• #119: The Who, What, When, Where and How of Testimonials

      Today I’m pulling the curtain back on a piece that can mean the difference between steady sales and your shopping cart catching dust. I’m giving you the who, what, when, where and how of testimonials. These are especially helpful for those just starting out. And, I’m also excited to give you a freebie that will make these strategies come alive for your business.

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    • #49: How to Know If Your Idea is Profitable

      Today’s post reminds me why I love doing this podcast so much. Not only is the material great, but it comes from two of my favorite people—a power couple in the online marketing world. Their names are Joshua and Jill Stanton and together, they run a business called Screw The Nine To Five where they teach people who are dissatisfied with their day-to-day jobs how to take their ...

      Amy Porterfield- 17 readers -
    • #111: How to Get Started with Facebook Live

      Are you ready to absolutely kill it with Facebook Live? Or…do you find it a little scary to get started? My guest this week is social media expert, Kim Garst. She and I jump right into how you can absolutely increase your profits using Facebook Live. You just have to get over that initial fear that is holding you back from going LIVE on camera.

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  • #156: Expert Secrets & Online Strategies with Russell Brunson

    In online marketing, no one knows how to build a movement better than super entrepreneur Russell Brunson. You’ve probably heard me talk about his very popular software company ClickFunnels, but he’s also got a coaching company, a supplements company and he’s a best-selling author with a new book out called Expert Secrets & Online Strategies (get your free copy at amyporterfield.com/secrets).

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  • #155: The New ‘FB Messenger Ads’ with Rick Mulready

    Facebook ad expert, Rick Mulready, is back to talk about a tremendous new Ad tool that he’s already leveraging to drive major results in his business. If you’re starting to hear more about Facebook Messenger Ads, it’s for good reason. You’re probably one of the billion people who use the Messenger app to chat with family and friends instantaneously every day.

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    AMY PORTERFIELD Home About Amy Learn With Amy Podcast Tools of the Trade Home About Amy Learn With Am ...

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    AMY PORTERFIELD Home About Amy Learn With Amy Podcast Tools of the Trade Home About Amy Learn With Am ...

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  • #154: 7 Content Creation Ideas to Use When You’re Feeling Uninspired

    Don’t you wish for a button you could push to get your creative brain synapses firing when it seems like they’ve gone on vacation? While we’re waiting on that magic, I’ve got something to bring you back into the light because we’re all human, right? You may be the most creative person EVER, but for whatever reason, there are times when content inspiration is elusive and it is a battle to come .

    Amy Porterfieldin Content- 14 readers -
  • #152: How to Avoid FOMO in Your Biz & Make Better Decisions

    When a new opportunity comes along, do you immediately jump for joy to be a part of something new and exciting, or are you cautiously weighing your options? The thing is: Are you choosing things that are really driving your business forward or do you have a case of FOMO (fear of missing out)? And trust me, I’m your girl when it comes to all the various ways FOMO can creep into how you’re oper.

    Amy Porterfieldin How To's- 20 readers -
  • #149: Your 90-Day Pre-Launch Blueprint

    Here’s the truth: Planning your pre-launch is JUST as important as preparing your actual launch strategy. And the right pre-launch ramp-up will help you set the stage for a successful launch. While there are many ways to execute a pre-launch strategy, sometimes it’s nice when you can cut through all of the noise and follow a single, no-nonsense, proven blueprint that’ll get y ...

    Amy Porterfield- 15 readers -
  • The Ultimate B-School Resource Guide 2017

    If you are thinking about joining B-School and you want to make sure you have all the facts, you’ve come to the right place! This ultimate resource guide will give you the most important details about the program and will provide links to some of the best-of-the-best B-School info on the web. The Most Important Details About B-School What is B-School? B-School is an 8-week onli ...

    Amy Porterfield- 15 readers -
  • #148: 3 Tips to Fix Your Facebook Ad Targeting

    Facebook ad targeting is the trickiest thing! I hear this in my private groups everyday. There are so many targeting combinations available for you on Facebook, it’s hard to know where to start to get out of the weeds. I’m walking you through it all with the help of my go-to Facebook ads expert, Rick Mulready.

    Amy Porterfieldin Social- 15 readers -
  • #147: How to Ask Better Questions and Get Better Business Results with Marie Forleo

    Today I’m talking about the ONE THING that could be holding you back in your business. This is a real obstacle that can STALL your business growth. I know this because it stunted my own growth. Today I’m talking about the low-value bullsh*t questions you ask yourself that make you feel stuck. These are the questions that suck the soul out of you and can make you feel that y ...

    Amy Porterfieldin How To's- 16 readers -
  • #144: How to Prepare, Plan & Execute a Profitable 5-Day Challenge

    Have you been seeing the ultra-successful challenges that many smart marketers have been implementing in their business? Are you curious about how it all works? Then this powerhouse mini-training is for you. Online challenges are a fantastic tool for building your email list. However, there’s actually an incredible benefit that most marketers hosting challenges don’t take advantage of.

    Amy Porterfieldin How To's- 14 readers -

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