• The Crypto Thing

      ​ We’re looking for beta testers to try out CryptoThing.io, a cryptocurrency signaling software we’re actively developing. In return the first beta testers get a lifetime pass once we open testing this spring. http://CryptoThing.io What is Crypto Signaling Software? It’s basically a software that will send you buy / sell signals for the top traded cryptocurrency and allow ...

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  • Everyone Has A Plan Until They Get Punched In The Mouth

    That was Mike Tyson’s response before a big fight when reporters were grilling him for his strategy. The beauty of Iron Mike’s quote is that it applies to everyone of us now and again. Everyone has a plan for their life, for their career, for their family, for their health. And sometimes we get punched in the mouth while executing our perfectly laid plans.

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  • How to dissect Facebook Ads using 3 free tools

    Join me on a free 30 minute training session Friday January 13th at 6:00 AM Eastern or 3:00 PM Eastern, where I'll show you how I mine data out of Facebook using three free tools that you probably already have. Register for Friday January 13, 6:00 AM Eastern Register for Friday January 13, 3:00 PM Eastern This free live training is limited to 100 spots and will not be recorded.

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  • I’m Building Your Next 1000+ Lead Magnet With You

    I personally guarantee this will be the best $9 you ever spend. If it’s not, you get it back. Get a $9 license for the content in this private label package and join me on this webinar December 15th and I’ll show you step-by-step how to build your next lead magnet with it like I do. Get this PLR content then join me Thursday December 15th to UNLOCK how to put it to w ...

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  • Dynamic Landing Pages Made Easy

    With Performance marketing, you are always trying to push yourself to get ahead of the bulk of the competition. It only a few months of practice, you can start learning basic PHP and use those skills to become a better affiliate marketer. Saving time & Money while optimizing the landing page. You will need Zero coding skills for this example, though, but if you want to learn and process.

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  • PRO Market Research Method for Affiliate Marketers

    Paid – Referrals – Organic The PRO Market Research Method is the easiest way for affiliate marketers to research any affiliate offer. This is an easy formula that you can use right now to crack open a niche market and is based on three easy-to-remember data points. Paid, Referrals & Organic. There are many tools available to find the data the data that you need for the PRO Method.

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  • 3 Step PPV Optimization For Lead Generation

    PPV traffic is a great way to generate leads and sales. Here’s a simple 3 step formula for getting your lead generation campaigns optimized for the greatest return. DOWNLOAD PDF Getting Clicks? Are you getting clicks on your pop-up’s call to action? Yes… Eliminate “budget waster” targets (targets that under perform) Eliminate “traffic hogs” (high volume, sometimes unre ...

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  • PPV Landing Page Essentials

    Make It Quick Your PPV landing page should be as lightweight as possible. Avoid “one size fits all”, responsive PPV landers because they have to load a ton of extra code that you don’t need if you taylor your design for the network you are running on. Running a lean landing page get’s it loaded and in front of your customer as fast as possible.

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  • Keys To PPV Success

    When I played college football, every season the first day in full pads was a huge, adrenaline infused, big freaking deal. It always started with “Raider Drill”, three on three, get crazy, who wants to hit, blocking and tackling drill that signified football has officially arrived. The point of Raider Drill was to revisit the foundational elements that make up the game of American Football.

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