• A Quick way to Get More Facebook Likes for Your Facebook Page

      Recently while on Facebook I came across a quick technique for growing your Facebook page likes that was shared in a private Facebook group that I’m a part of. It came from Helen Edwards from Recycled Interiors (thanks Helen) and I think would be particularly useful for anyone with a smaller to medium-sized Facebook page.

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    • The Truth About Writing Killer Content for Mobiles

      This is a guest contribution from Lesley Vos. We’re being told constantly that mobile content is like a snack, long texts are dead. People don’t read much now, and they just watch videos or scroll pictures. They’re time poor, they consume small bits frequently and move on. And as it goes on, things get more complicated: users don’t fix eyes on anything for more than seven seconds.

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    • In Brief: Are You Making the Most of the Amazon Affiliates Program?

      This is a guest contribution from Joy Allford. When it comes to making money from your blogging there are main routes most blogs take: Selling a product or service Monetizing with advertising such as Google AdSense Affiliate marketing Something that is often overlooked by personal bloggers that are simply blogging for a hobby, or only interested in making a small in ...

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  • Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?

    I’m in full-on productive mode over here, streamlining and organising and powering through work (and housework!) to end the year with a bang. It’s such a good feeling to run with that momentum and before I know it, it’ll be Christmas and I’ll be in the sun, drink in hand, knowing that everything is under control. Nothing better! I hope these tips help you do just that.

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  • How to Create Consistently Valuable Content for Your Blog

    Doing something of value is a basic motive that drives us in doing pretty much anything in our lives. Writing is a passion and there is a little art in every piece of content we create, irrelevant of the topic or the reason why we put the words in this sequence on the sheet in front of us. When we talk about blogging, we should consider the value of our texts, especially if w ...

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  • 4 things I Learnt as a Blogger Working at an Influencer Marketing Platform

    This is a guest contribution from Sam Wright at techgirlblog.com. I’d had my technology lifestyle blog for little over a year when I began working with an influencer marketing platform, connecting brands and bloggers on sponsored collaborations. Blogging in my region hadn’t become a true income source yet (that has changed in recent months and I like to think I had somethin ...

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  • Community Discussion: Guest Post Pitching Strategies

    As the editor of ProBlogger for the last three years, you can imagine I’ve seen every. pitch. ever. when it comes to guest posting. The most I see (and immediately delete) are the ones that are copied and pasted straight from a template, with a couple of ProBlogger links inserted, and obviously emailed to all and sundry in the hopes something might be successful.

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  • Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?

    As November winds up (and plenty of you are still enjoying what’s left of the Thanksgiving weekend), Instagram continues to roll out Snapchat-style changes, we have some epiphanies courtesy of Seth Godin and Unsettle blogger Sarah Peterson, and thinking from the point of view of our customers (those of us who have them!).

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  • How to Grow Fans and Save Your Sanity by Changing the Season

    In September, I had one of the best conference experiences of my life.The atmosphere was friendly, supportive, motivated. The talks were top quality, innovative, engaging. The delivery was trendy, slick, seamless. The event, of course, was ProBlogger Event. Now, despite the motivation, the enthusiasm, the drive, I still heard the same thing, over and over again, from attendees.

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  • 44% Off the Best Thing We Created in 2016

    Black Friday is almost upon us, with Cyber Monday right around the corner – the ‘silly season’ has started and before you know it we’ll be panicking about the holidays and whether we’ve ended up on the Naughty or Nice list! Here at ProBlogger we’re busy working on some exciting plans for 2017, but paused to think about what we could do for you to round out 2016.

    Darren Rowse/ @ProBlogger- 7 readers -
  • Should You Move Your Blogging Site To HTTPS?

    By ProBlogger SEO expert Jim Stewart of StewArt Media. You’ve no doubt seen the subject of HTTPS in the media recently – the importance of applying it to your blogging website in order to preserve your Google rankings has been widely reported. But what does it mean for you? Do you have to drop everything and start the process of moving over right away, or will it pay to wai ...

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  • PB168: 7 Steps to Editing Your Blog Posts

    Edit Your Blog Posts With Seven Simple Steps A lot is taught about the importance of writing great blog posts, but it is in the editing of your writing that your post can really be made to shine. If left unedited, it can create a very different impression that can hurt people’s view of you and your blog. In today’s episode, I want to share with you a simple 7 step process to editing your posts.

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  • How I Beat Out 200 Applicants on the ProBlogger Jobs Board in 45 Minutes

    This is a guest contribution Sarah Finch. Landing lucrative contracts from job boards that goes beyond paying your bills and actually sustains your lifestyle – it’s what every aspiring and highly experienced writer dreams about. You may even dabble in applying for positions on job boards and experience mixed results.

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  • How to Conduct Your Annual Blogging Review

    By ProBlogger Expert Nicole Avery. If you follow even a few blogs as well as this one, you will know that within a few weeks from now there will be numerous posts about setting goals for the New Year. Goal setting is an essential tool to successful blogging, but before you can set a goal, you need to take time and look back over the last 12 months and review your progress.

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  • More Ways to Grow Your Blog’s Traffic Without Google Search

    By ProBlogger Expert Jerry Low. Google traffic is lucrative – there’s no doubt about that. Often, the most effective way to attract targeted traffic is to make sure your site is optimized for Google searches. As you may have already learned, winning that targeted traffic is one of the top strategies for making money on the web.

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