Attacat of Edinburgh - Posts from February 2015

  • Month in Numbers: January 2015

    Welcome to 2015, can you believe the first month of the year has been and gone already? That’s one less month to better your online presence and blow your competitors out of water! This month we’re looking at what’s to come in 2015, the future of content marketing and British shopaholics, among other things. Let’s get down to business.

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  • Lost In Translation: How to Communicate with a Graphic Designer

    Image courtesy of[/caption] Here is my simple guide for account managers on how to communicate with your graphic designer. Your job as a client account manager is to ensure that your designer has a clear understanding of what you want from them. This includes what your expectations are when it comes to delivering work, this is key so that you are on the same page.

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  • Games and Gamification for Marketing: Event roundup and why it’s interesting

    In mid-January I attended a Creative Edinburgh/IPA event on the subject of games and gamification in marketing. The most insightful question of the evening in my opinion came from Andrew Burnett and was along the lines of: Are we putting too much emphasis on games, and not enough on gamification? Are we therefore risking getting too far away from the business objectives? ...

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  • Quickly revolutionise website appeal with tasty headlines

    Here are some quick-fire tips for improving the appeal of your content and online presence through effective headline copywriting. Immediate transparency When an uninformed user visits any page on your site is it immediately obvious to them what the business does? You work there so you know what you do, and this can really cloud your judgement on headlines and what really has clarity.

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  • Heat Map Your Way to More Conversions

    Recently we’ve been shopping for a more comprehensive heat mapping tool. Historically we’ve used CrazyEgg which has done the job quite nicely but following a few issues over the past few months we’ve started looking elsewhere. Don’t get me wrong, Crazy Egg is great is you’re looking for a simple heat mapping tool but that’s (just) about as far as it goes.

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