• #92: Facebook Ad Targeting 101

      Let’s kick off the New Year with an absolute game changer for your business: Facebook ad targeting. Some of you by now have become really good at this. But if you’re still struggling to nail your Facebook ad strategy, or if you’re just getting started in this world, this episode is most definitely for you.

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    • 5 Reasons Most Online Courses Fail (& How To Turn Them Into Your Biggest Opportunity)

      100 Billion Dollars (and growing). That’s the estimated size of the online education market. Most of us have heard the number by now. And in doing so, eagerly whipped out our whiteboards, cued up the Camtasia and raced to claim our piece of the 100 billion dollar pie. Yum :) Only not :( The truth is that while the online education industry is MASSIVE… … it’s not an evenly distributed one.

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    • #111: How to Get Started with Facebook Live

      Are you ready to absolutely kill it with Facebook Live? Or…do you find it a little scary to get started? My guest this week is social media expert, Kim Garst. She and I jump right into how you can absolutely increase your profits using Facebook Live. You just have to get over that initial fear that is holding you back from going LIVE on camera.

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  • #139: The 10 Most Powerful Episodes to Help Move Your Business Forward

    So here we are: The Best of 2016 List. I have to admit, compiling this special list for you was the highlight of my week! Not only because I got to look back and remember all of the cool episodes we tackled together, but also because I had the chance to think about the impact the lessons hopefully had on your business. too.

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  • #138: How to Plan Your Promotional Calendar Like a Boss

    If I ever did a list of Amy’s Favorite Things (in honor of the one and only Oprah), today’s topic would be number one. We are talking about PLANNING. Specifically, planning for the new year. The best part is that thanks to my guest today, you can be a pro at calendaring no matter who you are. Anne Samoilov is a launch expert and when I say she knows how to plan…I mean it! G ...

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  • #136: How to Use ‘Content Gold’ to Fuel Your Next Launch

    When it comes to your next course promotion, breaking down your content is as simple as 1-2-3: What’s the best content to start a conversation with your audience? What content will help you drive customers to your core marketing message? Which pieces should you use to expand and deepen your audience’s knowledge of your subject? Today I’m breaking down the 3 stages of launching content.

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  • #135: 5 Common Facebook Ad Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

    Facebook’s super stealth ad targeting can zero-in on entrepreneurs over 30, who shop online at West Elm, don’t have children, love sushi, visited your website in the last 60 days and vacationed in Napa’s wine country last year — BUT it can’t seem to help you fix your Facebook ad missteps . . . That’s where I can step in and help with an extra special episode in which I’m shar ...

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  • #133: How to Get Unstuck in Your Course Creation Process

    Are you having a love/hate relationship with your course creation? Creating your first online course can be a challenge. How do you decide which content to keep and which to leave out. I have been there. It’s awful, you have such passion for your topic, but for a plethora of reasons it’s not coming through when you put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).

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  • #132: How to Cultivate an “Opportunity Knocks Every Time” Mindset

    Your first webinar didn’t convert. You wanted to launch your course two weeks ago, but you just can’t get your content outline together. Your Facebook ads are seeing clicks, but not getting quality leads. What do you do when setbacks show up in your business? Bury your head in the sand? Or, pick yourself up and move forward, more determined than ever? Having an online busi ...

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  • #131: How to Get Overwhelm to Eat Your Dust

    You’ve got this! Today, I have three incredibly DOABLE solutions to rid yourself of the feeling that may be overtaking your life – OVERWHELM. Ugh. I don’t even like saying the word, because I know how awful it can feel when it’s overtaking your life. And, I’m here to help. For me, overwhelm shows itself when I feel like I’ve gotten behind or everything feels disorganized, a ...

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  • #130: How to Sell on a Webinar (Without Being Overly Salesy)

    Let’s face it, selling during your webinar can be awkward at first — but it doesn’t have to be. Today I’m giving you my BEST strategies for eliminating the awkwardness and creating a smooth transition into the sales portion of your webinar. Before I dive into it though, I want to tell you about my FREE, Live Master Class, “How to Create Your First Wildly Profitable Webinar.

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  • #129: Media, Meditation and a little Motivation with Gabby Bernstein

    Today, I’m on the edge of my seat wanting to give you a new strategy that will help you grow your business and make the most of your funnels, email marketing, Facebook ads and so much more. Everything you want for your business starts with an intention, right? Then, you add enthusiasm and dedication toward your idea.

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  • #127: How to Organize & Analyze Your Facebook Ads

    Are your Facebook ad questions piling up? Do you feel like the deeper you go with Facebook ads, the more questions you have? Well, I’m here to help! And, with me today is an audience favorite, Facebook ad expert, Rick Mulready. He joins me on my podcast frequently and has given my audience some amazing success with Facebook ads.

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  • #126: Operation Clear Out Your Inbox

    I’m here as a witness: It IS possible to tame your email inbox and seemingly never-ending list of tasks. In fact, thanks to today’s guests, April and Eric Perry, I’m at “Inbox Zero” right now. (Something I 100% thought was NOT possible!) They taught me something invaluable: The reason most of us fail at getting to Inbox Zero every day is because to get there, you can’t just ...

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  • #125: How to Create a WOW Experience When Selling Online Programs

    You bring something incredibly unique to your online course—your special delivery, your ideas, your personal experiences. However, you still want to go that extra mile to WOW your students and make sure they feel like buying your course was more than just a worthy investment. Recently I heard some important (and crazy) statistics on customer satisfaction and wanted to share them with you.

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  • #124: 4 Key Roles to Help You Grow Your Business

    Who makes up your support team? What are their unique qualities that help you run an all-in business? Today I’m talking with Christy Wright, expert business coach and speaker, who is telling us the four specific roles you must have filled—with the right people—to ensure that your business is exceeding all of your wildest expectations.

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