• Everyone Has A Plan Until They Get Punched In The Mouth

      That was Mike Tyson’s response before a big fight when reporters were grilling him for his strategy. The beauty of Iron Mike’s quote is that it applies to everyone of us now and again. Everyone has a plan for their life, for their career, for their family, for their health. And sometimes we get punched in the mouth while executing our perfectly laid plans.

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    • PRO Market Research Method for Affiliate Marketers

      Paid – Referrals – Organic The PRO Market Research Method is the easiest way for affiliate marketers to research any affiliate offer. This is an easy formula that you can use right now to crack open a niche market and is based on three easy-to-remember data points. Paid, Referrals & Organic. There are many tools available to find the data the data that you need for the PRO Method.

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    • I’m Building Your Next 1000+ Lead Magnet With You

      I personally guarantee this will be the best $9 you ever spend. If it’s not, you get it back. Get a $9 license for the content in this private label package and join me on this webinar December 15th and I’ll show you step-by-step how to build your next lead magnet with it like I do. Get this PLR content then join me Thursday December 15th to UNLOCK how to put it to w ...

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  • How to dissect Facebook Ads using 3 free tools

    Join me on a free 30 minute training session Friday January 13th at 6:00 AM Eastern or 3:00 PM Eastern, where I'll show you how I mine data out of Facebook using three free tools that you probably already have. Register for Friday January 13, 6:00 AM Eastern Register for Friday January 13, 3:00 PM Eastern This free live training is limited to 100 spots and will not be recorded.

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  • Dynamic Landing Pages Made Easy

    With Performance marketing, you are always trying to push yourself to get ahead of the bulk of the competition. It only a few months of practice, you can start learning basic PHP and use those skills to become a better affiliate marketer. Saving time & Money while optimizing the landing page. You will need Zero coding skills for this example, though, but if you want to learn and process.

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  • 3 Step PPV Optimization For Lead Generation

    PPV traffic is a great way to generate leads and sales. Here’s a simple 3 step formula for getting your lead generation campaigns optimized for the greatest return. DOWNLOAD PDF Getting Clicks? Are you getting clicks on your pop-up’s call to action? Yes… Eliminate “budget waster” targets (targets that under perform) Eliminate “traffic hogs” (high volume, sometimes unre ...

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  • PPV Landing Page Essentials

    Make It Quick Your PPV landing page should be as lightweight as possible. Avoid “one size fits all”, responsive PPV landers because they have to load a ton of extra code that you don’t need if you taylor your design for the network you are running on. Running a lean landing page get’s it loaded and in front of your customer as fast as possible.

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  • Keys To PPV Success

    When I played college football, every season the first day in full pads was a huge, adrenaline infused, big freaking deal. It always started with “Raider Drill”, three on three, get crazy, who wants to hit, blocking and tackling drill that signified football has officially arrived. The point of Raider Drill was to revisit the foundational elements that make up the game of American Football.

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  • Quickly Create Amazing Graphics

    Corey Bornmann is the founder of AffPortal.com, one of the web's first toolsets for Internet Marketers. He lives in Central Pennsylvania with his wife an ...

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  • Selling On Instagram

    By Corey Bornmann on December 15, 2015 Last week I connected with an Instagram expert named Roger Dagenais who has been heavily investing time, energy and money on Instagram and his results have been amazing. There’s over 400 million people who are active on Instagram and it’s the only platform left that it’s still possible to have substantial fre.

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  • 12 Days of Freebies Give Away

    By Corey Bornmann on December 7, 2015 Every day through December 17 I’ll be giving away one high quality digital marketing product to help you get your business firing on all cylinders for 2016 during our “12 Days of Freebies” give away. The products include items from training videos, marketing graphics, ebooks and software.

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  • The 10 Step Video Sales Letter Script

    By Corey Bornmann on November 18, 2015 Here’s a handy little guide I just compiled with the specific components of a video sales letter script. There’s 10 steps in your script and here’s the download link. http://bonus.affportal.net/2015/10-Step-VSL-Formula.zip Once you have your script written the next step is recording your voice over and then importing it all into Eas ...

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  • How To DOUBLE Your Productivity

    Just think about how amazing it would be if you could clone yourself. Say you normally work 8 hours a day. The two of you would get 16 hours of profit building work done and seriously boosting that PayPal account balance at the same time. But unfortunately cloning is not an option… BUT, you can be twice as productive if you apply an old programmers trick, RE-PURPOSING your completed work.

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  • How To Monetize Your Thank You Page

    By putting an inexpensive offer on your thank you page you can make your lead generation campaigns pay for themselves and it’s not terribly hard to do. Here’s the formula: Paid Traffic (Facebook Ads) > Squeeze Page > Self Liquidating Offer (Inexpensive $7 Offer ). That’s the simple lead generation strategy I have been yapping about since mid September when I put out Ea ...

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  • Twitter Bootstrap Developer Wanted

    By Corey Bornmann on October 2, 2015 I’m starting an interesting project and looking for an expert with Twitter Bootstrap to help me develop some themes. First theme is a proof of concept and many more themes will come after so I’m looking for a developer to do it on a project basis and develop a long term working relationship. Email me directly at coreybornmann@gmail.

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  • List Building With A Self Liquidating Offer

    The Self Liquidating Offer is a powerful concept to build your list and have it pay for itself along the way. Here’s The Process To Create The SLO. 1. Build a Lead Magnet and Squeeze Page 2. Build a LOW DOLLAR offer for the Thank You Page 3. Drive paid traffic 4. Optimize The goal here is to optimize your campaign to the point where it breaks even or makes a small profit.

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  • Easy Way Lead Magnets

    I just wrapped up a 50 page instructional guide that shows you step by step how to build lead magnets in any niche, super fast. I mean even in niches you know very little about. Included in the download package is image source code, responsive squeeze page templates, responsive sales pages and way more. http://idigplr.

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  • How To Sell Your Digital Marketing Skills

    Independent digital marketers like YOU & I are valuable in so many ways. I’m talking about ways you may not have thought of, YET! We are CURRENT and know what today’s digital marketing landscape looks like and where it’s headed tomorrow. We understand how paid ads online work today. We understand autoresponders, we get how to build an email list the right way.

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