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  • Top 10 Media Publishers of December 2015: Playboy Ends Year on High Note

    In December, U.S. media publishers accounted for 1.5 billion total social actions (likes, comments, shares, retweets, dislikes), with 728 million from Instagram, 667 million actions from Facebook, 52 million from Twitter, and 17 million from YouTube (excluding views). The media publishing industry represents 22 percent of all actions taken on content published by U.S. brands in December.

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  • Helpshift: 20% of Users Seek Help in Apps They Use

    Helpshift, a customer support platform for mobile, polled 1.3 billion mobile devices over a six-month period, and discovered during that time, 20 percent of consumers actively sought help in an app they were using. Helpshift determined 284 million users searched for in-app support during the six-month time period, but only seven percent of these users actually filed a suppo ...

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  • Organic Growth Becomes More Elusive on Facebook (Study)

    By David Cohen on Jan. 5, 2016 - 3:00 PM December 2015 brought the lowest organic page like growth and post engagement rate in the eight months that social analytics and reporting firm Locowise has been studying Facebook pages, along with the highest post reach since September. Locowise released its study for December 2015 and its year in review, and its findings include ...

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  • Report: Clean Master Was Android’s Most Used App in Q4 2015

    Drawbridge, a cross-device identity solution, has analyzed more than one trillion in-app ad requests from Oct. 1, 2015 to Dec. 31, 2015 to discover which iOS and Android apps were the most used last quarter. Drawbridge’s data also revealed the apps on each platform with the highest number of unique daily users (UDU) during the quarter, and compared this figure to each app’s ...

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  • Instagram Ads Off to a Strong Start (Report)

    An increase in demand for Instagram advertising during the second half of 2015 led to a corresponding price hike, according to new research from Brand Networks. Instagram opened up its ads application-programming interface to advertisers last August, and Brand Networks, one of the initial participants in the Instagram Partner Program, found that: Global average cost per tho ...

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  • Instagram Is Now a Pay-to-Play Platform (Study)

    By David Cohen on Jan. 19, 2016 - 9:00 AM Instagram has gone from one of the most “viral” social networks to a pay-to-play platform during the year. That was the conclusion reached by social analytics and reporting firm Locowise in its 2015 year in review. Locowise found that follower growth and engagement on the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network declined t ...

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  • How Will 2016 Tech Policy Impact the Digital World?

    Legislation never seems quite able to keep up with technological development. However, it seems that issues like Net Neutrality, encryption, and commercial drone usage are starting to mature, and get the regulatory framework they need. A post from BuzzFeed outlines how tech policy issues are being addressed this coming year.

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  • These Are the Mobile Commerce Trends You Need to Watch in 2016

    If 2015 was the year of mobile and video, what will 2016 hold? Now that most social platforms and many of the companies doing business on them are thinking mobile-first, let’s take a look at what this year has in store. Moovweb analyzed the 7 biggest mobile commerce trends today, such as the growth of mobile web and wearables.

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  • What Trends Will Drive Digital Marketing Success in 2016?

    If 2015 was the year of video marketing, 2016 is primed to be the year for smarter, integrated digital strategy. According to a Gartner survey, marketers no longer see digital as a distinct marketing discipline and marketers are moving to “digitally led business models.” In other words, brands are planning to increase their investment in digital commerce in an effort to make ...

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  • Moderating User Generated Content on Social Media is a Catch-22

    Moderating user behavior on social networks is a problem with no simple resolution. Users try pressure campaigns, executives lay down the law in user agreements and politicians try to place blame and responsibility on social networks. Despite the host of challenges, social networks are becoming much more proactive in their attempts at moderation, but at what cost? Last week ...

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  • Apple: iOS 9.3 to Include Night Shift, More

    Apple has released a preview of iOS 9.3, which is now available in beta. The update features improvements for apps like Notes and News, as examples, and also introduces a feature called Night Shift, which designed to help consumers who use their devices at night. Night Shift will use the iOS device’s clock and geolocation to determine when the sun sets in a user’s location, ...

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  • The 3 Things That Make a Visual Marketing Campaign Actually Work

    For just about any marketing campaign (with exceptions if you’re working in radio, or doing some interesting experiential campaign involving touch, taste or smell), sight is the sense you’re appealing to. But not all visual marketing is created equal, and it’s valuable for brands and marketers to understand what exactly works best to catch a potential customer’s eye.

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  • Facebook Expands 3-D Touch Options for iPhone 6S, 6S Plus

    Facebook users accessing the social network’s flagship iOS application via the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus can now “peek and pop.” Mashable reported that the latest update for users with those two devices expands upon the 3-D Touch features that were introduced last October, which allowed users to access a quick action menu from their home screens, offering them the option ...

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  • Facebook 360-Degree Videos and Sports

    Facebook’s recently introduced 360-degree videos and sports are a perfect match. Partner product lead Paul Beddoe-Stephens provided several examples of 360 videos from the sports world and said in a Facebook Media blog post: Whether it’s seeing a soccer field up close, flying down a ski slope or getting in the boxing ring, 360 video enables athletes, teams and leagues to gi ...

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  • Vine Celebrates 3rd Birthday, Launches Trends Page

    Vine will celebrate its third birthday on January 24, and to mark the occasion, the company has unveiled its Year 3 collection, which contains the most-looped Vine of the app’s third year, as well as other popular or influential posts. According to the collection, the most-looped vine from Year 3 was a clip of a soccer match, which contained the sound of an explosion from t ...

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  • 5oosh Celebrity Engagement Platform Launches on iOS, Android

    5oosh (pronounced five-oosh) has announced the public launch of its celebrity engagement platform on iOS and Android. The app allows celebrities (including internet influencers) to interact with their fans in personal ways, including through one-on-one video sessions purchased by fans through in-app auctions.

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  • Oculus Rift Pre-Orders Start Wednesday; Touch Delayed

    Pre-orders for the Oculus Rift headset from Facebook-owned virtual-reality outfit Oculus VR will begin at 8 a.m. PT/11 a.m. ET Wednesday, but gamers waiting for Oculus Touch controllers will have to wait a little longer. Oculus announced in a blog post that every Rift headset will come pre-bundled with Lucky’s Tale from Playful, as previously announced, along with new addit ...

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  • Flayk Family Management App Launches on iOS, Android

    Flayk has announced the launch of its family management app on iOS and Android devices. The app allows users to coordinate the lives of multiple members in a family or group, even if they live in different locations. The Flayk app offers a shared calendar and sharable to-do lists, so each family member can keep track of other users’ schedules.

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  • Smule Adds In-App Messaging to Sing! Karaoke App

    Smule has released the latest update for its Sing! Karaoke app on iOS and Android, introducing a cross-platform messaging feature to users. With this update, users can now chat in one-on-one or group conversations within the app, with the chat feature being accessible from the app’s notifications tab.

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  • Facebook, Developers Quietly Beefing Up Messenger

    Facebook’s Messenger application is well on its way to becoming much more than just a messaging app. Josh Constine of TechCrunch reported that a select group of developers has been given access to a chat software-development kit, with sources telling Constine the SDK can be used to build interactive experiences within Messenger, as well as to create bots to power options in ...

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  • Selfies, Narcissism and Social Media (Infographic)

    Which was more deadly in 2015: shark attacks, or selfies? The answer might surprise you. Rawhide, a nonprofit organization that assists at-risk youth in Wisconsin, examined social media users’ obsession with selfies and narcissistic tendencies, and its findings included: More people died from taking selfies in 2015 than from shark attacks. 55 percent of millennials have ta ...

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  • Snapchat Will Close Paid Lens Store January 8

    Snapchat has announced it will close its Lens Store, which was launched in November, and allows users to purchase animated lenses for $0.99 each. Snapchat has updated its support site, alerting users they have until Friday, January 8, at 12:01 a.m. Pacific time to purchase the lenses they’d like to keep, before the store closes.

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  • Instagram Spotlight Compilations to Shine More Frequently

    Instagram launched curated content streams called Spotlight Compilations this past Halloween, and the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network appears to be firing up more of them. Josh Constine of TechCrunch reported that the Instagram community team began “spontaneously coming up with themes” this week, rather than using the feature exclusively for holidays, adding ...

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  • Appeals Court Upholds Facebook’s Sponsored Stories Settlement

    Facebook Sponsored Stories ceased to exist April 9, 2014, and following a court ruling Wednesday, the years-old lawsuit over the ad unit may finally join them. The San Jose Mercury News reported that the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals voted 3-0 to reject a challenge to the $20 million settlement of a class-action suit against Facebook, which was originally presented in ...

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  • Kongregate Launches Battlehand Card Battle Game on Mobile

    Kongregate has announced the release of Battlehand on iOS and Android. Developed by Another Place Productions, the card battle game takes players to the land of Fellcrest, and challenges them to defeat the evil Queen Amethyst and her minions. Battlehand features 130 cards to collect and more than 200 quests to complete.

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  • 7 Tips For Using Twitter For Better Customer Engagement

    There are a number of ways that your brand can use Twitter, from becoming a thought leader to generating leads, but one of the most vibrant – and most unique – is developing meaningful relationships with your customers. On Twitter, you have the unprecedented opportunity to have one-on-one conversations in a public forum with each and every one of your customers.

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  • Mobile Devices Play Major Role for Car Shoppers (Infographic)

    Thinking of buying a new or used car? According to a recent study commissioned by Facebook IQ, your mobile device will play a major role in the process. The study, conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, found that 71 percent of respondents used their mobile devices during the process of purchasing vehicles, and 58 percent said that in the future, they anticipate using only their mobile devices.

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  • Peach Social Networking App Launches on iOS

    Social networking app Peach has launched on iOS, giving each user a space to share quick updates about their daily lives, and follow the lives of others. Instead of a timeline combining content from all users, Peach offers a dedicated page for each user to share content. Users can share text and photos to their spaces, and can share additional content through the use of ‘ma ...

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  • Social Media Jobs: IBT, CafeMedia, CBRE

    By Nadine Cheung on Jan. 9, 2016 - 10:00 AM This week, International Business Times is hiring a social media manager, while CafeMedia needs a social media editor for Revelist. CBRE is seeking a social media manager, and Stanford Law School is looking for an assistant director of digita ...

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  • Parents Spend 1.3 Times More Time on Facebook Than Non-Parents (Study)

    Mobile devices have become vital tools for parents, according to a new study by Facebook IQ. The social network’s research arm interviewed parents aged 25 through 65 of infants, toddlers, adolescents and teens in eight markets–Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Spain, U.K. and U.S.—analyzing Facebook and Instagram data with help from Ipsos MediaCT and Sound Researc ...

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  • Movesum Step-Counting App Launches on iOS

    Swedish health platform Lifesum has released its Movesum app on iOS. The step-counting app helps users visualize the number of calories they burn each day, in the form of food and drinks, and was designed to help users pay more attention to their daily activity, as well as the food they eat. The Movesum app shows users how many steps they take each day, and matches this to ...

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  • It’s Time to Stop Calling It ‘Social’ Marketing

    Social marketing is a hot commodity, serving as an effective tool for marketers and one of the pillars driving digital as it overthrows TV in terms of marketing spend. Yet it suffers from one fatal flaw — one that can be easily fixed. The issue is that “social” is an outdated term, and the advertising happening on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and other ...

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  • Twitter Adds Live Periscope Broadcasts to iOS App Timeline

    The star of Twitter’s stable of products just got a bigger stage. Twitter announced Tuesday morning that live Periscope broadcasts can now be seen directly in the timeline. It’s now possible to watch a Periscope broadcast without leaving the Twitter iOS app. Periscope blogged about this new ability: Since launch, there have been over 100 million broadcasts created on Periscope.

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  • Spotify, Genius Partner for Behind the Lyrics Playlists on iPhone

    Spotify has announced its partnership with Genius (a database of song lyrics and ‘crowdsourced musical knowledge’) to create a series of playlists called ‘Behind the Lyrics.’ These playlists have been curated by Spotify and Genius, and are designed to help music fans learn more about their favorite artists and songs. The first playlist in this series is Behind the Lyrics (Hip Hop).

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  • How to Select Sharable Curated Content (Infographic)

    Creating and delivering fresh content on a frequent and consistent basis can be a challenge in today’s demanding digital world. Curated content, or content created by third parties that you interpret and analyze, could be a way to appeal to your core audience directly. An infographic from content marketing agency, Siege Media, details the best strategies and tips for curating content.

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  • Stolen: This iOS Game Lets You Buy Your Favorite Twitter Accounts

    If you’ve ever wanted to own a celebrity’s Twitter account, you now can, at least virtually. A new iOS game called Stolen from Hey Inc allows users to virtually buy and collect Twitter accounts from other users like one would collect trading cards. Users begin the game with a small amount of free currency, and can earn more by playing the game.

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  • What Makes Internet Users Surrender Personal Data? (Study)

    What do Internet users expect in return for sharing their personal data? A new report from Pew Research Center sought to answer that question. Pew used six hypothetical scenarios to gauge respondents’ expectations, and the one that involved social media was presented as follows: A new social media platform is being used by your former high school to help manage communicatio ...

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  • Zen Pinball Receives Star Wars: The Force Awakens Pinball Tables

    By Brandy Shaul on Jan. 14, 2016 - 5:30 PM Zen Pinball company Zen Studios has announced the release of two new Star Wars-themed pinball tables on mobile devices. Inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the tables can be purchased individually within the Zen Pinball and Star Wars Pinball apps, with one table allowing players to work with the Resistance, and the other al ...

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  • Disruptor Beam Launches Star Trek Timelines on Mobile

    Disruptor Beam has announced the launch of Star Trek Timelines on iOS and Android. Licensed by CBS Consumer Products, the strategy RPG allows players to collect characters from the Star Trek franchise as they work to investigate temporal anomalies which are merging past, present, future and mirror timelines into one.

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  • German Court Unfriends Facebook’s Friend Finder

    Facebook lost another court decision in Germany over its friend finder feature. Reuters reported that a panel of the country’s Federal Court of Justice ruled that the social network’s friend finder feature represented advertising harassment and deceptive marketing. The panel also ruled that Facebook members were not adequately informed on how the company planned to use dat ...

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  • Mobile Game Roundup: Gnomium: Pocket Edition, Punch Club and More

    Are you looking for a new mobile game to play this weekend? There are lots of new options for you to try, including Smurfs Epic Run, a level-based running game from Ubisoft. The game challenges players to free the Smurfs from a fog released by Gargamel. In addition, Disruptor Beam has released its newest game: Star Trek Timelines.

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  • Starbucks Lets Spotify Users Discover Music Played in Stores

    Starbucks has launched a new digital music experience with music streaming service Spotify, which will allow Starbucks’ mobile app users to learn more about the music being played in Starbucks stores, and listen to this music later on Spotify. To be specific, the platform allows users to save Starbucks’ curated songs to a playlist on Spotify, and listen to these songs even ...

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  • Messaging App Laserthread Chatwork Launches on iOS

    Laserthread has released its Laserthread Chatwork app on iOS, which looks to eliminate the need for users to use multiple apps to communicate with all of their friends. Laserthread Chatwork combines a user’s friends from multiple platforms into a single list, with support for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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  • Facebook Tests New Web Browser for Flagship Mobile Apps

    By David Cohen on Jan. 19, 2016 - 4:30 PM Facebook appears to be testing a new Web browser for its flagship mobile applications. BBC journalist Henry Wilmer shared the image below in a tweet shared by The Next Web, which reported that new features include: The ability to input another URL. A bar on the bottom offering information on how popular a post is. Bac ...

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  • Delvv Launches Defumblr Smart Lock Screen for Android

    Developer Delvv has announced the launch of Defumblr, its smart lock screen for Android devices. Powered by machine learning, Defumblr was designed to give users quick access to their most important information and frequently used apps from their device’s lock screen. The Defumblr lock screen organizes content into widgets, which are presented as colored circles on the Android lock screen.

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  • Indian Regulator Slams Facebook Over Free Basics Poll

    The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India issued a sharply worded reply (embedded below) to Facebook regarding its grassroots campaign backing’s Free Basics offerings. The TRAI chided Facebook for using what it called “a crudely majoritarian and orchestrated opinion poll” to attempt to sway public opinion on the matter, saying in its letter to the social networ ...

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  • Facebook Mentions for iOS Update: Live Tweaks, Filters, Messaging

    Celebrities, public figures and journalists using the iOS version of the Facebook Mentions application have some new features to play with. Product manager Vadim Lavrusik and engineering manager Dave Capra announced improvements to live video-streaming feature Live for Facebook Mentions, the ability to filter posts by source within the Mentions feed and the ability to reply ...

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  • Survey: Millennials Not Social Media Obsessed While Traveling

    Social media and travel now go hand-in-hand with visual becoming platforms becoming particularly instrumental in helping would-be jetsetters discover travel-related content and even map out potential destinations. A report from Topdeck Travel examines millennial travel trends, with some insights into how social plays into the process.

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  • Butterscotch Shenanigans Launches Crafting RPG Crashlands on Mobile

    Butterscotch Shenanigans has launched Crashlands on iOS and Android. The crafting RPG sees players collect resources, defeat enemies and craft new objects as they attempt to survive on an alien planet. In Crashlands, players become Flux Dabes, a galactic delivery truck driver whose ship is attacked by an alien named Hewgodooko, and is left to survive in the wilderness.

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  • Facebook Sports Stadium Opens Its Doors

    You don’t need a ticket to get into Facebook Sports Stadium—an iPhone in the U.S. will allow users of the social network admission to a real-time hub for all Facebook content related to sporting events. Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Sports Stadium, starting with iPhone for the U.S. and the National Football League and expanding to other sports and other platform ...

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  • tinyBuild Launches Dungeon Crawler Dungelot: Shattered Lands on iOS

    Publisher tinyBuild has announced the release of Dungelot: Shattered Lands on iOS. Developed by Red Winter, the roguelike dungeon-crawler is the third game in the Dungelot series, and sees players defeat enemies as they explore randomly-generated dungeons. Dungelot: Shattered Lands asks players to collect the golden key on each floor of a dungeon in order to move to the next floor.

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  • Bivid Location-Based Social Networking App Launches on iOS

    Following a beta launch of its platform in September 2015, Bivid has officially launched its location-based social networking app on iOS. Bivid gave SocialTimes an exclusive look at the app, which allows users to share photos and videos from their daily lives, and discover content posted by others near their location, or around the world.

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  • Donald Rumsfeld Tries Game Development With Churchill Solitaire

    Former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld has entered the world of mobile game development with the release of Churchill Solitaire on iOS. The game is a variation on the traditional game of solitaire, which, according to Rumsfeld, was created by former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.

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  • Examining the Current State of Social Marketing (Infographic)

    Social media may be an integrated and essential part of most marketing strategies, but measuring the return on the investment and taking action based on social media insights still presents a challenge to many marketing teams. An infographic from Morrison Foerster examines the current landscape of social marketing, and the challenges marketers still face.

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  • WhatsApp Beta Includes Facebook Sharing Option

    The latest beta version of cross-platform messaging application WhatsApp contains an option for users to share data with WhatsApp parent Facebook. Daily Express shared a screenshot from the Google+ page of developer Javier Santos, in which a new option in the WhatsApp beta reads: Share my account info: Share my WhatsApp account information with Facebook to improve my Facebook experiences.

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  • Facebook, Millennials and Money (Infographic)

    By David Cohen on Jan. 26, 2016 - 9:00 AM Facebook IQ examined the complicated relationships between millennials, money and financial institutions in its latest study. Among the findings reported by the social network’s research arm: Millennials are saving for futures that they haven’t planned yet: 86 percent of respondents said saving was important to them, and 85 perce ...

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  • The Simpsons: Tapped Out Receives ‘Deep Space Homer’ Event

    EA Mobile has released the latest content update in The Simpsons: Tapped Out on mobile. Called ‘Deep Space Homer,’ the update sees players train Springfield’s citizens for a space mission. When they first begin this event, players are given a free Rocket Launch Pad to place in their town. As players complete new event quests, they’ll receive additional rewards, like a Space ...

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  • Facebook Audience Network Adds Support for Mobile Web

    Facebook announced Tuesday that its Facebook Audience Network mobile ad network added support for the mobile Web. The social network officially introduced Facebook Audience Network at F8 in April 2014, and it revealed earlier this month that the ad network reached a $1 billion annual run rate during the fourth quarter of 2015.

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  • How Are People Really Using Snapchat (Infographic)

    Snapchat has been growing steadily since its inception, and now it seems that the service may be on the verge of a breakthrough into wider use. But how prepared is Snapchat’s audience for the influx of celebrities and the increased marketing? An infographic from Column Five and Newscred examines how Snapchat’s audience uses the platform. Snapchat users share nearly 9,000 Snaps every second.

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  • Facebook to Launch Reactions ‘In the Next Few Weeks’

    The Reactions extension to Facebook’s like button, initially announced by co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg last September, will be officially launched “in the next few weeks.” Chief product officer Chris Cox broke the news to Bloomberg Businessweek as part of a profile of Cox and a detailed look at how Reactions came to be.

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  • Nexon, Envision Entertainment Launch Path of War on Mobile

    Nexon and developer Envision Entertainment (formerly known as EA Phenomic) have announced the release of Path of War on iOS and Android. The strategy game takes players to the near-future United States, which is ruled by a government regime. Players become part of the rebel militia, and will fight against the government on a quest to reclaim Washington D.C.

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  • Bandai Namco Entertainment America Launches Digimon Heroes on iOS, Android

    Bandai Namco Entertainment America has announced the release of Digimon Heroes on iOS and Android. The match-three card battle game allows players to collect more than 1,000 Digimon from every era of the Digimon universe, and upgrade their Digimon over time. In each battle of Digimon Heroes, players tap on colored cards to create matches of three cards of the same color.

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  • Rounds Launches Booyah Group Video Chat App on iOS

    Social communication platform Rounds has announced the launch of its Booyah video chat app on iOS. The app was designed to be a companion to WhatsApp, and allows users to make free group video calls with their contacts. Booyah supports video calls for up to 12 users. Once a user begins a call, they can tap a button to invite their WhatsApp contacts into the call.

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  • Opportunities in Asia for WhatsApp (Infographic)

    By David Cohen on Jan. 29, 2016 - 4:30 PM Latin America is a stronghold for WhatsApp, while North America presents a weak spot, but the biggest opportunity for the Facebook-owned messaging application may be in Asia. GlobalWebIndex shared the infographic below showing WhatsApp usage by region, and GWI said in an email to SocialTimes: WhatsApp has already made substantial ...

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