassadors and affiliates for Reebok. In 2014, Reebok and UFC announced that they were joining forces in a groundbreaking six-year partnership, with Reeb ...

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  • Google Analytics Spotlight: The Model Comparison Tool

    There’s a key question that most marketing teams want to know the answer to: “How should we be attributing credit to all our different marketing channels?” One answer that provides helpful insight into this issue is Google Analytics’ Model Comparison Tool. What Is the Model Comparison Tool? As its name suggests, the model comparison tool allows you to look at all your channe ...

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  • Influencer Marketing is Due for a Cooldown, But Isn’t Going Away

    As Warren Buffet said, “What the wise do in the beginning, fools do in the end.” Just like banner ads became display ads, the concept of influencer marketing isn’t new. While new platforms like Instagram and Snapchat increase the base of potential niche influencers, companies have used influencer marketing for years — through infomercials or by getting celebrities to wear the ...

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  • SEO + Content: Tips for Keeping the Marriage Strong

    When content and SEO fell in love, it was a match made in marketing heaven. But as any long-term relationship can attest, it can be challenging to keep things fresh, relevant and interesting. Join our webinar with Influence & Co. on Thursday, July 28th at 2pm EDT to learn external factors impacting this relationship and how to ensure a marriage that’s succes ...

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