Acceleration Partners - Posts from August 2016

  • What You Missed at Affiliate Summit East 2016

    Within the affiliate marketing universe, the Affiliate Summit’s count among the major conferences of the year. Last week at Affiliate Summit East 2016 in New York, there was a whirlwind of activity. The event brought together merchants, publishers, networks and SaaS companies for three days of speaking, meetings and networking events.

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  • Acceleration Partners Now a Pepperjam Preferred Agency

    We are excited to announce that the largest affiliate network in the world, Pepperjam, has appointed Acceleration Partners as a Pepperjam Preferred Agency. As a “preferred agency,” Acceleration Partners will be able to give our clients access to Pepperjam’s extensive performance marketing solutions, including analytics and insights, industry-leading technology and exclusive pu ...

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  • A Comprehensive Facebook Ads Checklist to Increase Email Acquisition

    While email is the closest thing to direct communication in the digital age, few people would gripe about a drought hitting their inbox. The average person can expect a spate of 90 new emails today, and by 2019, that number will rise to an estimated 96. Still, cultivating a healthy email list and reaching out to consumers is an essential aspect of growing a business—even thou ...

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  • Google Introduces Showcase Shopping Ads for Broad Product Searches

    Google recently announced a new ad format for Google Shopping, which they are calling Showcase Shopping ads. This new ad format will showcase one large main product image, along with two smaller side images (related to the initial product search). At the bottom of the ad is space for a promotional message or location distance information for Local Inventory advertisers.

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  • Why and How You Should Blog for Improved SEO

    Today, content and SEO form a united front. No longer separate marketing concepts, they rely on each other like apple pie and ice cream. Without good search optimization, your great content might never be found. And without great content, your SEO will suffer in searches — and could even reflect badly on your brand.

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  • The Call of Voice Search and How to Answer It

    “How can I keep my dog from opening up cabinets and closets?” This was a question I recently asked Google using my smartphone’s voice search feature. I could have typed it in to the actual search bar, but at the time, I was busy collecting all the items that Mellie, my adorable and oh-so-curious pitbull/boxer mix, drug out from most of the cabinets and closets in my apartment.

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  • Why a Sushi Story Made Me Reflect on AP’s Company Values

    You never know where inspiration is going to come from. For me, it was while watching the movie, East Side Sushi (highly recommend). In the movie, an earnest, hard-working Latina woman named, Juana discovers that she has passion for making sushi while working in a Japanese restaurant – and she’s determined to become a sushi chef. I’m sure you can guess the spoiler alert.

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  • AP Brings It Home with Our Boston AP Connect Event

    On a balmy summer evening last week, AP clients, partners, friends and team members braved the Back Bay traffic to meet up at Towne Stove & Spirits – a fantastic venue on Boylston Street. While the delicious hors d’oeuvres and drinks were definitely a draw, it was the opportunity to relax, unwind and connect with smart, innovative business owners and digital marketing pro ...

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  • Lets Call Influencer Marketing What It Really Is

    Influencer marketing is all the rage right now. But the closer you look, the more it seems many companies don’t understand how to use it effectively, nor do they truly grasp what it means. Too many marketers are just throwing the term around and scrambling to partner with high-profile bloggers, social media stars, and celebrities.

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