• 7 Ways to Make Google Analytics Dashboards Sexier

      Google Analytics has offered users some kind of dashboarding option since its inception. You can get to them by navigating to the Customization section in the left navigation bar, and choosing Dashboards. To get started, click the red Create button in the upper-left corner of the screen. You can access a number of dashboards from the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery by choo ...

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    • Why You Want to Customize Google Analytics Channels (And How)

      I wrote a ridiculously thorough campaign tagging guide, followed by a companion channels guide. Why? Because campaign tagging and broken (or under-optimized) channels are a couple of the biggest culprits in the glut of really bad data I see when I do analytics audits. So in this post I’m going to dive deeper into how to customize your Google Analytics channels — and why it’s so important.

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    • 8 Ways to Customize Mint to Make Budgeting Easier

      If you’ve spent more than a NY minute on my site you’ll know I love data. Data I DON’T love so much is my own financial data. It’s scary in there. But last month I put on my big girl pants and decided I was going to get on a budget. After doing an excessive amount of research I decided I would use Mint.

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  • Google Analytics Campaign Tagging Disasters In The Wild: An Exposé

    What’s not to love about learning from others’ mistakes in life? That’s what I aim to help you do in this post. I know I hit on campaign tagging and channels A LOT. Here are my resources to date: Campaign tagging guide Channels guide Post with guidance on how to tag social ads Post on customizing channel groups So you may be asking yourself, “Why can’t she let thi ...

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  • Why You Should Keep Social and Referral Data Separate in Google Analytics

    Google seems to be of two minds when it comes to social and referral data in Google Analytics. Up until the Channels report came out in 2013 (one of my fave milestones), social and non-social referrals were lumped together in one stew of data. Since the introduction of the Channels report we now have some reports that separate out social and non-social referrals but others tha ...

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  • The Social Network Dimension: An Unsung Hero

    Too many times I see other users try to view social traffic using the Source or Source/Medium dimension. For most social networks this wouldn’t be horrible, just perhaps a bit inelegant. But Facebook is a drama queen. The Many Faces of Facebook This diva network can show up as as a cornucopia of sources in any report that uses the Source dimension: facebook.com m.facebook.com l.facebook.

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  • Cross-Domain Tracking or Referral Exclusion List: How to Choose

    One of the biggest mistakes sites make is send visitors away to do the most important thing(s) you want them to do. For example, sending a visitor off your site to purchase something, fill out a form, apply for a job, reserve a hotel room, book a flight … You get the idea. Why, you ask? Simple. When they leave, they take their data with them.

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  • Referral Exclusion List in Google Analytics Explained

    A common issue I see in analytics audits is confusion over what the Referral Exclusion List is supposed to be used for. I hope to clear up some of that confusion in this post. What Is the Referral Exclusion List? When Google released the Universal version of Google Analytics, one of the upgrades that came with it was the Referral Exclusion List.

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  • Google Analytics Hangout October Recap [VIDEO]

    Thank you for everyone who attended the October Annielytics Live Hangout! The Hangout This month was full of great questions, which covered topics like: campaign tagging views filters sampling custom channels cross-domain tracking We always cover the Google Analytics questions that were submitted beforehand via our question form.

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  • Annielytics Live 8/10 – Hangout Recap [VIDEO]

    Thank you for everyone who attended the forth Annielytics Live Hangout! The Hangout This month was full of great questions! Some of which are below: event tracking campaign tagging filters bounce rate exit/entrance pages importing GA data to Google Sheet We always cover the Google Analytics questions that were submitted beforehand via our question form.

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  • Announcing The Annielytics Marketing Strategy Guide

    Right. Find out which SERP features a keyword triggers. Or die. I can do this. As marketers we work with a lot of tools. It’s really hard to keep them all straight and remember which tool does what. I work closely with marketing tools and use them regularly, and I still fire them up and spin my tires as I try to remember how to find what I need.

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  • Annielytics Live 6/15 – Hangout Recap [VIDEO]

    Thank you for everyone who attended the third Annielytics Live hangout! Always a pleasure to hangout with you all. The Hangout This week was full of great questions about events, advanced segments, social reporting, GA debuggers and more! We always cover the Google Analytics questions that were submitted beforehand via our handy-dandy question form.

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  • The Worst Setting In Google Analytics [VIDEO]

    One of Google Analytics’ greatest charms is its ability to be highly customized. However, sometimes the ability to tinker with its infrastructure comes with risks. One of those risks is the unassuming but potentially deadly Default Page setting. The Default Page Setting Hates Kittens That’s just raw, Google! For people who might be confused about what the Default Page setting ...

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  • How To Test Google Analytics Using Real-Time Reports [VIDEO]

    There are great (and free!) tools for testing your Google Analytics implementation, such as the Google Analytics Debugger Chrome extension and Google’s Tag Assistant Chrome extension. But another great tool you can use is Google Analytics’ Real-Time reports. Isolating Yourself The key to using them is being able to isolate yourself in the Real-Time reports.

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  • How To Create Histograms For Marketers In Excel [VIDEO]

    Histogram charts are great tools for marketers, but unfortunately Excel doesn’t make the process of creating them terribly intuitive. But I’ll try to simplify it for you a bit. Why A Histogram? Histograms are good for summarizing data into groups. Think about a teacher who has given a test and wants to know how many A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s, and F’s there were in her class.

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