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  • Microsoft is Gifting Windows 10 to Users

    By Karen Fratti on Jan. 21, 2015 - 3:30 PM Microsoft made some big announcements Wednesday, saying it will give its Windows 10 operating system away for free to customers, introducing a revamped Office for mobile and revealing that its Xbox One will stream to any PC or tablet. If you haven’t been using Windows, you won’t get a free upgrade, according to The New York Times ...

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  • HELP WANTED: Facebook Looking to Hire 1,200 People

    Looking for a job? Facebook may be looking for you. Reuters reported that the social network is looking to fill nearly 1,200 positions “in the near term,” with many of those related to its Oculus VR virtual-reality acquisition, its desire to deploy drones to boost Internet connectivity and growth at its data centers.

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  • DeNA Launches Blood Brothers 2 on iOS, Android [Interview]

    Mobile game developer and publisher DeNA has announced the launch of Blood Brothers 2 on iOS and Android devices. The sequel to 2011’s Blood Brothers, the game is a dark-fantasy strategy RPG, set in the land of Arnashia, which has been thrown into chaos 100 years after the events of the first game.

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  • Facebook’s Q4 2014: Mobile is Now 69% Of Ad Revenue

    By Justin Lafferty on Jan. 28, 2015 - 4:32 PM All estimates going into Q4 showed that ad spend on Facebook would rise. Facebook validated this belief Wednesday, showing that the company reaped its all-time high in quarterly ad revenue — $3.59 billion. Of that figure, 69 percent of Facebook’s ad revenue came via mobile.

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  • Fiksu: App Downloads Hit Record High in December 2014

    User acquisition and marketing company Fiksu has released its indexes for December 2014, which marked a huge increase in app downloads to end the year. Its App Store Competitive index, which tracks the average number of daily downloads for the top 200 free iOS apps, rocketed to 9.2 million, up 14 percent from November 2014, and up 44 percent year-over-year.

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  • 2015 Tabby Awards Accepting Submissions for Tablet Apps, Games

    Tablet games and applications competition the Tabby Awards opened its 2015 app-submission process to developers and publishers. The competition will determine the best iPad and Android tablet apps and games, and it is open to submissions from around the world. This year’s competition will be judged by an international panel of judges, chaired by Otto Toth, chief technology of ...

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  • GOLDEN GLOBES: 17M Facebook Interactions

    Sunday night’s 72nd annual Golden Globes awards generated 17 million interactions (posts, comments and likes) from 8 million Facebook users during the event, up from 7.2 million interactions and 4.1 million users last year, the social network told Mashable. The 10 moments during Sunday night’s event that generated the most Facebook buzz were: Prince presents the award for be ...

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  • TVs and Wearables Most Discussed CES Products

    Synthesio, a social intelligence company, has compiled all of your tweets and mentions and interactions to determine the most discussed gadgets at this year’s CES. Does anybody else have this thing where every day you wake up and it’s still CES — Casey Newton (@CaseyNewton) January 8, 2015 Yes, we’re still talking about CES. We promise it will be the last time this year. Maybe..

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  • Is Instagram Worth Quitting Your Job For?

    Francis Trapp is the CEO of Brandnew IO, the influencer network that connects brands with the world’s most influential users to deliver campaigns on Instagram and Pinterest. Instagram recently announced they now have over 300 million users and that they would soon introduce verified accounts and any people or posts that don’t follow Instagram’s community guidelines.

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  • 2K, Firaxis Games Announce Sid Meier’s Starships for iPad

    2K and Firaxis Games have announced Sid Meier’s Starships, an upcoming turn-based strategy game set in the Civilization: Beyond Earth universe. The game will be released on iPad later this year (as well as PC and Mac), and it will allow players to command a fleet of starships as they complete quests and protect planets throughout the galaxy.

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  • 4 Mission-Critical Components to Executive Planning for Social Growth

    As executives turn the page on another year at the helm of their respective brands, one major trend continues: incremental change is no longer delivering bottom-line growth, or at least the growth that makes stakeholders and investors happy. Social media strategy and governance often exposes the problems of organizations struggling to thrive amid the changes of the last seve ...

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  • Crowdfunding: the next up-and-coming business tool

    Creating a successful business is tricky and it’s become even more so in the Internet Age. This is why one media relations pro says businesspeople must reprogram the way they think about marketing, especially social marketing and funding. Ariel Hyatt, president of NYC-based Cyber PR, saw the influence the internet would have on brands and on bottom lines long before social m ...

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  • Kabam Acquires This Means War Developers TapZen and Magic Pixel Games

    Free-to-play social game developer Kabam has announced it has acquired two Los Angeles-based game studios: TapZen and Magic Pixel Games. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but TapZen founder Mike Verdu will join as a new executive on the Kabam team. Both studios will merge into a Kabam-branded Los Angeles studio near Culver City.

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  • STUDY: Men Who Take Excessive Selfies Show Psychopathic Traits

    Uh, oh. Not only are we all addicts, we’re also displaying psychopathic traits all over Instagram. A study released by Ohio State this week found that men who post selfies — not the ladies, mind you — tend to show more psychopathic traits than those who don’t. MediaPost reported that based on a survey of 800 men, men who are “prolific selfie posters” scored lower in empathy ...

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  • eMarketer: YouTube Should Watch Its Back

    YouTube is still far and away the leader in terms of online video viewing and digital video advertising, but Facebook is hot on its heels, and Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Snapchat are poised to rattle the landscape, as well, according to a new report from research firm eMarketer. eMarketer estimated that U.S. digital video advertising will total $7.77 billion in 2015, up 30.

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  • STUDY: Does Social Media Use Cause Stress?

    Does social media cause or accelerate stress? Pew Research Center sought to answer that question with its latest study, which turned up mixed results: Frequent Internet and social media users do not exhibit higher stress levels, but that changes under certain circumstances when they become aware of stressful events in the lives of family and friends.

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  • UK Teens Losing Interest in Twitter, Says Study

    Facebook remains the number one social network amongst teenage social media users in the United Kingdom, but Twitter has fallen in popularity year-on-year, reveals a new study. Ofcom polled UK social media users aged 12-15 years of age and found that 96 percent used Facebook, down just 1 percent from 2013. Twitter, meanwhile, is ...

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  • AppsFlyer Partners with GameAnalytics to Help Developers Engage New Audiences

    Mobile advertising measurement platform AppsFlyer, and GameAnalytics, a free analytics engine for game studios (pictured), have announced a partnership to provide developers with an integrated analytics and user acquisition solution. In brief, this will allow game developers to receive more insight about the user acquisition process for their games, and the post-install dat ...

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  • Funtactix Launches Publishing Division, FTX Games Brand

    Funtactix, a developer and publisher of mobile and social games, has announced the creation of its new publishing division, and its new consumer brand, FTX Games. The company specializes in creating games based on top television and film properties, and has previously released The Hunger Games Adventures and The League: Official Fantasy Game on mobile devices, with the forme ...

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  • Warner Bros. Unleashes WWE Immortals on iOS, Android

    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and WWE have announced the release of WWE Immortals on iOS and Android devices. Developed by NetherRealm, the fighting game was built on the same engine as the developer’s Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile title, and plays in a similar fashion. In WWE Immortals, users recruit their favorite WWE Superstars and Divas, taking them into three ...

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  • Zynga Launches Words on Tour on iOS, Android

    Zynga has today announced the release of Words on Tour on iOS and Android devices. Created by the team behind Words with Friends, the game allows players to virtually travel the globe, solving level-based word puzzles across a variety of level types, in a style similar to Boggle (or Zynga’s Scramble with Friends).

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  • Facebook Expands Featured Videos for Pages?

    By David Cohen on Jan. 16, 2015 - 1:21 PM More Facebook page administrators are gaining the ability to choose featured videos for their pages and organize their video sections, which the social network began testing last month. Page admins with access to the new feature are seeing a module beneath their cover images, which reads: New! Organize and display your videos: No ...

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  • Teehan+Lax Partners Join Facebook Design

    The three partners of Toronto-based design firm Teehan+Lax — Jon Lax, Geoff Teehan and David Gillis — are bidding farewell to their company and their home city and packing up for the San Francisco Bay area to join the Facebook Design team. The move was a decision by founders Lax and Teehan and partner Gillis, not an acquisition by the social network.

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  • Helicopter Parent Uses Yik Yak to PEEK Into College Life

    With widespread adoption of social networks for maintaining relationships, it’s become increasingly easy to peep into the lives of the people around us. This may have led to a trend in aggressive oversharing, which exposes more of our data more often. With this exposure, it seems that parents have been able to get greater insight into the lives of their children, even if they ...

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  • Unusual Court Victory for Facebook

    The guy with the license plate reading, “IM QUICK,” wasn’t quick enough for Facebook’s legal team, as the New York Post reported that U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California Judge William Alsup ruled in favor of Facebook in a lawsuit against a financier from Brooklyn, which could cost Martin Grunin up to $1.4 million, as well as potential jail time.

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  • Twitter Confirms ZipDial Acquisition

    Twitter has acquired ZipDial, the India-based startup that figured out how to convert the cultural “missed call” phenomenon into a lucrative business. ZipDial built a mobile platform that lets users call a toll-free number where they intentionally hang up, triggering a missed call in exchange for goods and services.

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  • Oscar Snubs Dominate Twitter Conversations

    After the Oscar nominees were announced last week, social media was buzzing with the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag and people talking about the Selma snub, among others. Amobee Brand Intelligence crunched the numbers and found that: The 20 acting nominees were all white men and white woman, and as (David) Oyelowo was the person of color whose non-nomination was the most surprising, ...

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  • uCiC: Receive Visual Answers to Everyday Questions on Mobile

    Toronto-based startup Snapwise officially launched its visual question-and-answer application, uCiC (You See I See), on iOS and Android devices. The app aims to help users receive responses to questions best answered via images or videos posted by other users. With the app, users can post questions to any specific location in the world and receive answers from users in that l ...

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  • Facebook Releases Guide to Smart Publishing Feature for Publishers

    Facebook introduced several new tools for publishers last month, including Smart Publishing, which suggests stories that are popular on the social network and enables page administrators to view them on a dashboard and post them. Reva Gaur, who works on public content operations for news and media at Facebook, shared a guide (embedded below) to the new feature.

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  • The Sims FreePlay: Build the Mall to Unlock New Clothing for Sims

    EA Mobile announced the latest content update for its mobile life-simulation game, The Sims FreePlay. This fashion-forward update introduces the community’s “most requested feature,” as users can now build the Sunset Mall, unlocking new quests and more than 500 new clothing and accessory items for customizing their Sims.

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  • Facebook Groups App Users Asked to Complete Surveys

    By David Cohen on Jan. 21, 2015 - 5:30 PM Facebook introduced stand-alone application Facebook Groups in November, and some Facebook users who downloaded the app are being prompted to take surveys to describe their experiences. Questions included: On your phone, where do you keep the Facebook Groups app? What is the primary thing that would make the Facebook Groups app mo ...

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  • Twitter Grew by Almost One Third in Canada in 2014

    Twitter added 29.8 percent more users in Canada in 2014, and looks set to continue double-digit growth for at least one more year, reports eMarketer. The platform boasted 5.9 million Canadian users last year, up from 4.5 million in 2013, when it recorded 34.1 percent year-on-year growth. eMarketer expects Twitter to add another 15.6 per ...

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  • Twitter Launches Digits Mobile Phone Login for Web

    Twitter has launched its Digits login for web, their new service that lets users sign in to third party apps with just their mobile phone number. Digits was first unveiled at Twitter’s first mobile developer conference, Flight, which took place last October in San Francisco. Engineer Manuel Deschamps has written about what to expect on the Twitter blog.

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  • ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Comes to Club Penguin on Web, Mobile

    Disney’s Club Penguin received its latest content update, accessible on the Web or through the Club Penguin applications on iOS and Android. The update marks the first time Star Wars content has been made available in the virtual world for children, as players can complete quests and interact with characters from the Star Wars Rebels TV show.

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  • Mobile Is Driving Digital Growth Worldwide [INFOGRAPHICS]

    No doubt social media has grown from what some considered a fad to an important communication medium. The annual report from digital agency We Are Social provides statistics of worldwide social, mobile and digital penetration, demonstrating just how far social has come — with indicators for the future. According to the report, Internet use has grown from 35 percent to 42 percent worldwide.

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  • Tumblr Launches In-House Ad Agency

    Tumblr is joining the ranks with YouTube in using its social network to leverage creators and make them money, and maybe even Michelle Phan famous. Today it launched the Creatrs Network, an agency that will select Tumblr users that are onto something and help them connect with brands. Wired reported: For Tumblr, this will also become a revenue stream.

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  • Peerio: Simple Encryption for the Masses

    Cybersecurity often appears too dense for the average consumer to understand, which can create a divide between security haves and have nots. In an attempt to address the divide, Nadim Kobeissi — the creator of Cryptocat— has created Peerio, an encrypted productivity suite that aims to let users encrypt everything easily.

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  • WhatsApp Targets Third-Party Apps

    A crackdown on third-party applications? WhatsApp with that? Android app WhatsApp+ announced in a post on its Google+ community that it was shuttering permanently as the result of a cease-and-desist letter from the Facebook-owned cross-platform messaging app. WhatsApp+ official community owner Mounib Al Rifai wrote: Due to the circumstances that arose and the fact that What ...

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  • 5 Secrets of the Best Customer Service Twitter Accounts

    Many companies are turning to Twitter to provide customer service – not surprising, given that over 50 percent of Twitter users engage with brands on Twitter, and this same number believes that this is the best platform to reach a brand. So if you’re not using Twitter for customer service, you might want to start.

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  • Average User has 5.54 Social Media Accounts, Says Study

    How many social media accounts do you have? Facebook, almost certainly. Probably Twitter and Instagram. LinkedIn for work, of course. Maybe you tried Google+. What about Snapchat, Tumblr, Vine and Pinterest? You probably use more platforms that you think. Indeed, internet users worldwide have an average ...

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  • Twitter Can Predict Heart Disease, Says Study

    A new study has found that Twitter can predict rates of coronary heart disease better than traditional methods. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found that expressions of negative emotions such as anger, stress and fatigue in a county’s tweets were associated with higher heart disease risk.

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  • Facebook Video Ads During Super Bowl XLIX: Pregame, In-Game or Postgame?

    With Super Bowl XLIX on tap this Sunday, SocialCode, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, examined how its campaigns featuring Facebook video ads fared during Super Bowl XLVIII. SocialCode analyzed the performances of its campaigns with video ads before, during and after the game, and here’s what it found: Pregame: Engagements were markedly high, while reach c ...

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  • Can Social Media Predict the Super Bowl?

    It’s that time of year again when trash talk reigns supreme and your best friend might become your worst enemy. That’s right. It’s Super Bowl time. Whether or not you feel robbed because the Green Bay Packers lost and the Seattle Seahawks are in the Big Game, or if you’ve been glued to the disaster that is “Deflate-gate,” it’s fairly likely you’ve been following along on social.

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  • Shout: Share Content to Specific Locations on iOS

    Spangle has launched its location-centric social app, Shout, on iOS devices, giving users the ability to “shout” pictures, questions and other content to locations near and far. Shouts can be tagged to manually chosen locations, or a user’s current location, and can be given a shout radius of as close as 25 feet, or as far as 25 miles.

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  • Infographic: Consumer Trust in Social Networks Up from Last Year

    Facebook and Pinterest remain the most trusted social networks for product recommendations and shopping, according to the Social Recommendation Index released today by Social Media Link. But reviews are just as useful to consumers, as long as they are personal and include pros and cons instead of just a number or star rating.

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  • Twitter is Still Bigger Than Instagram, Says Study

    Last December Instagram reached 300 million monthly active users (MAUs) on the platform, making it bigger than Twitter, which had just 284 million MAUs. A few days later, however, Instagram deleted millions of spam accounts from its system, which we theorised meant that it was now smaller than Twitter ...

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  • The Mindset, Skillset, Dataset Approach to Social Media

    Social media is known to be an addictive medium and can be a performance deflator at work. But it also represents a big area of opportunity for marketers who want to target market based on social media data. The problem? Social media is comprised primarily of unstructured data, which is difficult to analyze.

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  • Discover Turns Snapchat Into a Destination for Consuming Content

    Earlier this week, Snapchat announced Snapchat Discover, wherein the burgeoning — and well funded — startup collaborates with “world-class leaders in media” to turn the app into a destination for consuming content. Since Snapchat has always hosted content, this may not seem like a major change in direction.

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  • Wooga Announces Agent Alice for Mobile

    Jelly Splash developer, Wooga, has announced the development of Agent Alice, a new hidden object game designed specifically for mobile devices. The game takes players to the 1960s, as they assume the role of Alice, a detective for The Agency, who must protect the world from “sinister otherworldly forces.

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  • Social Media Jobs: Avion Tequila, Architizer

    By Nadine Cheung on Jan. 30, 2015 - 8:50 PM This week, Avion Tequila is hiring a social media manager, while Architizer needs a social media coordinator. Wellesley College is seeking a social media director, and Newsday Media is looking for a social media moderator. ...

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