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  • 3.8 Million Tweets About Opening Weekend of Coachella

    As the last notes of the first weekend of this year’s Coachella festival faded away, Twitter reported that there were some 3.8 million tweets about the event. Twitter head of music industry and artist relations Nicole St. Jean revealed in a blog post that the most-tweeted emoji was the palm tree, a nod to the festival’s setting in Indio, Calif.

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  • Facebook to Reveal Q1 Financial Results April 27

    Facebook will reveal its first-quarter-2016 financial results after market close Wednesday, April 27. The company will hold a conference call at 2 p.m. PT/5 p.m. ET that day, with a live webcast accessible via its investor-relations page, which will also host Facebook’s earnings press release, fina ...

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  • FbStart Apps of the Year Entries Now Being Accepted

    By David Cohen on Apr. 4, 2016 - 10:00 AM Entries are now being accepted for the second annual FbStart Apps of the Year competition, and they are due May 12 at noon PST. The social network announced in a blog post that the grand-prize winner will receive $50,000 in cash and $50,000 in Facebook ad credits, with four additional developers each receiving prizes worth $12,500.

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  • F8 2016: Bots for the Messenger Platform Are Here

    As expected, one of the highlights of Facebook’s F8 global developers’ conference in San Francisco Tuesday was the introduction of bots for its Messenger application. Vice president of messaging products David Marcus provided details on Facebook’s new Messenger Platform (Beta), which gives developers the ability to create bots, along with access to the social network’s new ...

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  • F8 2016: Facebook Surround 360 3-D 360-Degree Camera System

    Facebook developed a 3-D 360-degree camera system with an eye toward the 360-degree videos it recently introduced to the social network. Facebook Surround 360 will not be branded or sold by Facebook. Rather, the social network is open-sourcing the technology, with plans to post the design specifications and stitching code on GitHub this summer.

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  • F8 2016: Facebook Live API Open to Developers, Publishers

    Facebook is giving developers and publishers a chance to see what they can do with its Facebook Live video-streaming feature. Product manager Daniel Danker provided details about the Facebook Live API (application-programming interface)—which was introduced by the social network at its F8 global developers’ conference in San Francisco Tuesday—in a Facebook Media blog post.

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  • F8 2016: App and Tips for Attendees and Remote Participants

    Facebook detailed ways in which both attendees and non-attendees can prepare for next week’s F8 global developers conference. F8 2016 will be held next Tuesday and Wednesday (April 12 and 13) at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. In a blog post, the social network prompted attendees to download the F8 application (iOS or Android) and to arrive early, saying of the app ...

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  • 2UP on iOS is Periscope for Live Video Debates

    2UP announced the launch of its live video debate application, which allows users to share their opinions about topics in real-time, with the audience deciding the “winner” of each debate. With 2UP, users can create their own positions on a topic and wait for an opponent to challenge them to a debate, or browse existing positions to find a debate to join.

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  • Snapchat Launches 3-D Stickers on iOS

    Snapchat launched the latest version of its application on iOS, introducing 3-D stickers to users. The feature allows users to place emoji stickers on top of people or objects in a video snap, which move as the objects do in the clip. Snapchat launched 3-D stickers on Android earlier this month. With this update, after users capture a video snap and select an emoji sticker f ...

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  • 3 Tips for Proving the ROI of Influencer Campaigns

    Influencer marketing has been a social media marketing tactic for a while now, and still many marketers still say finding the right influencer is a challenge, as is connecting influencer campaigns to business metrics. This is starting to change, thanks in part to the maturation of influencer marketing and its adoption on a larger scale.

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  • Report: 30-Second Video Ads Foster Deeper Audience Connection

    Video ad performance is increasing rapidly, and more advertisers are starting to realize the power of visual media. While many advertisers know video is almost always better than display ads when it comes to brand recall, there’s still a lot that can be optimized. A report from Think With Google examines the impact of video length on marketing messages.

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  • Facebook, Instagram to Bring WWE Fans Ringside at WrestleMania 32

    WrestleMania 32 will take place at AT&T Stadium in Dallas Sunday, and WWE is teaming up with Facebook and Instagram to bring fans into the ring and the locker room. Facebook Live will be in heavy use by WWE Superstars and Divas Sunday, bringing live videos to WWE fans. Real-time video highlights from the event will also be presented on the WWE WrestleMania Facebook pag ...

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  • YouTube Adds 360-Degree Live Streaming, Spatial Audio

    YouTube Monday announced support for 360-degree live streaming and spatial audio for on-demand videos. Chief product officer Neal Mohan made the announcement in a blog post, saying that it debuted the technology at the Coachella music festival this past weekend, and adding that spatial audio is available for on-demand YouTube videos.

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  • 5 Twitter List Secrets From the Pros

    Last week, I was the guest on Madalyn Sklar’s #TwitterSmarter chat. Over 220 of us gathered for an hour to discuss our top tips and tricks for rocking Twitter lists, and with 1,757 tweets sent, there were plenty of gems shared. Here are five of the best from the chat, and from my own experiences managing my client’s social profiles.

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  • Patternator Lets You Create Patterns to Use as Your Phone’s Background

    Bazaart has launched Patternator on iOS. The pattern designer allows users to create patterns which can be used as their device’s background image, shared to social media or printed onto a phone case. With Patternator, users can create a pattern by selecting one of ‘millions’ of stickers (powered by imoji), or by importing an image from their camera roll.

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  • Facebook Benches Itself in Bidding for NFL Live-Streaming (Report)

    Facebook is not quite ready for some football, as Bloomberg reported that the social network has dropped out of the bidding to live-stream Thursday-night National Football League games. According to Bloomberg, two factors led to Facebook’s decision to punt: The social network prefers that its video content remain commercial-free, which NFL games obviously are not, and the e ...

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  • Marvel Avengers Academy Receives Guardians of the Galaxy Special Event

    TinyCo and Marvel Entertainment have launched the first limited time in-game event in Marvel Avengers Academy on mobile. The event brings the Guardians of the Galaxy to the academy, and introduces a new combat feature to the game. Marvel Avengers Academy allows players to interact with a variety of Marvel super heroes and villains, which have been reimagined as college students.

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  • VidSpace Launches ‘A Video Meme App’ for iOS

    VidSpace has announced the launch of its new iOS app: A Video Meme App. Otherwise known as ‘Veme,’ the app is a simplified version of the company’s VidSpace for Messenger, and allows users to search for video clips from television shows and movies, and share them with others through text message, social media and more.

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  • Disney, Hipster Whale Launch Disney Crossy Road on Mobile

    Disney and Hipster Whale have announced the launch of Disney Crossy Road on mobile. The game was built around the same general gameplay as Hipster Whale’s mega-hit Crossy Road, but with some unique differences inspired by Disney films and attractions. In Disney Crossy Road, players are challenged to survive as long as possible by tapping to move across lanes of traffic, riv ...

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  • The Most Dangerous Places to Live, According to Twitter (Infographic)

    Despite what the national news would have us believe, violent crime is the lowest it has been in over 20 years. That fact doesn’t stop people from being afraid, and the sad reality is that some U.S. cities are more plagued by crime than others. Abodo dug through a year of tweets from the U.S. for mentions of keywords relating to types of violent, sexual, drug, and police re ...

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  • How NGOs Around the World Use Technology and Social Media

    The internet, and social media in particular, has powerful tool for raising awareness for social causes and charity events. Non-government organizations (NGOs) have also adapted to the digital age and use technology to communicate with supporters and donors. However, according to a report from nonprofits Tech For Good and Public Interest Registry, there is a gap between the ...

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  • Report: Periscope Will Soon Allow You to Draw on Your Streams

    Periscope broadcasters will soon be able to draw on top of their live streams, reports The Next Web. The feature is currently available to a number of users in the beta version of the app. The Next Web’s Matt Navarra demonstrated the feature during a live stream, available below. When drawing, users will reportedly be able to choose from three primary colors, or pick up a c ...

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  • Edge Music Network Launches Updated Music Video App on iOS

    Following a beta period, Edge Music Network announced the official launch of its updated music video application on iOS. The app allow users to watch live and on-demand music video content, and it is backed by industry veterans such as John Paul DeJoria, VH1 Classic founder Eric Sherman, Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler, The Who lead singer Roger Daltrey and Queen drummer ...

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  • 3 Simple Ways to Handle UGC Rights Management

    Visual content is the backbone of any e-commerce site. In today’s programmatic world, not only does that content live on the e-commerce site–it frequently serves to pull people to the site from search advertising and retargeting ads. So it behooves brands to make e-commerce content compelling. And yet, for the vast majority of brands and retailers, e-commerce content isn’t c ...

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  • Can Brave Browser Revolutionize the Advertising Experience Online?

    Internet users don’t like ads. They’ve long been savvy enough to ignore banner ads, and now they’re growing increasingly resistant to the presence of ads in their social news feeds, pre-roll ads before videos and sponsored content in mobile applications. According to a survey conducted last year, 64 percent of them are using ad-blocker solutions and 82 percent don’t care th ...

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  • Bandai Namco Launches SailorMoon Drops on Mobile

    Bandai Namco Entertainment launched SailorMoon Drops on iOS and Android. The game asks players to help the Sailor Guardians complete match-three puzzles. In each level of SailorMoon Drops, players have a limited number of moves to complete a specific task, like earning a required number of points or breaking barrier squares by making matches on top of them.

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  • Mobile Game Roundup: Versus Run, Mars Mountain and More

    If you’re looking for a new mobile game to play this weekend, there are plenty of new options for you to try, like Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run from AMC and Versus Evil. The running game is based on the television show Fear the Walking Dead, and challenges players to escape Los Angeles while running from zombies.

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  • Crusaders of the Lost Idols Coming to Mobile This Summer

    Canadian developer Codename Entertainment announced that its clicker or idle game, Crusaders of the Lost Idols, will be released on mobile this summer. The title will be published by Kongregate. Crusaders of the Lost Idols is currently available to play for free on Facebook and other online portals, and it can also be downloaded for free on Steam.

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  • LinkedIn Students App Helps New College Grads Find the Right Jobs

    LinkedIn announced the launch of its LinkedIn Students mobile application. The app was created for upcoming college graduates, and it allows users to discover jobs based on their majors, among other features. The LinkedIn Students app provides users with job information based on “real data from the career paths of hundreds of millions of successful professionals.

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  • LinkedIn Recruiter Update Rolls Out

    LinkedIn took care of upcoming college graduates earlier this week, so it turned its attention to recruiters. The professional network launched its revamped LinkedIn Recruiter application—originally announced at its Talent Connect conference last October—for iOS and Android. VentureBeat reported that the app is currently being used by 41,000 companies around the world, add ...

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  • More Facebook Ad Spend Goes to Video in Q1 (Report)

    Video ads continued to command a greater share of ad spending in the first quarter of 2016, particularly on mobile and led by advertisers in the gaming sector. Digital advertising automation software provider Nanigans, a Facebook Marketing Partner, analyzed ad impressions delivered by clients using its software in the first quarter, and it found that video accounted for 26 ...

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  • Report: Love Is the Most Popular Facebook Reaction

    The ability to interact with Facebook posts had remained static for a long time. Like, share, comment, ignore and report were pretty much the only ways to make your feelings known. Facebook Reactions offered users another way to express themselves, and results have been mixed. Content marketing agency Fractl looked at the top three posts, as ranked by Reactions, from CNN, F ...

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  • Is Facebook Exploring Ways for Verified Users to Make Money?

    Facebook verified users: What if you could profit from your posts on the social network? According to The Verge, ways to do so might be in the works. The Verge shared the screenshots below of a survey some users with verified profiles are seeing, which gauges their interest in ways to promote causes or earn money from their personal presence on the Facebook, and asks what m ...

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  • Sean Parker Launches Airtime Group Messaging App on Mobile

    Napster co-founder and former Facebook president Sean Parker relaunched his Airtime platform as a group text and video chat application on iOS and Android. The app was created to allow users to experience content together, as they might in the real world. Airtime allows users to create rooms and invite their friends to join.

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  • Mobile Game Roundup: Tropical Wars, Soda World and More

    If you’re looking for a new mobile game to play this weekend, you have plenty of new games to try, including Loud on Planet X, a music rhythm game from Pop Sandbox. The game features music from 14 artists, including Tegan and Sara, Chvrches, Lights and more, and challenges players to protect the artists from aliens.

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  • Recommendations Can’t Be Random

    When content or product recommendations miss the mark, they can go from valuable to annoying in less time than it takes to X them out. Alhough social networks, native networks and marketers know that relevant recommendations are important, most have yet to master the art. And when recommendations are sloppy and don’t work, they deflate the interests of consumers, and can even offend them.

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  • How Consumer-Generated Content Drives Brand Value (Report)

    Consumer-generated content is everywhere. Consumers post everything from comprehensive reviews to pictures of the products they’ve bought or plan to buy. This activity is a major driver of sales and product engagement in the e-commerce space. A report from BazaarVoice examines the impact of this sort of content.

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  • Facebook Opens Philippines Office

    Facebook set up shop in the Philippines, announcing the opening of its first office in the island nation earlier this week. Vice president, Asia-Pacific Dan Neary broke the news in a Facebook post from Makati, Philippines: I’m excited to share that Facebook opened its first office in the Philippines today.

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  • Spotify Matches Users, Game of Thrones Characters Based on Music Tastes

    Ahead of the season-six premiere of Game of Thrones on HBO Sunday, Spotify launched a new website allowing users to find their Game of Thrones character match based on their taste in music. To discover their match, users can head to Spotify’s Game of Thrones website and connect to their Spotify accounts. Spotify worked with HBO and Game of Thrones music supervisor Evyen J.

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  • Snapchat Lets You Face Swap With Images From Your Camera Roll on iOS

    Snapchat launched a new version of its iOS application, allowing users to Face Swap with photos from their camera rolls. This update follows the launch of 3-D stickers on iOS earlier this month. The Face Swap feature already allowed users to swap their face with another person (or object) on the screen, but now users can also swap their face with one from a picture.

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  • Learn About Influencer Engagement Via My Affair With a Food Startup

    I normally don’t engage in public displays of affection, but right now, my affair with a food-delivery startup is on display all over New York and Twitter. That’s my tweet in the photo to the right. Let me explain: In October of last year, a startup called Maple began servicing a swath of New York that includes both my apartment and my office.

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  • ‘Moving to Canada’ Tweets and Super Tuesday (Study)

    By David Cohen on Apr. 25, 2016 - 12:00 PM “If Donald Trump gets elected, I’m moving to Canada.” Real estate brokerage TheRedPin studied exactly that type of tweet. TheRedPin analyzed tweets on the subject around the first Super Tuesday, and its findings included: The most tweets about moving to Canada came from Washington, D.C., followed by Nevada and Michigan.

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  • How Social Engagement Skyrocketed at Western Union

    Western Union conjures up visions of wiring money, not viral social content, but vice president of social media Karen O’Brien would like you to take a closer look. O’Brien currently oversees a social media presence encompassing some 8.2 million followers on 10 platforms—Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Vine, WeChat and blogs—in more than ...

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  • EA Brings Guilds, Guild Raids to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

    Electronic Arts launched a new content update for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes on mobile devices, introducing guilds, guild raids and new characters to the game. The turn-based battle game allows users to collect characters from the Star Wars universe and take them into single-player and multiplayer battles. With this update, players can join a guild once they reach level 22.

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  • Social Autopsy: A Platform for Online Shaming and Mob Rule?

    Online bullying and trolling are problems that seem notoriously difficult to root out. A counter-behavior, online shaming, can also be problematic on social media, as mobs amass to dole out punishment for perceived transgressions. Social Autopsy, a database for exposing users engaged in hate-filled behavior, has reignited discussion over these issues.

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  • Another Facebook Stand-Alone Camera App?

    Facebook introduced its stand-alone Camera application in May 2012, and it bombed, resulting in its removal from app stores in May 2014. Is the social network ready for take two? The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook’s friend sharing team in London developed a stand-alone app that opens directly to a camera, similar to Snapchat, and allows them to instantly begin l ...

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  • Fluent: One-Half of Mobile Users Have Never Paid for a Gaming App

    Customer acquisition platform Fluent released the results of a new survey that analyzed the mobile gaming habits of 1,014 American mobile device owners. According to the report, 77 percent of respondents said they play mobile games multiple times per week, while 46 percent said they play mobile games every day.

    AllFacebook- 7 readers -
  • Aremi: The Magic of Gaia Lets Users Become Wizards Through Augmented Reality

    Immersive Play (Immplay), a member of the Zynga co.lab accelerator, announced that it will release Aremi: The Magic of Gaia, its augmented-reality-supported magic cauldron toy, in limited quantities this holiday season, ahead of the product’s retail release in 2017. Aremi: The Magic of Gaia combines real-world toys with a mobile application, and will allow children to become ...

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  • Emmerge Mixes Email With Task Management on iOS

    Emmerge announced the official launch of its iOS application, which combines email with to-do lists to help users manage their tasks and collaborate with their contacts. With Emmerge, once users connect to their existing email account, the app will organize their inbox into filters. For instance, the app separates mass emails (like newsletters) into a subscriptions mailbox, ...

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  • YouTube Updates Content Recommendation Engine in iOS, Android Apps

    YouTube beefed up the machine learning engine behind the content recommendations in its iOS and Android applications. Google vice president of YouTube product management Johanna Wright told CNET the improved recommendations engine is based on the same type of deep neural network technology Google uses to formulate its search results, adding: Delivering a personal recommenda ...

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  • How to Maximize Facebook Lead Ads

    Facebook opened up its Lead Ads to all advertisers last October, and Facebook for Business provided some tips this week on how brands can best utilize them. Lead ads allow brands to auto-populate forms being filled out by users—for purposes including events, newsletters, offers or requests for further information—with details those users have already provided to Facebook, s ...

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  • Does Snapchat Carry Hidden Pitfalls for Brands?

    Snapchat is the “it” platform of 2016. It seems to go from one hit to the next, whether Gatorade at the Super Bowl or Snapchat itself making headlines at South By Southwest. There’s no denying that the company has tapped into something consumers love and, as a result, brands have also fallen in love with Snapchat.

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  • Nintendo Announces Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing Games for Mobile

    During its latest earnings announcement, Nintendo revealed the first details about its next mobile apps. The company also shared some stats from Miitomo, its first app, which launched in March. Miitomo launched on March 17 in Japan, and on March 31 in the United States. Nintendo said the social app has been downloaded by 10 million users worldwide since its release, and that ...

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  • Netmarble Launches Disney Magical Dice on iOS, Android

    Mobile game company Netmarble Games launched Disney Magical Dice on mobile. The Monopoly-style board game allows up to four players to move around a Disney-themed game board, spending coins to purchase squares and construct buildings. In Disney Magical Dice, players can collect 20 costume cards representing Disney and Disney Pixar characters, and they can play as one of thes ...

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  • Scouting Cards for Social Networks (Infographic)

    The National Football League Draft kicks off Thursday night, which led Visage and On Base Marketing to wonder what the scouting cards for social networks would look like. Visage and On Base Marketing prepared the infographic below, highlighting the pros, cons and key statistics for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Snapchat, and On Base Marketing founder ...

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  • What Should We Do With All of That Content?

    As more users worldwide gain access to the internet and existing users engage more, the rate of content creation by users has increased exponentially. It’s not like data and information saturation is new; we’ve been dealing with it for years. The solution most companies seem to be driving toward is recommendations, curated feeds and algorithmic content surfacing.

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  • What Can You Measure on Twitter?

    You’re getting lots of retweets, clicks and eyeballs on your tweets. You know your Twitter account is doing great things for your brand … but you just can’t exactly explain how. If you’ve been struggling to explain the value of Twitter to the higher-ups, you’re probably not measuring results well (or at all).

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  • The NFL Draft and the $16 Million Tweet?

    Is it possible that new Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil cost himself up to $16 million with one tweet? Tunsil, who starred at the University of Mississippi, was projected as the top pick in the 2016 National Football League Draft by some experts, but he was not selected until pick No. 13. Why the slide? Just before the NFL Draft kicked off Thursday night, at 7:47 p.m.

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