• Taking It to The Max: Smart Steps to Growing Your Startup

      You’ve mastered the first step to starting a business. You’ve taken the steps to put your ideas into action to create a business that you believe will serve a need to the public successfully. While you’re anxious to get started, you realise you’re just another name in a sea of competition. Gaining access to customers and earning revenue requires you to grow your business, bui ...

      Adeyemi Adisa/ Adeyemiadisa.com- 19 readers -
    • Why Assuming Money Solves All Problems Is Wrong

      STUFF YOU MAY LIKE The belief or assumption that money solves all problems is primitive and very wrong. Are you asking why? Well, it’s because money never solve all problems. Probably, you might have heard of such statements as “money will solve it”. Yes, money does solve problems but not all. The truth is that, in most cases, money can only solve problems temporarily and not permanently.

      Anthony Williams/ Adeyemiadisa.com- 8 readers -
    • 5 Super Easy Ways To Develop An Effective Sales Strategy

      STUFF YOU MAY LIKE Every business wants to make more sales and profit. This is the bottom line of every business and this is why an effective sales strategy is a must. If you want your business to continue to operate, there is an urgent need to come up with a sales focus. This will help drive the most amount of growth to your business.

      Anthony Williams/ Adeyemiadisa.com- 6 readers -
  • Essential Stuff You Will Need To Start A Successful Business

    It takes a combination of many things to start a successful business. While many factors are common to all businesses, some are unique to each industry. Faced with so many unknowns, how do you know where to start and how do you know what to do to grow the unique aspects of your business? Start at the beginning by getting clear on your own motivation for launching your business.

    Adeyemi Adisa/ Adeyemiadisa.com- 7 readers -


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